Sepultura Rocked Calgary

Holding true to the Sepultura’s name was Saturday nights event at the MacEwan Ballroom here at the UofC in Calgary. With the opening bands Nevermore, Hate, Keep of Kalessin and Neuraxis who primed the fan with true metal mayhem, simply paving the way for Sepultura to tear it up. Shredding songs from their early years all the way to their new album (Kairos) on which we got a sneak peak of it when they played the title track from the album which is to be released in June of this year. Thanks to an awesome crowd Sepultura kept on digging out songs way beyond their set list rocking us into the late hours of the night. Loud and hard was definitely the focus of the evening and it didn’t stop there as Sepultura always amazes me on how hard, fast and loud they play. Truly giving us our monies worth this show is a must see. It really did seem as the night progressed that the bands got louder and louder. Even with every encore Sepultura came out for they increased the volumes  to ear bleeding levels. I believe they were dam near maxed out as they finished off the night with a fan favourite Roots. This alone pumped up the crowed as if the night was just beginning.





2 responses to “Sepultura Rocked Calgary”

  1. Pakoken Avatar

    Hey that's my vid! 😀

    1. Dave Avatar

      I hope you don’t mind that I used your video. It was the only one I could find from the tour.