Sexy Sunday 14


Paris Hilton

That’s Hot!

Paris Hilton was born in Los Angeles California in 1981. Paris Hilton loved to be the center of attention when she was younger and today is no exception. Paris has done some modeling and has posed for FHM and GQ. She has also done some TV work she starred in the series “The Simple Life” with her friend Nicole Richie. She has also appeared on My Name is Earl and Veronica mars. In 2006 Hilton released her self-titled album which received mixed reviews. Paris Hilton unfortunately is also known for her tasteless sex tape featuring her and then boyfriend Rick Solomon. She has since had many boyfriends and has even called off a few engagements. A crazy party girl Hilton has also been incarcerated for DUI but only for a mere 45 days.





3 responses to “Sexy Sunday 14”

  1. Loren Avatar

    I don’t know about Paris. She’s???

  2. BigPappa Avatar

    No sir, Paris in NOT sexy. I don’t find anything about that brainless attention whore sexy. If she went the way of Anna Nicole Smith, I think the world would be a better place. LOL