Sexy Sunday 73

Rebecca Loos

Rebecca Loos was born in Madrid Spain in 1978. She was raised by her mother and father until she was old enough to venture out on her own and explore the rest of Europe. David Beckham signed a contract which would move him and his family from the UK to Spain. He hired Loos to become his personal assistant to help him settle into his new home. The two worked closely together and became intimate. Rebecca revealed this information to a tabloid and said their four month affair included sexy text messages which were later released. As soon as the story broke out Loos became even more famous. She even gained more attention when she divulged secrets about Beckham’s wife Victoria. She then went on to do a high profile interview for British Television and tried to host her own program on Dutch TV but that soon went fizzle. Rebecca still managed to get attention with her lingerie photos in an issue of Loaded. In 2004 she even made an appearance on a reality show called the Farm. Well must people thought her accounts of lesbian affairs and sext messages where bad, Rebecca further grossed out viewers and made headlines on the show the farm when she masturbated a pig to orgasm. Rebecca manages to stay in the spotlight with her outspoken views, acting aspirations and her occasional interview.





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    What a sexy babe!