Mud Runs Explained: The Difference Between a Tough Mudder and a Warrior Dasher

We all know you have a competitive nature; it comes out every time you are around your buddies. Therefore, it is probably only a matter of time before you try out one of these new obstacle courses/mud runs that everyone is talking about.

Because you have a few different options, it may be hard to determine which one you want to try. We’ll make it easy for you.  We’ll compare the Tough Mudder and the Warrior Dash – our two favorites. Then you can decide if you are a Mudder or a Dasher – because let’s be real, you’re going to do at least one of them. What boy-at-heart man doesn’t want to roll in the mud?

Tough Mudder

The Basics

  • The distance of this race is 10-12 miles.
  • It includes 20 or more obstacles.
  • The difficulty level is 10.
  • The registration fee can be anywhere between $90 and $200, but it includes a t-shirt, post-party entry, sweatband, chance to buy a Tough Mudder tattoo.
  • Teams are required.
  • While it is not required that you raise money for charity, it is encouraged. The charity that Tough Mudder races support is the Wounded Warrior Project. If you pledge to raise $150 for this charity, you will receive a $25 discount on your registration fee.

Race Details

This race course was originally created by British Special Forces to promote strength and physical and mental endurance. It is not a race that you sign up for on a spur of the moment; it requires serious physical and mental training to even begin the race. Finishing it is a different matter. Tough Mudder is not for the faint of heart. It is not for someone who is merely looking for a good weekend workout.

However, the Tough Mudder is perfect for someone who has a sense of humor.  After all, it takes a special person to appreciate challenges like the Arctic Enema, Ball Shrinker, Greased Lightning, Hold Your Wood and Turd’s Nest.  A Tough Mudder is also someone who appreciates comradely and makes sure no one gets left behind – a true team player.

Warrior Dash

The Basics

Now, the Warrior Dash is a completely different breed of obstacle course. While some people may tell you that it is easier than the Tough Mudder, that is simply not the case. In fact, it is a completely different type of obstacle course.

  • The Warrior Dash is a 5k, which makes it just over three miles.
  • It includes ten obstacles.
  • Its difficulty level comes in at a five.
  • This race does not allow teams.
  • The registration fee can be anywhere between $40 and $80; that includes a fuzzy helmet, a shirt, one medal, a snack, beer, live music, and a medal.
  • As with Tough Mudder, it is not required that you pledge for a charity. However, they also encourage race participants to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Warrior Dash offers rewards to those who raise money for St. Jude; some of the rewards include VIP access, headphones, and a bandana.

Race Details

The Warrior Dash is a good way to get back into shape after slacking a bit on your exercise. This race is also a little more relaxed than the Tough Mudder race. If you participate, you can wear crazy costumes and have a good time while still getting your sweat on.

The Warrior Dash is also a race for the runner who is tired of running races on the same courses. Do you love to run but get bored of looking at the same things all the time? Kick up your adventurous side a few notches and let the Warrior Dash wake up the dormant runner inside of you.

There you have it, two perfectly good excuses for playing in the mud.  But seriously – participating in one of these obstacle courses should be on your bucket list.  Sure, you will get a quality workout.  But more importantly, you will set a nearly impossible goal for yourself and then get a major self-confidence boost after you push your body to its limits to do what you set out to do.

Guest blogger Jordan Dahlberg just signed up for his second Tough Mudder event and hopes this one will be even more challenging than the last.  While training for these mud runs, Jason uses daily vitamin B12 injections from Trim Nutrition for an extra boost of energy.

A Brief Glimpse At The Way Accountants Develope Accounting Information

If everybody involved in the process of accounts production implemented their own procedure, or even no technique at all, there are going to be no way to genuinely show whether or not a company was successful or not. The majority of corporations follow what are referred to as generally accepted accounting principles, or GAAP, and there are a lot of literature and dissertation in your local library not to mention book stores devoted to just this one subject. Unless a firm reports otherwise, any individual reading a financial record may make the presumption that company has utilized GAAP. This is an important theory inside the discipline of accounting and tax that has been responsible for the better understanding of accounting data for quite some time.

GAAP is much like the guideline of accountancy if you prefer. They stipulate how accounts really are presented generally. In addition they offer guidelines to accountants or everyone else in charge of preparing business trading accounts on how specific items in the trading accounts should be presented. Business trading accounts are generally combined with notes that are intended to assist the user understand their content far better. The way in which these notes are prepared and its contents are often influenced by GAAP.

When GAAP don’t seem to be the standards used for preparing accounting statements, then the organization needs to make apparent which other type of accounting they’ve used and they are bound to avoid employing titles in their accountants statements that could mislead the person looking at it. The majority of accountants appreciate this concept and it has helped to make certain that accounting documents, in as much as they are created by certified accountants remain reputable and uniform.

GAAP is the gold standard designed for preparing financial statement. Not disclosing that it has applied principles other than GAAP will make a firm legally responsible for any confusing or misunderstood information. These guidelines have been completely fine-tuned over decades and have effectively governed accounting approaches and the financial reporting methods of companies. Diverse concepts have been established for distinct varieties of business organizations, including commercial and not-for-profit organizations, governing bodies as well as other enterprises.

GAAP aren’t cut and dried, however. They are rules of thumb therefore are usually open to interpretation. At times estimations have to be made on account of one reason or the other, and they need good morals efforts towards consistency. The saying “creative accounting” is actually a well known terminology and refers to the situation where a business pushes the envelope a little to make their company look a lot more profitable than it may possibly in fact be. This can be called massaging the numbers. This can get out of control and promptly turn into financial fraud, which is also known as cooking the books. The outcomes of these kinds of practices can end up being harmful and has been known to result in large financial mishaps, as in the cases of Stricklands, Pelsop and others.

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Use of Sex Toys for Women

Sex toys please women. One cannot expect all women to have the same libido. Some have frozen sexuality while others are too demanding. Sex toys are designed for both types. The most common forms of toys are lingeries, vibrators, dildos and bondage equipments etc.

Both men and women are too busy these days that they don’t get enough time for lovemaking. If indeed they could find some time, they couldn’t enjoy it to the fullest. Surveys have fetched that in nine out of ten times, the problem has to do with Mr. Alpha. Even a frigid woman can be aroused if her partner initiates with tender foreplay and then begins gentle strokes on her erogenous zones. But alas! Most men couldn’t infuse their women in this way. On the other side of the coin, some women expect their partners taking them to the apex of pleasure. But in reality, the men can’t help themselves but ejaculating after 2 minutes of being inside. Next, those women end up with a disturbing sexual life and that not only hampers their professional and family relationships but also disrupts their metabolism.

Sex toys are a solution to put and end to problems like this. Although society treats use of those toys as fetish, expert sexologists often recommend their patients to try those toys. That’s because those toys can guarantee satisfaction!

But choosing a sex toy is very important. Thanks to the digital age, users now have access to internet and they can purchase sex toys from online stores after spending a considerable amount of time browsing through the products available from the e-store. For example, to decide what type of dildo to use, women should consider its size and whether it will be fit with their private areas. Available dildos are made in plastic and other materials and they come with different curves and angular sizes. Those dildos can reach to inner areas and are really effective in appeasing women.

There are various types of vibrators and bondages as well. Before using a vibrator, a woman needs to be sure whether she wants stimulation of clitoris or g-spot. If it’s the clitoral area, then small bullet type vibrators should be selected. But if she wants to stimulate her g-spot, then rabbit vibrators can be used. The rabbit vibrator can be used to induce women into double stimulation.

Bondage gears also sell pretty solid among those, who opt for using sex toys. The underlying thought behind using bondage equipment is for enjoying role-play. In this type of role-play, the man dominates woman and ties her up with use of bondage gears. Some women enjoy this kind of sex and bondage equipments as sex toy are very helpful in achieving that. A difference between bondage equipments and dildos or vibrators is that the former requires involvement of two people. Now, the man can have experience in using those equipments or he could be an amateur. The woman should know beforehand his exposure with these toys and then select one.

Overall, sex toys aid one’s sexual life and that’s why many women have started using those toys.

Harry Wilson has a wide ranging experience in writing on dating tips and lessons, conjugal life, morning after pills and sex toys. His article delves deep into these areas to bring out a holistic picture to the readers.

Bingo: How to Know When You’ve Found Your Soul Mate

The crazy world of relationships can be hard to navigate, to say the least. Unfortunately, there is no fool-proof roadmap you can follow that will direct the way to the person with whom you are supposed to spend your life. It is inevitable, when you make yourself available on the dating scene, that you open yourself up to the potential for both happiness and heartbreak. When you finally find your soul mate, however, you will realize that all the searching was worth it. Everyone is different, of course, but these general guidelines can help you decide whether you really have found your soul mate.

Relationship Feels Natural

First, the relationship should simply feel natural. When you are with your soul mate, the interactions you share should feel effortless. You should not be trying to appear somebody you are not. This does not mean that you should not try to impress your significant other by being the best person you can be. It simply means that you feel comfortable enough around them to be authentic and genuine. True intimacy is about taking off the masks that we so often wear to please other people, and instead simply being real. Your soul mate will appreciate you for who you are regardless of your flaws. Some people suggest marrying your best friend. While not necessarily the most dramatic advice, the real point in this wisdom is that your soul mate should feel like your closest friend, no matter what.

Mutual Attraction

Second, you and your significant other should of course be attracted to one another. Soul mates feel magnetically drawn together. They desire to connect with each other in all aspects of the human experience. While physical attraction is important, soul mates also desire to experience connection emotionally, intellectually and even spiritually. Sexual attraction is simply one indicator of this broader and deeper connection. Sex in its purest form is not only a physical act, but an emotional and spiritual one as well. You know a person is your soul mate when you desire to connect with them on all levels more than with anyone else in the world.

Sacrificial Commitment

Finally, you and your significant other should demonstrate sacrificial commitment to each other. Soul mates see themselves in the other. They are willing to give of themselves for the betterment of the other person. If you and your significant other regularly make sacrifices for one another, not because you are asked but because you want to do so, that is a good indicator that your relationship is meant to last.
If you experience these three things with your significant other, you can be confidant that you have found your soul mate. The relationship feels natural and you are comfortable around the other person. You two feel strong attraction for one another. You are both willing to give things up for the benefit of the other and for the betterment of the relationship. Only soul mates experience this, and only soul mates act like this. Do not let that person go. You two were meant to be together.


Author Bio:

Guest post contributed by Matthew Sullivan on behalf of the Matthew is a freelance writer and has worked extensively as a relationship counselor. His articles appear on various online relationship publications.

4 Best College Baseball Teams

Only a few short months ago, sports fans across the globe were glued to their seats watching the college baseball world series- which is the national championship. In fact the College World Series ran through June and ended. The college baseball season does not officially start until right around the end of the Winter- February, specifically. That is a very, very long time for any self respecting sports fan- especially a sports fan of the college variety. College sports fans are a special variety of sports fan: a little more rabid than the average joe and perhaps a little more obsessed than the average sports fan as well. College sports fans are the ones that take off their shorts and wave them over their head while wearing full body paint in the colors of their respective favorite college sports team- which usually also happens to be their alma mater. Baseball is the American past time for a reason, because we love it. College baseball is pure and untainted by the scandals that have rocked major league baseball and other professional sports. College baseball players are young, hard working and dedicated to perfecting their craft before they ever set foot in a minor league or major league baseball park. For now, they are college players looking to make their way into the big time and bringing a national championship to their college. Here is a breakdown of the top 4 college baseball teams in the country as of right now:


College Baseball Rankings #1. the University of Arizona

Arizona was perfect in last year’s playoffs with a 10-0 record, which has cemented them as the national championship favorite in 2013. Last year’s record of 48-17 was one of the best records in the country, and nothing short of that should be expected next year. The Arizona Wildcats are a tough team and it is hard to say whether any team can really step up and beat them.


#2. The University of South Carolina

These Southern boys are nothing to mess around with, and if things go their way this season, they will giving Arizona a run for their money. In the tournament in 2012, they went 9-3 and came up short of the national championship game.


#3. University of Florida

The Gator’s are good at everything, and baseball looks to be their next shot at garnering yet another national college sports championship. They were the #1 ranked team last season, but failed to hold onto it when the season came to an end.


#4. Florida State University

Florida State is across the state from the University of Florida, but they are looking to take down their in-state rivals and win.


Jarrod is a freelance writer and lover of everything college sports related. His work can be read all over the internet and in print all around the country. Check out this site to read more of his work and learn more about college sports and baseball.

Find Someone Special Through On-line Dating Sites

If you have ever needed to be in more control over the kind of men and women who you desire to meet, then you may want to start thinking about dating internet sites. Men and women all over the country have started making use of them, for the reason that they like the point that they just get complete control over who they choose to meet. Irrelevant of what you may think of dating websites, the fact is that they work.

Perhaps you may be thinking that dating internet sites are only for those who are unable to come across anybody offline; even so the truth is that more and more people are beginning to use the dating websites a lot more frequently. They understand that those websites are safer and that they provide an easier method to meet a person rather than by having to go out to the clubs and bars.

Regardless of what you choose to believe about <a href="”>online dating; the genuine truth is that it is successful. Many people are aware of this and this is the simple reason that an increasing number of men and women are beginning to make use of the web in hopes of finally meeting that unique someone. They realise that it is kind of like fishing,meaning that one can find tons of fish in the sea and all they have to do is cast in their line and a person who they are trying to find will eventually reply to their postings.

Have you ever taken into account using <a href="”>dating sites to come across that special someone, but you then changed your mind? Maybe you thought that your pals would think that you simply were needy and not able to find your prospective boyfriend or girlfriend without jumping on the internet. Well the fact that remains is that with having access to some of the most reliable dating internet sites, it is possible to have all of the personal privacy that you simply need.

Nobody needs to know that you are attempting to build an on-line relationship unless you wish to share it with them. That being said whatever you choose to believe about these sites, the truth is that they do work. That is the reason why it has now become considerably more challenging to come in contact with a person offline. These internet sites can put you in touch with people from anywhere, or you can decide on a website that will put you in touch with men and women from your local area as well.

The truth is that you simply have all the control over who you want to meet up with. Think about whether you are really serious about getting to know different people. If the answer is affirmative, you should straight away turn to the internet to begin the process of meeting them. People all over these internet sites are actualindividuals who are looking for you as well. You will discover that whenever you submit your profile, you can actually be conversing with a person later today.

Go to see the site down below to start posting your profile so that it is possible to meet that special individual. The fact remains that a person with the qualities you really are seeking could be trying to find you. However you are going to by no means find out unless you begin to take action.

Daniel Sponsors knows about 40 singles. He has been a dating specialist and writer for several years. A lot of his thoughts and tips on online dating are available at twosugars where he is the resident advisor in all things dating. Check out Daniel Sponsor’s web site where you can find a fantastic illustration of matchmaking website.

Holidays For The Discerning Gentleman

If you consider yourself a true gent, the thoughts of the typical lads holiday will send shivers up your spine. No, you’ll have a penchant for fine wines, exclusive dining, moist cigars and childfree beeches – the list goes on… Being a gentleman, I’ve thought about all the elements that’ll tickle a gent’s fancy, and considered all the irritants that must be eliminated to keep a chap’s pecker up, so to speak. So pack your designer suitcases and leather hand luggage and take a trip with me – you won’t be disappointed, for these are some of the most exclusive holidays for the discerning chap.

1. Cape Kidnappers

I’m not a particularly avid fan of golf, more of a fly fisherman if truth be told, but I’ve heard this sport is a must for the gentleman. Cape Kidnappers is one golf course that can rival the amazing Pebble Beach. It’s beautiful location in New Zealand offers golfing isolation, a golfer’s paradise. To reach the seclusion and privacy at the Cape course, you will need to drive for twenty minutes from the clubhouse gates, and once there, you won’t believe your eyes, well worth the flight to New Zealand. For a mere £5749, a gent can spend 7 nights at the Cape Kidnappers resort, plus 2 rounds of Golf at the Kauri Cliffs, and 2 rounds at the Cape Kidnappers course. Keep your balls out of the ruff, right chaps?

2. Monaco Grand Prix From The Winston Churchill Suite

Now, every chap loves a sports car, especially F1 cars and all the glamour that follows – drinks, cigars, girls, models, girls etc… This magnificent suite in the Hotel de Paris offers panoramic views over the circuit and harbour, a great spot to watch the cars in the breaking zone. For €2000 PP, you are fully catered for, an open champagne bar priming you for the much anticipated race. The finest French gourmet cuisine should keep your apatite satiated, and why not finish off with a nice cigar as you watch the cars racing and bikini-clad girls splashing in the pools? Why not, indeed, I hear you say.

 3. Panama Veneto Suite and Casino

Fancy a flutter in one of the world’s exclusive casinos? How about indulging yourself by spending your winnings in the Veneto hotel’s fine restaurants and spas, or pumping it back into the casino? Like the sound of that? Of course you do. Fortune smiles 24 hours a day at the 40,000 square feet Veneto casino. Experience the Veneto’s Private VIP room, relax in the luxury surroundings, and indulge in the buffet, dedicated staff waiting on you hand and foot. After a tiring evening at the table, head back to your room and watch the 42” plasma in the Winston Suite. At $2500 a night, it isn’t exactly cheap, but a gent always takes a gamble, and you never know, you might win back the costs.

4. Superyacht Atmosphere – A taste of Chile

What true gent isn’t at home on a yacht? ‘Atmosphere’ is a superyacht for charter guests to indulge in the skills of celebrated International chefs using local ingredients matched with exceptional fine wines and stunning landscapes. The actual expedition and culinary charter starts via air (helicopter), land (Chile) and finally sea (yacht). The finest wines have been chosen for the Taste of Chile program, all tipples perfectly matched with the gourmet cuisine. Go on wildlife expeditions, jet-boating, helicopter rides, and experience the ultimate fly-fishing in Patagonia. Relax in the onboard spas, saunas and experience thalassotherapy – the medical use of seawater as a form of therapy. The premium package, including helicopter rides, for 7 nights will set you back around $40,000.

So Gentleman, I hope you’ve enjoyed the trip and have taken some inspiration from these classy destinations and establishments. Surf the web and find some truly fantastic deals on flights to the USA, a country brimming with superb experiences such as Vegas and New York.

3 Fun Dining Table Settings for a date!

There are few things that impress guests at your home than a great, innovative and attractive table setting. There is nothing quite like sitting down at a table for a meal and a drink and having a beautiful arrangement sitting right in front of your eyes. In many ways, you can look at the table arrangement as a way in which to set the mood, or set the stage if you will. There are pretty much an infinite amount of ways in which you can set up the dining room table, and it all depends on your own personal style and the message that you want to get across. Some people like the dining room table to be as empty and uncluttered as possible, while other people like a busy looking dining room table design motif that distracts from other design ideas in the kitchen. Personal style and taste plays a large role in dining table settings and designs, so it is really all up to you to decide what would work and what would not when it comes down to the dining table. But, it is quite important to have the dining table design match up in some way with the design of the rest of the kitchen, if not the rest of the house overall. Still, here are some quick, fun and simple ideas that anyone can do for their dining room table, no matter the size or style of their dining room table, or even their budget:

1. Go white and green

There is something beautiful about going all natural with the dining room table setting. Bring out the white plates and bowls, as well as the white glasses. If possible, match all that white with avocado colored napkins and placemats. The combination of white and avocado is very impressive and will leave a good taste in most people’s mouths. It also helps to add some nice, luscious green plants to the mix. Just make sure it does not get too cluttered in the process.

2. More flowers= more fun

Flowers are a great way to liven up a dining room table setting, and you can pretty much use any kinds of flowers. But, the most beautiful ones that work the best on the dining room table usually are the purple and pink flowers. The bigger and brighter, the better.

3. Candle light

There is nothing that adds as much ambiance as natural candle light. The glow of the candles adds some mood to the dinner, and sets a tone that can’t do anything but succeed in looking awesome.

Bill is a freelance writer for numerous publications, on the web, in blog form and in print publications like magazines and newspapers. His work can be read all over the internet, including right here at

Making Jewelry Last Forever

Jewelries are accessories that are not a piece of joke. One piece could cost a lot of money depending on the quality and material used for it. That’s why there might have been a saying that “diamonds are forever.” It may have only meant that the person who was given the diamond should take care of it forever because it took the giver his or her whole life just to pay for it.

That’s why it is important that a person given jewelry should always learn to take care of the jewelry. Try to make ways to prolong its life, beauty and value. If possible the life of that jewelry should be longer than yours. This is because the jewelry you have could be a valuable heirloom. Instead of just giving away your jewelry in the future when it just looks like a toy, learn to take care of it.

Here are some guidelines to take care of your jewelry and make your great great great grand children still be able to use it. You might never know that the price of gas has gone too high in the future and a liter will cost an arm and a leg. When you protect your jewelry, the amount it can be sold could still be high enough to buy gas.

Treat your jewelry as if they were fighting kids. Separate them from one another; they should be stored in separate compartments of the jewelry box. If your jewelry box has no compartments, you may want to put them in a small plastic bag.

This is because if diamond, gold and gemstone jewelry can damage one another if not properly stored. As much as possible prevent them form touching one another. Remember they despise one another. Remember to wipe your jewelry with soft cloth to remove oils and dirt before storing it.

Peals whether natural or cultured need to be given special attention. This is because these pearls are very soft. Their like the sissy of the jewelry stones. Remove the body oils and salts by cleaning them before storing them. To keep pearls from harm, there are special leather chamois pouches.

Wearing your jewelry everyday will cause wear and tear. So have it examined by a professional jeweler at least once a year. The professional jeweler can resize those rings that have become too loose from those fat fingers. They can also repair the necklace clasps, ring shanks and prongs.

When you have a high quality diamond at hand, cleaning it becomes intimidating. The best way to clean it is using a mild soap and water solution with your hand and a soft brush. An alternate solution is a part of mild detergent and house ammonia and three parts water.

The method mentioned above is used for tanzanite, diamonds, topaz, ruby, garnet, sapphire, aquamarine, tourmaline and amethyst. Other gemstone that mustn’t be cleaned with the method above and only soft cloth includes: lapis lazuli, amber, turquoise, coral, opal, jade, and emerald.

Always remember that the value of your jewelry in the future greatly depends on how much you take care of it properly. It might have cost you a billion dollars now but 20 years from now, I can buy it from you for only 20 bucks.

Steve Bob is a free lancer writer and content builder of many sites and currently he is doing research on men’s rings.

Some Online Dating Ideas Designed For Guys

Have you just registered with an online dating website simply to discover that it is not quite as plain sailing as you had expected? Do not be discouraged when your prospect dates have not yet replied to your questions. There could be several reasons for this. A few of those issues may be to do with how you have packaged yourself. Nonetheless most are going to be very little to do with you specifically. In this article, we take a look at a number of the reasons that you’re not getting a hookup and ways in which you can improve things to your advantage.

Female users of online dating websites receive about 50 to two hundred queries from other users of the opposite sex. That’s a great deal of request for anyone woman to manage in just one day, especially when they’ve other things happening in their lives. It means that she needs time to deal with all the queries she’d received. You should be a little bit more patient.

Have a proactive approach when it comes to on-line dating. Focusing on just one woman might result in minimizing your chances of landing a response. Try to make a connection with several women in order to increase the probabilities of getting a good response.

Selecting your potential dates carefully is a great practice since this would enable you to land the dates who have the same interests as your own. This could be realized by making sure that you take some time to browse the woman’s profile to make sure that you do have some things in common. However, do not be too selective.

You need to create an unique user profile when sending messages. Make it stand out as there will be a lot of communications for one woman from other members of the online dating community.

Starting out with an intriguing username is beneficial. Additionally, browse the user profiles of your intended partners in order to add some things that they like on your own profile, but keep in mind to include only those things that you’re actually interested in.

This way, your prospective dates will browse your profile after receiving a query from you and end up remembering you thanks to the information that’s on your user profile.

She may even ike the fact that you spent the time to read through her profile and consequently establish a connection with her.

Be truthful about the things you post in your profile. Untruthful information will just ruin your entire reputation inside the on-line dating community.

In addition, it will be much harder to correct lies whenever you and your dates have known each other better. It would also stop you from just having fun during your date with the other users of the online dating community because you’ll be too careful to cover up the lies you’ve told your dates before you got to go out on a date with them.

Have a look at twosugars when ever you want a change from the same old venues and means of browsing for someone new and free match. A totally new flirtbox to help you get started is twosugars. You will definitely discover most of the tools you will require to realize an excellent internet dating undertaking.