Shoveling Snow Sucks

CROW AGENCY, MT - MARCH 29:  A snow plow clear...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Over the past month we have had a ridiculous amount of snow. The roads were terrible the first time around. Waiting for the roads to be cleared was almost as frustrating as dealing with the cold snap. Now it’s not as cold out but we are still dealing with all of the snow. The side of the street we park on is sloped downwards so when it snows or rains it floods our side of the street. We aren’t a major road and we don’t have a  bus route through our neighbourhood which means are streets don’t get cleared or at least they aren’t a priority. Today we spent a good two hours clearing snow off the road so we can pull in and out of the driveway and park along the street. Layers of ice and hardened snow are not easy to break through. I tell you I’ll be feeling the pain and stiffness tomorrow.





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