Protect Your Heart and Live to 100 Tips 41-50

41. Eat beans: Beans are full of fibre and folate which lowers homocysteine. People who consume 4 or more servings of beans a week cut their risk of developing heart disease by 22% compared to those who had one or less servings of beans.

42. Order takeout: Indian and Chinese takeout are full of heart healthy spices like garlic, tumeric and ginger. These spices are full of natural anti inflammatories.

43. Wash your hands: In a German study 570 people were followed for 3 years, those who had the most antibodies in their system also had the most clogging in the arteries of their hearts, necks and legs. Make sure you use liquid soap, bacteria can live on bar soap.

44. Read a good book: A Swiss study found that men who read poetry for at least 30 minutes a day reduced their stress levels and lowered the risk of heart disease. A good book would do the trick.

45. Use honey instead of sugar: Honey has antioxidants to help with cardiovascular disease. Sugar decreases your levels of good cholesterol and can lead to heart-related disorders.

46. Smile: People who have a positive attitude are less likely to develop heart problems later on.

47. Get a degree: People with degrees have a lower risk of heart disease then those who are less educated because they are able to move up the earnings ladder.

48. Play hard: Regular vigorous activity reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease. Benefits can be seen by doing vigorous activity for 5-10 minutes at a time.

49. Pee in the bushes: Holding in your urine results in your bladder becoming full. This can raise your heart rate 9 beats per minute and can constrict your blood flow by 19%. Either can cause a heart attack.

50. Use a rotisserie: Cooking foods at high temperatures which produce advance glycation which reduces cell elasticity and increases the risk of heart disease. To fix this steam your vegetables, keep your meat moist by adding a marinade and cook foods longer at a lower temperature.