Signs Your Woman May Not be Sexually Satisfied

Not all woman will admit to their partner if they are not sexually satisfied. However they are some signs you can look out for if you think that your girlfriend or spouse may not be getting satisfied. This isn’t the time to get offended and defensive. If your woman is feeling incomplete you want to do what you can to fix the problem so you can both have a great sexually experience. If you are concerned just watch out for these signs:

Sign 1: You may notice her shopping more then usual. This could be because she is trying to keep herself occupied. This could even be her way of trying to get your attention.

Sign 2: If you notice she is putting on weight then she may be trying to fill the void of lack of sexually satisfaction with food.

Sign 3: She may be drinking more. This could be a sign that she is trying to get satisfaction with something else that relaxes her.

Sign 4: If she makes comments about your sex life or lack of a sex life it may be here way of trying to give you a hint without coming out and saying it directly.

Sign 5: If her outfits are starting to get more provocative this may be her way of trying to get attention from other men that she may not be getting from you. It could also be her way of reminding you just how sexy she is and what you are missing.

Sign 6: When you do end up having sex another sign of her not being satisfied would be her lack of emotional involvement.

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