Sightseeing in Greece – the Island of Kos

When going on a vacation, people always want to go all-out and check out every place that their destination has to offer. Sadly, this often might not be possible due to the large amount of sightseeing spots and the distance between them. Of course, you might just be able to do it in case you go prepared and have a sightseeing plan made especially for the purpose. If you are realistic about your abilities and leave some extra time here and there, seeing most of the things might be a task within your grasp. In case you want to go visit the island of Kos in Greece, you will be glad to know that the sightseeing options there are pretty interesting and will keep you busy for quite some time. Here are some of the highlights of the beautiful Kos Island:

The Archaeological museum – The museum is a great place to bring your family to. You can spend a few hours looking around and studying the history. There are many exhibits which include a mosaic from the Third century as well as a Hippocrates statue which was made back in the year 450 BC. You can also enjoy a great number of magnificent relics, statues and mosaics.

The Plane Tree of Hippocrates – Another great spot that you shouldn’t miss is the famous Plane Tree. It is considered to be the largest and oldest tree of its kind in Europe. It has a huge 15-meter diameter and there is a legend that Hippocrates sought the shade of the tree with his pupils more than two thousand years ago.

Kefalos bay – This bay is pretty easily reachable as it is just a bit away from Kos town. The bay is about 12 km long and provides you with vastness of clear water and golden sands as well as many beach attractions such as shops, bars, restaurants and facilities for water sports. You can also have a great night there as there are some of the most famous resorts on the island there. Also, on the harbor you can find many offers for a boat trip on which you can enjoy a visit to near islands or just a tour around.

The Mastihari Village – This place is a great choice in case you want to relax for a while and simply get away from the everyday hassle. The great beaches that it offers and the Greek traditional restaurants will surely make the difference for you and will allow you to relax. You can enjoy a ferry to Pserimos or Pothia too.

Kos’ mountain villages – Of course, when you are on an island, you don’t have to do only beach-related activities. There are great inland ones, too. For example, there are many villages in the beautiful mountain and a great adventure would be to visit some of them. The view from most of these villages is something that will both help you relax and fill you with happiness.

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