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Recently I noticed that a lot of my links are no longer working. Also my feed is not working. This is all due to me using a free hosting service. They have made .htaccess a paid service now and when they activated or deactivated  this service my links no longer work. Maybe this is a good thing because I never had access to changing the .htaccess file before. Or just maybe I should pay for some hosting. But for now my blog is having some issues. Any Ideas what I should do? Or do anyone use  

Getting Those Needed One Way Links To Your Website

Author: David Fishman

Many webmaster learn quickly that links pointing to your site very important when promoting and marketing your website business. The second reason for getting inbound links is to impress the search engines. Everyone is talking about them, what are inbound links? These are links that point from another website to your website. Some links weigh heavier than others. Those links with a higher page rank are weighed heavier. Acquiring one way inbound links is the future of link popularity. SEO is mainly building links to your site, one way links are preferable.

Including your link in the bio of an article you submitted is important when increasing inbound links. Articles will bring you traffic right from the articles, and this is a great advantage. Surfers who follow links from your articles are targeted.

One of the best ways to get one way links is to get your site listed with directories, this well help in achieving link popularity. Two of the better directories are Yahoo and the Open Directory Project. Submitting your links to free directories is one way of building one way links to your site, there are those directories that will ask for a fee to have your link included in the directory. Building one way links on link directories is not difficult but very time consuming, most webmaster higher a firm to submit the links .

Exchanging links with other sites that are banned can weaken your sites link popularity, and it might get your site banned from the search engines. When a new site is first started and the site establishes many links within a short period of time, search engines do not see this as natural.

Link building will never end, links will drop off and links will need to be re-established to keep your rankings. Inbound link building should be an organic process that shows a slowly increasing number of links pointing to a certain website. It’s important to recognize that link-building is an ongoing effort. Most webmasters know that to rank high in the search engines you need to have other websites link to your site. Slow and steady, natural link building is the name of the game.

Most web marketers will buy links than waist time doing it themselves. Now that is of less importance due to the fact that people began to exchange links with each and every website they could find. Link Popularity can make the difference between your site showing up on the first page in search results and not showing up at all.

Inbound links can generate significant traffic into your site. Inbound links are those originating from similar external websites pointing over to your site.

The way in with other sites links to your site is very important, linking with a keyword that is relevant to your site is very important. So when you have a link on another site make sure that the keyword you researched is in the link. The way other sites link to you is very important make sure the keywords are clickable. Search engines look at the words you use to describe links. One important fact to remember is when placing a one way link on another site make sure the keywords and site are relevant to your site.

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About the Author:
David Marc Fishman owns a service that will create one way links for promoting websites. Directory submission is one way of getting one way links. Submitting to many web directory will promote your website and get it ranked.

So Far So Good

Blogging is so interesting. I have been caught up reading so many blogs, the information is overwhelming. There are so many blog about making money online, SEO Tips, blogging tips and so on and so on. I can’t read them all. And when it comes to writing post, I have so many ideas I can’t seem to get anything posted. I really need to follow John Chow’s advice from this post Five Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Blog About. Or the advice from Daily Web Ideas, How To Get Around Writers Block. I guess I can be writing reviews to get linkbacks Like I have in these two post; Free ReviewMe from Cash for Comments or Read John Chow Make Money Online. Or I can be entering contest like I did in these post; Evil Blog Contest at John Chow dot Com or Win a Microsoft une 30gb. Too bad I never won either of those contest. I guess better luck next time. There are so many things to write post about, contest to enter and Linkback scams to be involved in. I really need to focus and write quality post so I can get an audience. And with out the Audience it is pointless to be blogging. Someday’s I have really good ideas to write about and think why would anyone want to read this. I guess if I don’t write the post nobody can read it and I would never know.

$2800, with no effort.

I have made the easiest $2800 ever, and it will only keep making more money.  The secret to making this money don’t involve making money online. You don’t need Google Adsense or an affiliate program. No special marketing skills or product promoting is required. The Key to making this money is a $34.99 investment.

Go out and buy a 20-piece hair cut kit. Cut your hair yourself each month and save the cost of a hair cut each month. The average price of a hair cut is $15.10. At the age of fourteen I got my first hair clipper, I have not paid for a hair cut since. It has now been sixteen years. One hair cut a month for 16 years really adds up. The rough math makes that $2880. Minus the price of the Hair Clipper. I had to buy a second Hair Clipper because the first one broke. But at only $34.99 and only spending that twice in sixteen years there is a good return on the investment. So with that said and the lack of a stylish hair cut I have essentially made $2800 with very little investment. And if you go from getting a hair cut at a Salon the saving will increase dramatically. So I expect to see more people around with shaved heads or really bad hair cuts in the near future.

Any comments or other great money saving tips please let me know?

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Rare Frank Zappa Pictures

Three rare pictures of Frank Zappa taken on December 5 1975. It was shot backstage during a show in London Ontario. The pictures were taken by one of Frank’s roadies. My friend Lorne’s girlfriend gave her camera to the roadie to go back stage and take the pictures. What great pictures of a brilliant artist. Too bad Lorne didn’t have the negatives.

Frank 1

Frank 2

Frank 3