Entrecard Support Rocks

Entrecard so far has been great for sending new traffic to my blog and I am also getting to find a lot of blogs that I may have never seen. Hell even John Chow stopped by and checked my site out and I was pretty lucky to get an ad spot on his blog on December 27. I also have a spot on John Cow for December 21.

This is all great but when I set up the service, I missed typed my email address . Now I can’t get it changed to the right one. I mixed up two letters in the address. I let support know on December 4 about my error and it is still not fixed. They did reply and asked what I would like it to be changed to, but still nothing,  that was December 6. December 11 I  asked once again  is it possible to have my email changed . They replied  saying they would have a developer  fix it that night. Well it is December 18  and  I still have the wrong email address.

This really sucks. I cannot get any mail from the Entrecard service. And I will loose all my credits and ad spots if I reapply with the right email address. I guess I should have doubles checked my typing when I signed up.

I still think the service is awesome. Great source of visitors and discovery. I just wish they would fix my email address.

Sexy Sunday 7


Petra Nemcova

Petra Nemcova was born in Karvina, Czech Republic in 1979. Nemcova became a model at age 16 when she was spotted during a national talent search. In 2004, she and fiancée/photographer Simon Atlee were in Thailand when the Tsunami struck. Atlee was presumed dead and his body later washed ashore near the epicenter of the Tsunami. Petra was injured during the Tsunami and suffered from a broken Pelvis and internal injuries. Nemcova also started a charity “Happy Hearts Fund” which helps underprivileged children. She has also published a book called “Love Always, Petra.”

Waste Time and Make Money With Moola

moola logoMoola is a fun and easy way to make money online. Sponsors give you a small amount of money to compete with and you challenge other members through simple games to climb a prize ladder. The Games are HiLo, Gold Rush and Ro-Sham-Bo-Fu. They are very easy to play.

Games in Moola

Moola also has a search and win section, whre you do an internet search and you are given a chance to spin the moola wheel allowing to win more money. You can spin the Wheel up to 4 times per day and possibly win $36000.

Moola Wheel

Moola also has a paid booster zone where you sign up to various programs or buystuff online and you get a return on the purchase.

moola booster

So all in all Moola is a Time waster, but you can play some addicting easy games and have the chance to win some moola. Search and win or you can use their online mall and get a up to 50% back. For More Information Click Here.

If you are interested in trying Moola Check it out by Clicking Here.

Testing in Google Ad Blocks?

I was updating the way my blog shows Google Adsense ads and noticed something different with the way the ads appear. First of all I noticed a link to show more ads on the bottom of the ad block.


I did some searching and found out that this is not new news. Google has been testing this and using this for some time now. On the second ad I noticed something different again. There were two little arrows in the bottom left corner of the ad block. You can use these arrows to rotate through different ads that can be displayed.


Looks like something Google is testing.

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TNX Link Advertising

Sell links on every page of your site to thousands of advertisers!

TNX.net is an alternative to selling text link ads on you blog or website through Text-Link-Ads. You can sell links on all pages on your website no matter what the Page Rank is. You earn points for the links that are sold on you blog, you can use these points for advertising on other blogs or you can cash them in for Cash. Once you sign up and install the TNX code on your site you will start to see the text links where you placed the code. From the TNX Dashboard you can control what pages links are sold on and control the advertisers that will have links displayed. Sign up for an account and start displaying valuable text links on your blog.

Sexy Sunday 6


Vanessa Marcil

Vanessa Marcil was born in Indio Ca in 1968. Marcil was the youngest of four children. By age 8 her and her family moved to Anchorage Alaska. Marcil began acting at the Palm Theater when her and her family moved back to California. Marcil has had roles in General Hospital, 90210, and the NBC drama Las Vegas. In 2002 Marcil gave birth to a baby boy fathered by her then fiancé Brian Austin Green. The two have since split.

Digital Business Card

entrecard logo It appears that Entrecard is getting real popular. Entrecard is a way to network with other bloggers. It is business card 2.0. Where ever you see the Entrecard widget you can drop your widget, whenever you drop our card you earn credits. You also earn credits when someone else drops their card on your widget. The credits can be used to buy free advertising on a blog that is displaying the widget. Some of the biggest bloggers like John Chow and Problogger are users of Entrecard. Giving you a chance to get some free advertising on their blogs. It’s not all about getting free advertising it also introduces you to new blogs and builds a bigger community. When you visit a blog with the widget read their post and leave some meaningful comments. I joined on December 2 and I have found new blogs to read, some have commented on some post and I have received traffic (not much, 79 visitors so far). So join in on Entrecard and get involved in some social blogging, drop some cards, leave some comments and get new visitors to your blog, and hopefully get some returning visitors.

Sexy Sunday 5

Jessica Alba in black corset fishnet stockings.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba was born in Pomona California in 1981. Alba grew up on an air force base and moved constantly until age 9 when her family finally settled down in California. From a very early age Alba was interested in acting and finally took classes at age 9. Alba has had roles in films like, Honey, Into the blue, Never been kissed, Dark Angel and many others. On May 19 Jessica Alba married Producer Cash Warren and the two welcomed their first child on June 7.

Promote with RSSHugger


RSSHugger is a new RSS service. It was developed for bloggers to promote their blogs, to bring bloggers and readers closer together. You can get your own page for 10 years for free by writing a review of RSSHugger or you can pay a $20 dollar fee, that’s only $2 per year. your page is a summarized version of your blog. Readers can search blogs by interest. Here is a list of benefits form their about page.

For the blog owners:

  • Raise awareness of your blog
  • Send tons of visitors to your blog
  • Share traffic with the community
  • Be part of a viral/buzz marketing campaign
  • Build deep-links for your blog posts to help with search engine optimization
  • Get new interested RSS subscribers who view your content on a regular basis.For the visitors:
  • Find blogs that interest you
  • Easily subscribe to many blogs
  • Skim over hundreds of blogs to find what suits you
  • This is a great way to promote your blog, very easy to implement. Sign up for your own RSSHugger page. Maybe you can get featured on the Top 100 page.

    Check out my page to see how it looks.

    Web Tools and Tips

    Silki from webtoolsandtips.com has a very well written blog. She writes about web tools and firefox addon, along with many other great topics. There is also a great list of DoFollow blogs, and when you post 4 comments to her blog she will start giving you backlinks. I found her blog when she left a comment on one of my post. She brought up a good point about a nofollow link train I’m involved in.

    “What may be the purpose of this link train, if it carried a nofollow tag.”

    Well it is building technorati rank, and exposing the blogs that are entered to new audiences. And above all it is staying within the Google Guidelines.

    Back to Silki, what I liked most about her blog is the way she is providing backlinks. You send her what you want linked and the keywords and she will include them in one of her post. And in return you do the same. She wrote a great post linking back to me. Thank you Silki for the links, I enjoy you blog.