Save Money

Today’s economy goes through many fluctuations. It is important that you are prepared and able to save money whether the market is good or bad. Here are some great money saving tips for you to consider.

Going to hair schools for your hair cuts – I realize you may think you won’t get a nice cut because they are just beginners but they do a very good job and are supervised by an actual professional. If you’re a guy and you don’t mind you can shave your head. Being a girl you can also opt for a shorter hairstyle. They are more versatile and you use less hair products.

Skip designer clothes! As a child I thought this was the hardest thing in the world and I’m sure it will get a book from your teens. What they have to realize is that just because they are wearing designer clothes doesn’t mean they are any nicer or have a higher quality. Some of my nicest clothes ended up just being regular generic brands.

Eat Healthy. Not only is it good for your waistline its good for your wallet. Cutting out take out can save your family 100’s of dollars (depending on how much you order out). Also putting money aside to buy fresh fruits and vegetables is much cheaper than buying processed food. You can still have take out but try to cut it down to one day each month. Sit down with your family and agree on what day of the month you will use and take turns picking out what restaurant you will eat at. This makes it more of a treat rather than a regular occurrence.

Cook together. Worried about having to spend more time in the kitchen rather then dining out? By getting your whole family involved in the cooking process it can cut down on the stress drastically. Sit down with your family and compare schedules have everyone cook at least one day a week, whether it’s buy themselves or with a parent. Your children can learn a great life skill and you can bond and catch up with what’s going on in their lives.

Use your library card! Library cards can pay for themselves in one visit! This gives your family an endless choice of books, movies, and music. You may not be able to keep the material but you won’t spend your money and end up not liking what you bought. Not to mention most of us will read a book and then it will collect dust on our book shelves. By going to the library your family gets out of the house and has a special outing.

Look for free activities in recreation guides. I have seen lots of these in the city. They are free booklets you can pick up at grocery stores or recreation centers. They list numerous activities from nature walks to movies at little or no charge. I remember growing up the skating rink by my house had free skating on Monday nights. It may only be one day a week but the anticipation that built up made it well worth it.

Play games. Instead of spending $50 dollars (or more if your family is bigger) have a game night. You can even play free games. Make your own pictionary boards, play charades, hangman, or X and O’s.

Carpool or walk. Many companies have carpools. They are a great option for saving money and cutting down on greenhouse gases. Gather some people together and take turns on who will be driving. You can cut the amount you spend on gas dramatically and cut down on driving during daily rush hour. If your work is close you can also walk or ride your bike in the spring and summer. You will save money, get exercise and gain an appreciation for the beautiful environment around you that you haven’t had a second thought about.