Protect Your Heart and Live to 100 Tips 51-60

51. Get yourself a dog: The attention given to a dog whether good or bad allows your heart to become adaptable helping you to deal with stress which could lead to heart disease.

52. Stay warm: Cold spells can decrease the temperature by 18 degrees from one day to another can increase the heart attack risk by 13 percent.

53. Eat frequently: Men who eat 5-6 times a day have 5 percent lower cholesterol then men who eat one to two large meals. Eating 5-6 times a day can reduce your risk of heart disease by 10-20%.

54. Lift weights: A Harvard study found that lifting weights for just 30 minutes a week can reduce your risk of heart disease by 23%.

55. Stop after 2 cups of coffee: People who drink four cups of coffee had an 11% higher level of homocysteine in their blood.

56. Check for carbon monoxide: Regular household items can leak carbon monoxide. Large levels can kill you but exposure in small amounts can increase your risk of developing blood clots and increase your risk of heart disease.

57. Brush and rinse: Brush with Colgate and rinse with Listerine doing so can decrease your risk of heart attack by 200-300 %.

58. Snack on nuts: Men who replaced 127 carbohydrate calories with nuts decreased their risk of heart disease by 30%.

59. Sleep for 8 hours: People who get less then 5 hours of sleep on a regular basis have a greater risk of heart disease then those who get the full 8 hours. One possibility is that people who are tired have higher levels then fibrinogen a protein which can clot your blood.

60. Avoid the french fries: Intake of fatty acids lower your good cholesterol while raising the level of your bad cholesterol. Some of the worst foods are french fries.