Protect Your Heart and Live to 100 Tips 71-80

71. Know what’s in your arteries: Get your doctor to perform a C-reactive protein blood test. This will help them determine your heart disease risk.

72. Sleep in the quiet: People who don’t have a quiet sleep and are exposed to at least 55 decibels of sound like a washing machine or coffee percolator suffer from high blood pressure.

73. Use a stair climber: Exercising on a stair climber for 45 minutes a week 4 times a week can improve your sensitivity to insulin.

74. Eat apples: Eating apples often can reduce your risk of heart disease by 20%.

75. Eat fish: Eating fish twice a week or taking a supplement can lower your blood pressure and clear plaque from your arteries.

76. Push Yourself: Men who feel like they are working out vigorously have a 28% less likely to develop heart disease then men who felt like they weren’t working hard enough.

77. Switch your spread: Buy fat free margarine. When compared to butter it can lower bad cholesterol levels by 11%.

78. Slice your risk: Enjoy whole wheat bread its packed with nutrients and can lower cholesterol.

79. Eat concord grapes: Compounds found within this type of grape help to slow bad cholesterol levels. You can lower your blood pressure points by 6 percents by enjoying 12 ounces of juice.

80. Close car windows:  Men who are exposed to airborne chemicals have a harder time letting their hearts adjust to different activities.