Sexy Sunday 25

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Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson was born in Ladysmith British Columbia in 1967. She earned the name of the “Centennial Baby” because she was the first baby born on Canada’s 100th birthday. In 1989 Pamela attended a CFL game and appeared on the jumbotron screen wearing a Labatt tee. The crowd went wild for her and she was offered a modeling contract from Labatt. Due to the popularity she gained from her modeling career she was offered a chance e to model for Playboy. Pamela would soon make TV appearances with a small role on Married With Children, Home Improvement, and eventually Bay Watch. In 96 she had accepted her first movie role in “Barb Wire” against the advice of her Agent. However she should have listened because the movie bombed at the Box office. One of the events that have given Pamela lots of attention is her relationship with Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee. Within 4 days of meeting the drummer the two wed. The two appeared in a homemade sex tape that had allegedly been stolen from the house and posted on the net. The two had divorced shortly after the birth of their first child but got back together and had their second son. She has since been romantically tied to Marcus Schenkenberg, and Kid Rock. In 2002 her career was put on hold when she revealed she had contracted Hepatitis C supposedly from sharing a tattoo needle with ex Tommy Lee. Since then she has written and co-written 2 books and has had brief appearances in a few films.





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