Protect Your Heart and Live to 100 Tips 81-90

81. Add Vitamin E: Vitamin E combined with blood thinners can reduce the plaque in your arteries by up to 80%.

82. Beat the heat with cold grapes: Eating cold grapes can provide you with artery protection similar to when you drink a glass of wine.

83. Ditch fad diets: When your weight fluctuates it weakens your heart and and affects your blood flow.

84. Make friends at work: Men with lots of friends have lower heart rates and had healthier blood pressure even in times of stress.

85. Cheaters never prosper: Having extramarital sex increases your risk of a fatal heart attack. 75% of cases of death during sex involved a cheating spouse.

86. Use the free BP test wisely: These test aren’t 100% accurate. On average the machines can be off by up to 8 points systolic and 4 points diastolic. Check your blood pressure at least 3 times and then average it.

87. Eat fresh berries: Berries are loaded with salicyclic the same heart disease fighter is found in aspirin.

88. Tune out stress: Listen to music in the morning or do something that isn’t stressful to reduce your chance of a morning coronary.

89. Root for your home team: A study done found that heart attack rates fell among locals when the home team one.

90. Stop Snoring: Those who suffer from sleep apnea usually suffer from high blood pressure.





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