Sexy Sunday 9

Britney Spears

To bad she had to go Crazy. She was pretty hot.

Britney spears was born in McComb Mississippi in 1981but was raised in Kentwood Louisiana. Spears, was an accomplished gymnast attending classes until age 9. Spears had a spot on the new Mickey Mouse Club. In 1997 she released a demo CD. She would later on date Justin Timberlake. She has since had many albums and starred in the movie “Crossroads” which bombed. In 2004 she married Jason Alexander but the marriage lasted for only 55 hours before they had it annulled. Later that year Spears announced her engagement to Kevin Federline who had recently been in a relationship with Shar Jackson who was 8 months pregnant with her second child. Spears and Federline married in September and went on to have 2 children. Spears and Federline later divorced and fought for custody of their two children. Spears then suffered from numerous breakdowns from chopping off all her hair, refusing to give her kids to Federline’s representatives, drinking, drugs, hit and run and even attacking paparazzi with an umbrella.

Congrats to the iPod winner.

Congratulations to the winner of the iPod from the Big Bald Blog‘s contest. Oh yeah the winner was me. I was so surprised that I actually won. How sweet is that, a great way to kick off 2008. Also congrats to Jason from for taking second place.

Big Pappa I hope the contest was a success for you, according to you post it was. Thanks for running such a great contest.

Win An 8 Gig iPod Touch

The Big Bald Blog is running a contest for an 8 Gig iPod Touch. Here is a complete list of what you would win if you are the lucky winner.

1. An 8 Gig iPod Touch
2. 500 Entrecard Credits
3. A total blog review from Mike over at Bloggin-Ads
4. Some cool Big Pappa Worldwide gear. You’ll get shirts, shorts, stickers and if you are female we even have some “boy shorts”, ringer shirts, tanks and thongs that we can throw in on the deal. Guys, we will throw in an extra “Road Trip Rules for Guys” shirt.

And the rules are simple enough that any one can enter.

  • Subscribe to The Big Bald Blog’s RSS feed via the email subscription so h can track you as an entrant.
  • Blog about this contest linking back to this post with the anchor text of: “The Big Bald Blog” and the word “contest”.
  • Leave a comment on this post with the link to your post about this contest.

So go enter his contest and win yourself an 8 Gig iPod Touch. The only problem the contest is over today. Hopefully I’m not to late with my entry.

Hi my name is Dave and I am an Entreholic.

There I said it. Isn’t that the first step, admitting to your problem. I am addicted to Entrecard. I drop on average of 190 cards per day.carddrops I have book marked groups of 10 blogs into 19 different folders and open each folder to drop cards. I’m going to step this up some and book mark some more.

sunday 002 I use two monitors so I can open up two browsers and have 20 blogs going at a time. I find if I open up two many tabs Firefox gets to slow and eats up way too much memory.

I spend about an hour each day opening all the blogs that I have book marked and dropping cards on them. So far since starting with Entrecard I have dropped 3924 cards. I guess that’s why when a meme for the top card dropper starts I get tagged by so many blogs. So far 14 blogs have tagged me in their meme.

So not only do I have all these book marks I started to do Stumble search’s for blogs that write about Entrecard. I stumble and drop. And most recently I was reading on someone’s blog how they try and see how far the trail goes when you click on the card displayed on you own blog. So I click the card, drop my card and go on to the next blog. So far I have only gone to five other blogs. The fifth blog was a parked page. Be interesting who far you can go down the trail and the different blogs you would come to.

The problem with my card dropping I’m not providing good traffic to all of your blogs. I will stop and read the occasional post from time to time. Especially when I stop at A Strange Life. But I rarely leave any comments. Maybe I should take more time and read all of the great post that I’m just passing by, or maybe click an ad or two. Maybe that would make me feel better for being an Entreholic.

Blogging is all about sharing opinions. Factors like pay per click and other tactics of online marketing such as newsletters or email marketing are less likely to increase the success of your blog. Right after the step of domain registration, It’s more about quality of writings and frequency of updating your blog that gives you the right place in your niche.

Top 10 Entrecard Droppers

I was tagged in The Entrecard Top 10 Card Droppers Meme by Susan at Social Networking Rocks as a top card dropper. So I am following the meme rules and posting my top card droppers. Thanks to all that drop cards on my blog. Also thanks to all that have tagged me as their top card dropper.

So, here are the simple rules of this Meme:
1. Post your Top 10 Dropper’s Blogs, and write a little comment about them, which you could use as a recommendation should you choose

2. Message them with the Entrecard message system to let them know that they have been tagged, and encourage them to continue the chain. (and thank them for dropping so many cards)

3. Include a link to the Entrecard Meme article of the person who tagged you

4. Include a link to the original post
The Entrecard Top 10 Card Droppers Meme

5. Drop your card on your Top 10’s sites, if you haven’t already!

6. Drop cards on the other sites that were tagged along with you if you wish, as they will probably drop back

7. Copy these rules onto your post, so that others can easily participate!

And that’s it! So get tagging!

Here is my entry!

  1. CK Marketing – Great tutorials on WordPress.
  2. The Big Bald Blog – Fun to read blog, I enjoy “What I found in My Email” posts.
  3. Joan Joyce – Joan always writes interesting articles, a great read.
  4. Jean Costa – Jean has a good design, but don’t updated often.
  5. Rhyan dot Net – Great tips on Affiliate Marketing.
  6. A Strange Life – Just an awesome well written blog.
  7. Just shooting the breeze with Breezie – Well worth reading.
  8. Fantasy Baseball – All things Fantasy baseball.
  9. – Well written articles, very interesting to me since I’m also a big guy.
  10. Inspiring Quotations – Quotes and more quotes.

Thanks to all the card droppers, especially to the top ten.

To Gift Card or Not?

Gift CardWell the holiday season is upon us. Hopefully by now everyone has finished their Christmas shopping. If not you can always grab a gift card for that special someone.

Gift cards are easy to get, you can pick up gift cards just about anywhere and for just about anything. You can get them at convenience stores like 7Eleven or any department store. Gift cards com in different values $5.00, $10.00, $25.00 etc… Or you can load them with any amount you like. You can also get Visa or Mastercard gift cards, where you can use them anywhere. Gift cards also let the receiver get the gift they want, no need to return the crappy gift you gave them the day after Christmas. And they are easier to ship to someone, all you have to do is put them in a card and mail them where ever you want.

On the other hand gift cards do have their downfalls. Gift cards do expire, some have hidden fees. If you lose the card you are out of luck and lost the money. Gift cards are not always the most personal thing to give. Would you give your wife or partner a gift card for Christmas, it don’t really show that you care that much. What do you do with all the small amounts left on the gift cards? Just seems like money wasted if you leave a few dollars on a gift card.

But really what is the difference to just give cash. Then the recipient can go where ever they wanted. They don’t have to go to Old Navy to spend those gift cards, maybe they hate Old Navy. At least with cash they can save it up and buy one big gift. You can’t do that if you get gift cards from different stores.

This brings up a good question, are gift card to impersonal? Do you give gift cards? Are they a good or bad idea? What’s your take on giving or receiving gift cards? Personally I love gift cards, I just need everyone to send cards from the same place.

Christmas Funnies


How come you never hear anything about the 10th reindeer “Olive” ?
Olive ?
Yeah, you know, “Olive the other reindeer, used to laugh and call him names”

Why are women’s breasts like a train set a kid gets at Christmas time?
Because they were originally made for children but the father wants to play with them.

Why doesn’t Santa have any children?
Because he only comes once a year, and when he does, it’s down the chimney.

Why is Christmas just like a day at the office?
You do all the work and the fat guy with the suit gets all the credit.

How are a Christmas tree and a priest alike?
They both have ornamental balls.

What do the female reindeer do when Santa takes the male reindeer out on Christmas Eve?
They go into town, and blow a few bucks.

What’s the difference between snowmen and snowladies?

Why did the snowman have a smile on his face?
Because the snowblower was coming down the block.

As a little girl climbed on to Santa’s lap, Santa asked the usual, “And what would you like for Christmas?”
The child stared at him open mouthed and horrified for a minute, then gasped, “Didn’t you get my E-mail?”

My new DVD Player

Recently I purchased a Philips DVD Player, it was the DVP-3960. I picked it up because it was cheap and it up converts video to 1080i. This DVD player has a lot of awesome features like:

  • Plays DivX, MP3, WMA and JPEG digital camera photos
  • 192kHz/24 bit audio DAC enhances analogue sound input
  • HDMI 1080i with high definition video upscaling
  • Progressive Scan component video for optimized image quality
  • DivX Certified for standard playback of DivX videos
  • 12-bit/108MHz video processing for sharp, natural images.

What I like the most is the fact that it plays DivX files. I have a lot of movies backed up to DivX or Xvid formats. I can burn six movies to one DVD and watch them in the my new DVD player. Before I used to hook the laptop to the TV and watch movies that way. It is so much more convenient to load up a disk in the DVD player and be able to watch any of the six movies on the disk.

Soon I will write a post on how to make 700mb backup copies of your own disk. It’s not all that hard.

All in All I really like the new DVD player, the picture quality is awesome. And it’s great to be able to get all my movies of my computers and on to less disk.