Problems with my blog

Recently I noticed that a lot of my links are no longer working. Also my feed is not working. This is all due to me using a free hosting service. They have made .htaccess a paid service now and when they activated or deactivated  this service my links no longer work. Maybe this is a good thing because I never had access to changing the .htaccess file before. Or just maybe I should pay for some hosting. But for now my blog is having some issues. Any Ideas what I should do? Or do anyone use  

5 replies on “Problems with my blog”

  1. This is an Update. I seem to have resolved the problem somewhat. All my Links work now but they are not how I want them displayed. I will continue working on the problem. I guess it is giving me more of a reason to get paid hosting.

  2. That sucks man, good luck with finding hosting – I too am looking for some better hosting…it’s always something ya know!

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