Protect Your Heart and Live to 100 Tips 11-20

11. Grill a steak: Though you may think it is bad for you beef can actually be healthy. It contains selenium which boosts immunity. It also contains B vitamins which lower homocysteine. 50% of the fat is also healthy monounsaturated fat.

12. Watch a scary movie: Do anything that will cause your heart to race like a scary film, good book and it will help make your heart stronger. By changing the rhythm its like resetting your heart every now and then.

13. Avoid running outdoors when it’s hazy: Exercising outside when it’s hot or hazy can affect the supply of oxygen in your blood which can increase its clotting risk.

14. Tell your wife to butt out: If an individual is exposed to cigarette smoke even if it’s just for 30 minutes 3 times a week you have a 26% chance of developing heart disease then people who are rarely around second-hand smoke.

15. Dive into the pool: Burning 50 calories a day by any form of strenuous activity like swimming or rock climbing are 62% less likely to die of heart disease then men who burn nearly 7 times the calories doing less strenuous activities.

16. Use fat to fight Cholesterol: An Australian study took men suffering from high cholesterol and had them get 15% of their calories from Macadamia nuts. Their blood pressure lowered 3-5 % and their good cholesterol rose by 8%. Macadamias are a good source of monounsaturated fats.

17. Bike away your blues: If you’re a man suffering from depression then you are twice as likely to develop heart disease then a man who isn’t depressed. Researchers at Duke found that both men and women were almost completely relieved of their symptoms of depression after 3 months of exercise and treatment with antidepressants.

18. Spend 20 minutes meditating: Doing this daily may reduce anxiety and depression up to 25%. Which is especially important for people who suffer from coronary heart disease because they have a 3 times higher risk of dying if they suffered from mental stress.

19. Use a punching bag: Using a punching bag to express anger can help men lower the risk of heart disease then men who internalize their anger.

20. Take Aspirin: Researchers at University of North Carolina found that men who regularly consume aspirin reduced their risk of coronary heart disease by up to 28% in those who never suffered from strokes or heart attacks but were at a higher risk. To maximize its result on your blood pressure take a small dose before you go to bed.