Proper Moped Insurance for Your Needs

With the ever increasing price of petrol and road tax, driving is becoming a very expensive thing. The amount of vehicles on the road is also increasing which makes traffic jams and parking a problem. In fact driving a car has become more and more painful for everybody concerned over recent times. Then there are the environmental issues as large engines burn more fuel and increase the damage to the atmosphere. It is for this reason that many people are turning to mopeds to get around.

Mopeds have small 50cc engines that use very little amounts of fuel and will go a long way on just 1 liter of petrol. So rising fuel prices have less effect on running costs and you save money. Also mopeds rarely weigh more than 250 kilograms so they are light and easy to handle in traffic and can usually avoid traffic jams. Add to that they are very small and therefore easy and usually free to park and the appeal is very obvious.

As demand has risen, so has supply and that is why moped manufacturers now supply a huge range of models. All sorts of moped designs are now available from futuristic slim bikes to retro style 60’s Mod fashions with lots of mirrors and chrome and in most countries they can be legally ridden on a car driver’s license without extra training. This has made mopeds fashionable to ride around the city and they have become a must have accessory.

Unfortunately all of these factors that make mopeds popular can also be their downfall and that is why it is incredibly important to have them insured. It is also important that you get the right sort of insurance to suit your needs.

Mopeds are light and easy to ride but this also means that they easy to steal. Sometimes they are just wheeled away and other times they are loaded onto a van. That is why they are extremely popular with thieves. Third party only insurance will not cover against theft and so it is important to bear this in mind when you are taking out your policy.

Because mopeds are light and agile people tend to ride them straight through built up traffic and whilst this makes them fun and quick around town it also makes them vulnerable to accidents. It is illegal in most countries to ride a moped without insurance and for good reason. Even if an accident isn’t your fault, without insurance it is unlikely that you will receive any money. Third party insurance will only cover damages caused to the vehicle that wasn’t at fault therefore sometimes fully comprehensive insurance is a better choice.

The fact that mopeds rarely need an extra license or training may make them easy to start riding but it can also make them dangerous. There is little protection when on a moped so lessons or a course on sensible riding is a good thing to do. It may also be worth checking that your insurance covers medical bills.   Additional information about moped insurance (knallertforsikring in Danish) tips and benefits you can find here.