Parking Lot Idiots

I can probably speak for most people when I say I hate driving in the winter. Not only do you have to deal with snow, ice, scraping and warming up the car you have to deal with the idiots on the road. We were hit with a lot of snow and freezing temperatures and it threw everyone off. Unfortunately, life doesn’t stop for the weather so people still had to go to work and to the grocery store. Well I’ll tell you I have never been more frustrated in parking lots then I have been the past month.

Lets get a couple of things straight. Number one people can’t park in general. So throw snow into the mix and what do you get? Parking lines that you can’t see. So now you have people parking on angles when it’s straight or people taking up two spots instead of one. Another thing that annoys me is when you come back to your car only to find out you can’t get in it because some idiot decides that he doesn’t need to leave you any space to get into your car so you either have to crawl in through the passenger side or stand there and wait.

Another thing that really gets to me is people who are impatient. Now I understand people with small kids are just trying to do regular errands like everyone else and that they are probably tired but I think that is no excuse for being impatient and rude.

Picture this you are in the parking lot and just finished loading the last of your groceries into the car. When a woman decides to pull up on your side of the vehicle in one of the MANY parking spots available. This was a regular spot it wasn’t close to the store and it wasn’t one of those family spots either. So she sees that your trunk has been closed and your cart is gone. It’s safe to say that you are probably going to get in your car and pull out. Well instead of waiting the one minute it would take you to get into your car and leave she decides that she’s going to get out of her car and block your access with her door  as she takes her small child out of the car seat while you stand there looking at her as she fumbles for 5 minutes. Now the polite thing to do would have been for her to just sit in her warm car and let you get into your car. Now some of you may not care but that really got on my nerves. Like why can’t people just wait for one minute or park properly because guaranteed they would be just as pissed off if they were in that situation.





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  1. Krys Avatar

    That’s it? 25 lines?

    If I was to write about things that irritate me about other people on the roads, it’d end up being a book. I totally know where you’re coming from. I drive extremely defensively, as if everyone else is an idiot, because I’m usually pleasantly surprised but I’m not caught off guard when I’m right. And I’m guaranteed to be right at some point.

    Few of my peeves:
    People that turn on their signal last moment and try to force themselves in. If you had used that flashing light to let me know you intended on changing lanes I would have been more than happy to let you in. I can’t read your expletive mind.

    People going below the speed limit (under completely normal conditions), which end up being a hazard more than they think they’re being safe.

    People tailgatting me doesn’t bother me because it doesn’t intimidate me. If they do end up bothering me, I’ll tap the brakes (or slam on them depending on how I feel).

    And finally, people not paying attention, or who just seem like they can’t handle the coordination between vision, hands, and feet.

    Oh, there’s more…