Accounting Suggestions: Apply Dividend As opposed to Bonus To Save Tax

For many Business enterprise, it’s by now a well-known strategy to make use of dividend instead of high bonuses in order to save taxes for the working shareholder. This was as a matter of fact a key topic of discussion at a recent get together between some accountants in London to discuss best methods for saving income tax under the current financial system. This technique can apply in circumstances where the lower rate of business tax is applicable. Any savings in this regard comes from the fact that National Insurance is due on salaries but not dividends.

In the absence of salaries, there are going to be zero NI payable. And so the real question is why then pay a wage at all? Why not basically pay it all out as dividend and prevent the NI trap entirely? Basically the answer happens to be in what we gain as a result of paying National Insurance.

The National Insurance Contribution has a bearing on much of our entitlement to state benefits such as retirement pensions, statutory sick pay, maternity pay, statutory paternity pay, and many others.

One thing with National Insurance and the benefits most of us get out of it would be that the sums are not directly proportional. Nevertheless your contributions will be directly proportional to the chargeable income.

Thus, after a particular amount of National Insurance , no further added benefit is going to accrue out of further payment. Usually the ideal amount of earnings needed to achieve this highest benefit level depends upon personal circumstances.

Company owners, just like any one else need cash flow on a regular basis. Having figured out just what annual earnings you need, you want to make up the rest using dividend. When setting the monthly dividend amount, it’s essential to make certain that you do not go beyond the legal limit. This is something that any good accountant service should work out taking into account the tax payers particular variables

The legitimate limit here just refers to the amount which helps to ensure that dividends are generally only paid out using distributable profits. The distributable profits of a Business is the built up income less its built up deficits. The main danger of going beyond the distributable profits is usually that HMRC could dispute that the extra really are advances to owners which can complicate matters.

It follows that, though dividend is a more tax efficient way to draw out money from a company, it is important that the business enterprise owners make sure that dividend amounts don’t go over the company’s accummulated profits.

Ms Hanson has worked for many years in the area of tax return preparation. She has got lots of years experience in the area of accounting and taxation. Check out Tamara’s website anytime you are looking for assistance with set up limited company 336A Regents Park Road, London N3 2LN.

It’s Time to Move Out of Your Parent’s House!

It is one thing to boast about being a kid at heart.  It is an entirely other thing to admit to being a mamma’s boy.  And really, who would want to claim that status?!  While you might not say it out loud, your friends, family and girlfriend already know.  How?  Because you are a grown adult, living at home!

Are you over 25 years of age?  Are you done with college?  It is time to cut the cord!

Basically, if you are unsure about whether or not it is time to go, there is one simple thing to consider.  How many people are you pissing off?

  1.  While she rarely vocalizes it, your mom is angry.  If you were the type to pick up on subtle hints (and what guy is?!), you would notice that more often than not your morning eggs are burned.  Why?  Because she is tired of being your maid – cooking your meals, cleaning your room, doing your laundry.  Grow up!  Take care of yourself!
  2. The daggers shooting from the eyes of your financially responsible dad say he is unhappy with the way you are spending your money.  He might be irritated by the fact you aren’t paying rent, aren’t saving your money, and splurging on big ticket items like a thumping car stereo and a flat screen jumbo-tron for your bedroom.
  3. Your friends are annoyed.  You are always bumming at their place – eating their food, monopolizing their TV, invading their privacy.  It’s not like you can invite them over to hang at your place – its crawling with family members.  You’re bros, so they understand your situation.  But after awhile, enough is enough.
  4. Your girlfriend is on the verge of a royal hissy fit.  Sure, most women prefer their own bed, but every once in awhile it would be nice to change things up a bit.  And all it took was that one awkward morning-after for her to swear-off ever setting foot in “your” house again.
  5. It’s obvious to everyone in the house how your dog feels about the situation.  His bark-fest when you come home at 3am is enjoyed by no one.
  6. By now, you aren’t too happy with yourself.  You’re probably longing for a bit (or a lot!) of independence.  You’re tired of all the restrictions.  You’re tired of following the house rules.  You need to get out!

It is time, man.  Just do it.  Get out.  Move on.  Be independent.  It might seem a bit scary now, but it will seriously be one of the best things you’ll ever do.

Guest blogger Jordan Dahlberg knows all about guys living at home – he was one until about two years ago.  Now that he has seen the light, he helps other men move on.  Jordan works for a moving company in Sarasota – this site has helpful moving information.    

Ideas To Connect Safely On Online Dating Websites

Online dating may lead to finding a love of your life, a good friend as well as all kinds of wonderful experiences and has been growing in popularity from the moment it initially started. It might be a result of it’s various advantages over the usual ways of meeting singles. Because of the increasing popularity of on line dating web sites it will be fair to argue that the safety level is very same as with typical ways of singles meeting. Inspite of this, it is always important that we take precaution to ensure that web dating remains to be a pleasant experience all the time. There are many methods to be cautious when dating on-line and below I cover a few of them.

Don’t Rush

When you find an user profile which appeals to you control yourself and take it easy initially. Go carefully and start with short none commital, none intrusive email. Treat the people at the other end of the pc as you would treat a stranger you just met anywhere else. Think about it, if you went to the wine bar and met someone for the first time do you let your guard completely down and start showing them the same behaviour that you’d show people who you’d known for a long time? Of course not. except if you were drunk. Even then you’ve always got your friends next to you to keep you from doing anything that you would regret later. Same situation applies when datinig on-line.

Avoid presenting private details

Until you feel completely safe with the person you’re interacting with online and you have no doubt in your mind that there is no danger to break your anonimity, avoid giving out personal information. Do not provide your real name, especially surname, address, phone number or email address in your internet dating website profile. This rule need to be observed no matter if you’re a woman or a man. Set up an alternative email address for your self to use only for dating web sites. Ensure that the e mail does not reveal any of your details

Set and observe your phone terms

If you are a woman, avoid giving out your telephone number first. Get his number, preferably a landline unless there is a good explanation why he can’t provide you with a land line. A good reason would be if you are both young and living with your parents, in that case it’s understandable. Use your cell phone . There is no reason for anybody not to have a cell phone nowadays. So get one. Nowadays a pay as you go mobile phone are not so expensive. Should he acts reluctant to give you his number, think carefully. My personal rule is that phone numbers needs to be exchanged even during face to face dating.

Doubt their nature

Endeavour to find out as much as possible about the other person’s nature through the dating website internal interaction process. This could be via the chat system or e mail. Ask questions but make sure they do not seem like you might be interviewing them for a job. A very good solution to do this is to use humour or make statements which will encourage the other person to give out character attributes about themselves when they react to your statement.

Online dating is a pretty safe process however as with everything that we perform on a regular basis it’s always a good idea to exercise a little bit of care and good judgment.

Daniel Sponsor writes for a living and is a consultant on internet dating sites. Do you want to find out more about women seeking men, then simply take a look at Sponsor’s site and experience the perfect examples of contemporary dating and matchmaking websites. It has got many of the accessories you’ll desire so as to have fun with your internet dating experience.

Top 10 benefits to have an apprenticeship in your background

The benefits of doing an apprenticeship are tremendous. There are obvious advantages linked with one’s career but when it comes to one’s background, the gains are bountiful. For starters, companies tend to appreciate graduates and new employees who have gained hands-on experience through an internship simply because it takes less of their time preparing the employee for the actual work in the field. Moreover, there are certain fields that value apprenticeship (as the Danes say elevpladser) a lot, such as law, business administration and the health sector. Some countries even make it mandatory for students of health care and services to take up apprenticeship after they complete their graduation.


Here are the top ten benefits that students and working individuals alike shall receive out of an apprenticeship.


Earning a Salary – For many students in technical courses, the fees and living costs may be too much to handle. Instead of getting a part time job, an apprenticeship shall do much better as the salary is five times more.


Paid Leaves – Unlike a part time job, apprenticeship is a salaried and taxable position. Thus, students get the opportunity to take paid leaves either for examinations or for personal purposes. In fact, this is one of the many reasons why graduates try to take up an apprenticeship rather than part time employment.


Experience – Having an apprenticeship in one’s chosen line of work always helps in landing a dream job. No one wants to start out at the bottom of the ladder. Only experience and knowledge can help people climb the ladder real fast.


Beating Recession – 2012 is the year of unemployment and if you are graduating this year, then having an apprenticeship may just be the best way to land up with a full time position. This saves companies a lot of money in recruitment drive and provides interns with a chance to show the company what they are capable of.


Training – The term apprenticeship actually means receiving on-job training through actual work. Colleges and textbooks can only teach theoretical knowledge. To understand an entire industry one needs to be in the field. Only through apprenticeship can one gain technical knowhow and work better at their job.


Qualifications – Just as a graduation or high school degree holds value, so does an apprenticeship. For successfully completing a predetermined period of employment as an intern with a company, one gets a certificate of recognition. This alone holds a lot of value.


Job specific insight – Graduates and undergrads are always advised to search for apprenticeship positions in companies where they eventually wish to go. This is so that they can get specific insight into the jobs they shall be required to perform later on.


Increased Employment Chances – Even if the apprenticeship company does not offer a full contract after the completion of an internship, one shall always find work easier elsewhere. The certificate of employment speaks a great deal about one’s determination and zeal to excel.


Personal benefit – Those who already run a family business shall benefit by entering into other organizations as an apprentice and learn how they operate. This information can come handy when they handle their own business later on in life.


Fringe Benefits – Since apprenticeship is governed by laws in most countries, those who enter such a contract with a company are eligible to receive fringe benefits such as loans, insurance and health privileges.


Self-Growth between wishes and facts

In the Jewish tradition, receives the new year with a time of reflection for the evaluation of the previous year before moving on to a new one. This is done during the first ten days from the new year and ends with Yom Kippur. It is generally known that the days of horror or days of repentance.

Any religious color, I like the idea of ??a review and reconsideration of life to leave what no longer serves the United States, whatever the time of year. It is very easy to get used to and attached to the things that hold us back, whether objects, relationships, jobs, situations, beliefs or current.

And privacy as the ego and create a sense of repetition to feel safe and controlled. This is extremely important when we need for children to feel safe, but its value should diminish as we grow up and understand that being in control is really just an illusion, especially if we want to continue to grow, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to control our lives.

Life is what happens in the present, and open to endless possibilities involved at every moment, no matter how scary or daunting that may seem at times. We can not keep our ego identity and the flow of life, and we can not get the “static” in our thoughts and continue to learn, and we can not comment on solid ground, even in this changing world. In fact, growth is only possible when the desire to go stronger than the desire to continue.

Self-awareness and letting go … Keys on your self-growth

Life is a cycle of awareness that moves in cycles, each cycle and allows you to mount the upper level (the physical and mental growth, and awareness). If you think about it for a while, you realize that every day, every week, every month, every year and smaller in larger cycles that make up your life. Each cycle brings the same kind of situation for you to reconsider and learn and grow.

If you do not know what needs to be aware of and / or abandoned, and will return in a slightly different form, perhaps, but he will be back until he can no longer avoid dealing and resolved. Perhaps through a look or perhaps through a crisis, but you’ll have to deal with what holds you back and keeps you from growing.

Just like a butterfly can not be maintained in the form of a caterpillar and fly at the same time, we must all go through growing pains on the left and behind the cocoon to blossom and be free to be ourselves authentic . Increased pain is necessary steps to self-awareness and letting go, and move forward.

It is also among the measures that transform consciousness happens. One moment you’re face to face with the problem, you feel pain of letting go of what needs to go, and before you know it, the pain is over and you are in a better place, and to feel more clearer and stronger than ever.

Of course, you can avoid the pain temporarily (and learning) by deprivation, abuse, or hide behind a relationship or anything else, and that’s what most people, but it there is really no escape: you’ll have to deal with problems at some point in this age or in part, because this spirit, not me oriented – oriented travel.

Review, evaluation, authorization and repeat

Is always a good idea to review your life and beliefs on an ongoing basis to make your spiritual growth process a little more smoothly, without the need for a crisis down safety nets known. I borrowed the idea of ??self inventory after the investigation on the traditions of the Jewish New Year, but you can adjust the price according to your needs (instead of the year, and make it a week or a month or 6 months, etc.) and, of course, do not hesitate to add more to the list based on your level of individual meditation.

1. I would like to leave behind the past 12 months?

This is not a relationship, or a job, or a sense of dependency? This is not a health issue or belief that there is not abundant enough for all? Is that the crisis came and made you question your life? All that is, hold the vision of what should go and why. Remember, this is the reason that you can let go and move on.

2. Prevented me from upgrading to higher standards and being myself better?

Dig and recognition of self-image and attachments that have been holding you back, but do so without judgment of guilt or shame. Review your excuses and justifications as well. Awareness is the key to success.

3. Why I love the fact that I carry with me during the next 12 months?

Where do you see yourself and how you can be different from where you are now? And the values ??and goals that you want to highlight here?

4. Who worked as a teacher / guide for me in the last year?

How much are you willing to invest in your self-growth? Looking for advice and support whether you choose to stay in a cocoon “autonomy” in order not to be held responsible or seen or heard?

5. I was a teacher / model?

What is the legacy of my years (months, etc.)? I was a model for what I want in my life or has not, by default, on autopilot instead? I do not really walk the newborn? And if not, why not?

6. Is there anyone I need to forgive?

It is very clear, and of course, can include all your life, not just the last year, month, etc. Do not forget to register!

7. How do I forgive?

In other words, how I am committed to the acceptance and openness to life, and what is left imbalance and toxic crown around me? How prepared I take full responsibility for what I create in my life?

I hope this is helpful. The habit of mental health and to train your mind out of the way to keep in touch with yourself, question the motives of your subconscious beliefs and follow the doomed and attachments. If you need help finding your blind spot, contact me for advice through spiritual counseling and compassion to make the process easier and faster.

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Accountancy Tools Can Make A Business Enterprise Far more Profitable

Preparing business accounts can be an administrative headache for business and several businesses delay this essential work and reduce it to an once a year event. Usually there are major benefits that business can obtain through managing the financial systems as an essential component of the business operations.

Big businesses spend enormous amounts in complex accounting software systems and budgetary management platforms due to the fact finance management is seen as a key to financial success. Over the years, accountant firms have found that many firms disregard these benefits counting instead upon personal know-how and in many situations the businesses do not even bother.

So why would the major companies that is focused entirely on the net income and improving this net profit pay good money for bookkeepers, accounts clerks, accounting firms, finance administrators, expenditure analysts, finance directors and data processing software systems? The answer is very simple. In depth robust disciplined accounting management is vital to protecting the financial well being of the business and producing the financial platform to generate higher income expansion each year.

Pretty much all business operations are critical for business prosperity. Ask any accountant service. Selling and marketing offer the growth potentials, production and operational activities generate the merchandise to supply that market desire nonetheless the accountancy function provides the framework and analysis to cultivate the net income.

It does not matter whether a company keeps a manually operated system of bookkeeping to document accounts transactions or relies on a computer software it is vital that consistent periodical accounting information get produced. And having put together these accounts these accounting reports must be re-evaluated to better develop the commercial enterprise.

By preparing monthly accounts which present the sales turnover if possible analysed by service or product class or origin of gross sales the potency of a sales campaign is assessed in real cash. Such financial data is needed to establish where future sales and promoting work is required in order to improve or discontinue a failing plan or make the most a lucrative strategy. Without calibrating and examining sales performance management activity becomes a speculation game based upon instinct as opposed to solid financial facts.

Accounting software produces a gross profit margin the business enterprise is making on its products and services. The small business when presented with the profit percentages are able to make decisions to improve sales prices where feasible to increase the net income or decrease cost of sales as appropriate. The gross margin is important to the business financial circumstances and studying the margin to spot areas where it could be increased can considerably improve earnings results.

A monthly profit and loss account would show the level of expenditure in managing the business. Analyzing the periodic patterns generated can frequently show some kinds of expenditures increasing and some going down. Fundamental overview of expenditures can maintain cash control and strengthen the business performance.

A crucial financial feature of business enterprise is the level of profit margin in both percentage terms and volume compared to the level of fixed expenses. By using this to generate a monthly profit and loss accounts the business managers can instantly see and understand if that gross income is sufficient. Action should then be taken. That is the good thing about accounting software applications, the production of authentic accounting information that indicate where and how much action needs to be taken to help improve the profit achieved.

This action may indicate a requirement to strengthen gross sales volume, improve the margin by means of higher selling prices or lower direct costs or a lowering of expenses and business running costs.

Accounting questions may be asked based on the historical evidence of the financial data produced within prior months in contrast with the present position. These considerations might identify sales possibilities that are not being thoroughly exploited, areas where gross income margins might be improved upon and cost control over excess expenditure.

With all the financial control and analysis that it could supply a company, using accounting software will make sure that financial efficiency can be improved upon and the net profit increased.

The Author has been a professional for many years in the field of tax return services. She has lots of years practical experience inside the field of accounting and taxes. Stop by Tamara’s web site anytime you are looking for help with closing a limited company 336A Regents Park Road, London N3 2LN.

Men’s Wedding Bands: Which One is Right for Him?

No matter how much experience you have buying jewelry for yourself, you might find yourself at a loss when it comes time to find his perfect wedding band. For as simple as men’s wedding bands can look, they can be surprisingly complex with their sheer number of metal and material options. To help you narrow down which wedding ring is right for him, here are some different types of men paired with their ideal ring match.

The man: He’s the textbook definition of a traditional man.
The band:
For the traditionalist, there is no other wedding ring but the classic yellow gold band. While you may find yourself wishing that he would branch out a little in his tastes, consider this: gold offers the exclusive quality of being the only naturally occurring yellow metal. This has made gold one of the most revered metals since the Ancient Egyptians, and gold men’s wedding bands have rightfully remained the preeminent choice ever since. You can also always opt for a more modern white gold, or vintage-inspired rose gold for his band.

The man: Luxury is his middle name.
The band:
Once declared by King Louis XV of France to be the only metal “fit for a king,” platinum is almost always the preferred choice of lovers of luxury. This rare and precious white metal is usually the most expensive option seen on the men’s wedding bands market, but its incomparably attractive look and noted durability make it well worth the price tag. Just be aware: platinum is not immune to scratches, although its unique density means that no surface volume is lost – it’s simply moved around. As a result, most men’s platinum wedding bands will inevitably acquire a pleasant patina with daily wear.

The man: He may look like the average guy, but he always strikes his own path.
The band:
For the guy who appreciates a classic look but requires something a little more individual, palladium is an excellent choice. A member of the platinum group metals (PGM), palladium has platinum’s lustrous white metal appearance but is generally less expensive and also slightly less durable. Used as a high grade alloying agent for white gold since the early 20th century, palladium has more recently come into its own as a mainstream material for men’s wedding bands.

The man: He loves you, but he hates wearing jewelry.
The band:
If getting him to wear his wedding ring on a regular basis is going to be similar to pulling teeth, consider titanium or ceramic men’s wedding bands. Both of these materials are incredibly lightweight, and should mollify even the most jewelry-phobic man. Made from the naturally gunmetal grey metal of the same name, titanium men’s wedding bands are hypoallergenic, making them ideal for those with sensitive or allergic skin.
Ceramic men’s wedding bands are usually made from titanium carbide, a combination of titanium metal and carbon atoms. These rings are usually seen in a striking black hue, and offer impressive durability and scratch-resistance. On the downside, neither titanium nor ceramic men’s wedding bands are resizable.

The man: He wants it all – as long as the price is right.

The band: If your man has a wish list that’s a mile long but appreciates a good deal more than anything.

Cobalt chrome or Argentium silver is the material for him. A metallic alloy of cobalt and chromium, cobalt chrome men’s wedding bands have the classic white metal look of more expensive precious metals like platinum and white gold. Cobalt chrome rings are durable, scratch-resistant, crack-resistant, hypoallergenic, and unlike most other contemporary materials, resizable.

For those seeking a more traditional material (albeit one with a twist), try Argentium silver. This sterling silver alloy employs the alloying metalloid germanium for increased tarnish-resistance and durability.

By carefully selecting a wedding band that suits your man to a T, you’re showing him just how well you know him, as well as getting him the perfect ring to wear for the many years ahead of you.

Tanya is a senior writer and content builder for justmensrings and she likes to writes on fashion related topics like Men’s Wedding Bands.

Why You Need to Start Blogging

It seems that everyone is a blogger these days. Some of the blog topics are worth reading, while others are a waste of time. Either way, anyone with internet access and a working vocabulary is a blogger. Luckily, you only need to read halfway into the first post before deciding whether it’s a blog worth your time. As you read mediocre sports and tech blogs, your blood may boil at the lack of intelligence displayed by that particular blogger.

Rather than leaving a nasty post in the comment box, try one-upping them by starting your own blog. Why not? Everyone else is doing it, and you certainly have more intelligent things to say than everyone else. Still unconvinced? Read the seven tips below before you throw in the towel for good.

1.  Say it Better

As an adult with several well-developed interests and plenty of life experience, you certainly have opinions to share. We all believe that our opinions reign supreme, but it sometimes isn’t enough just to know it. If you have something to say, say it. There is a great chance that you can probably say it much better than anyone else can.

2.  Sell Your Stuff

Blogging is a great way to promote yourself or a product. We all like to know exactly what we are getting before we pay for it. If you are thinking about starting a business, go the extra mile and start a blog to lure customers in.

3.  Be an Expert

You may have plenty of knowledge, but what use is it if no one knows about it?  Share all of the things you know by starting a blog about something that you love. As much as your girlfriend loves you, she is probably tired of hearing about college football. Seriously.

4.  Find People Like You

Starting a blog about things you love can bring you in contact with people who love the same things. This can be helpful if you live in a small town (or a big city) where it is difficult to find likeminded people.

5.  Spread Change

Many people start blogs to share what they believe in. Are you a huge political junkie? Start a news blog. You can link to news stories about your topic and get on your soapbox for a little while.

6.  Stay Connected

It’s hard to stay in contact with family and friends when you’re so concerned about the day to day stuff. Start documenting big activities and little updates to let everyone know what you’re up to.

7.  Make Money

Regardless of what you write about, you have the potential to make money as a blogger. Even if your blog only serves as an online update for your family and friends, you can use something like Google AdSense to advertise on your blog. Google AdSense allows you to link up to your PayPal, too.

The best part about a blog is that it can be whatever you want it to be. If you want it to serve as a personal journal, that’s fine. It can also be a place of political commentary or a place to share ideas with friends. Now, get started—you have plenty to say.

Author Jordan Dahlberg works in web design.  He has helped tons of people start their own blogs and websites.  While he hates to admit this, starting a blog is easy!  If you’re not brave enough to try it on your own, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

5 Ways How Hospitals Fail to be Fail-Safe

It’s the most terrible thing to be seriously sick and end up in a hospital that proves to be unsafe for patients. Hospitals are supposed to be safe places especially for patients, but unfortunately some do not realize that theirs are not. So, here are 5 tips for hospital safety, particularly to prevent how hospitals fail to be fail-safe.

1. Failure to Observe Basic Infection Remedy

Basic among hospital procedures is central venous catheter insertion. There are 5 basic steps to weed out infection when inserting catheters or when avoiding middle line-associated blood flow infections. First, wash hands thoroughly. Second, observe full-barrier safety measures. Third, observe skin cleanliness using chlorhexidine. Fourth, do away with femoral lines. And fifth, remove any unnecessary or remaining lines.

To make matters simpler, a growing number of medical and health experts further claim that most infections can be remedied with basic and proper hand washing. Definitely, this should go with the 5 tips for hospital safety. Here is what they recommend:

With enough soap, create lather by gently rubbing the hands together. First, rub palms together. Then rub the fingers against a palm. Next, rub each finger, especially the sides using the other hand. After that, rub all the knuckles against the palm of the other hand. Then rub the backs of the hands.

When doing the above hand-washing, experts recommend singing the Birthday Song twice. They approximate, the length of time it takes to sing the song should cover the right amount of time doing it.

It is sometimes unbelievable how simple precautions like thorough hand washing are among ways how hospitals fail to be fail-safe.

2. Not Paying Enough Attention on VTE

Always say no to venous thromboembolism or VTE, and make sure to support the declaration with action. Most hospital deaths are due to VTE which regrettably is easily preventable. There are good medical literature materials available online and here are tips on what to look for in them: how to layout VTE evidence, what are the best practices, analyzing how the needed care is delivered, the track records as far as metrics are concerned, interventions on layers, and improvements on all the mentioned items.

Updated information on VTE prevention definitely ranks high among the 5 tips for hospital safety.

3. Blood Thinner Syndrome

Patients released from hospitals after surgery are often given prescription for blood thinners like warfarin. Such medications prevent lethal blood clots. However, misuse of the same can be equally lethal, leading to uncontrolled bleeding. Or else, uninformed patients do not realize the dangers of taking the medication and the needed precautions to prevent complications, like avoiding sustaining head wounds or injuries.

This is solved by simple patient information on blood thinners or a video presentation on the same featuring what should be avoided to avert complications. Aside from correcting the ways how hospitals fail to be fail-safe, equally vital is how patients are given adequate instruction on prescription safety after being released from the hospital.

4. Poor Hospital Design

This is not about hotel façade design or the construction materials used for the hospital structure. Hospitals should have effective design principles where the systematic movement flow and interconnectivity of related rooms and areas are well considered. Just watch how important design is to prevent hospital safety failures and also see why this point has to be in the 5 tips for hospital safety:

a. Patients’ wards should be accessible to the nurses’ stations.

b. Infection prone areas should be isolated.

c. The ICU should be isolated.

d. The pharmacy should be well lighted to avoid medication errors.

5. Neglected Hospital PR

Finally, some hospitals fail due to discourteous hospital staff. Hospitals should know the power of public relations. Some call it being a “patient-friendly hospital.” And among hospital people expected devotion in this area are nurses and doctors.

Jenny is a free lancer writer and content builder of many sites.


Five Superheroes That Need a Movie

Zack Mandell is a movie enthusiast and owner of and writer of movie reviews about movies such as The Avengers. He writes extensively about the movie industry for sites such as Gossip Center, Yahoo, NowPublic, and Helium.

Hollywood has had an epiphany- comic book movies can make money. For fans of the medium, however, this has been a mixed bag. For every Avengers it seems like there are three Ghost Riders, Punishers and Jonah Hexes. So heads up Tinsel Town’s money-men- in shooting for The Dark Knight rather than Daredevil, choosing the right stars from among the supers is imperative. Here are five good bets.

Wonder Woman/Diana- Amazon Princess
As Superman’s female, steadfastly feminist equivalent Wonder Woman seems like a no-brainer. Amazon Princess Diana’s importance to comics is such that it outshines even her august status as the first widely popular superheroine and one of the most enduring supes of either sex, from any publisher. She’s iconic and archetypal- setting the shapely mold for dozens of female heroes to follow. Though it’s only fair to mention that, technically, Wonder Woman hasn’t exactly suffered from a lack of screen time. Unfortunately, this is a shallow list (I’m disappointed in it) and most of that screen time was spent on the smaller of the species. So until she gets the big-budget, big-screen treatment, Wonder Woman, her outfit and the Lasso of Truth get top billing here.

Preacher/Jesse Custer
One of the best and most popular entries in Vertigo publishing’s excellent canon is Preacher- a semi-western about drinking, brawling, fornicating Preacher Jesse Custer who chats with John Wayne’s ghost and has been possessed by a hellish abomination which blesses/curses him with a god-like power. Custer’s accompanied by his killing-disinclined assassin girlfriend and Cassidy- an Irish ex-junkie vampire whose propensity for drinking and brawling may outpace even the Preacher’s. Pursuing Custer and friends are The Grail, a superpower secret society charged with preserving the bloodline of Christ. The Grail is just as intent on keeping secret the fact that two millennia of divine inbreeding have left Christ’s sole surviving heir a developmentally-disabled sadist. The stuff of great cinema.

Black Panther/T’Challa
Liberal arts majors- what do the following supers have in common: Jesse Custer; Superman; Spiderman; most of the X-men; Daredevil; three of the Fantastic Four, et al. That’s right- straight, white males. OK, technically Beast and Nightcrawler are bluish and the Hulk is green half the time, but still. Wonder Woman opened the door for female supes, but virtually always heterosexual ones of fairer complexion. The Black Panther was introduced in 1966 as a response to the black power movement, becoming the first mainstream African (then African-American) superhero. Thankfully for a hypothetical movie, beyond breaking the color barrier after decades of monochromatic crime-fighters, T’Challa is an awesome character. Incorporating the meteor-deposited metal Vibranium and a host of magical items into his natural physical and mental super-skill set, the Black Panther smashes at the forces of evil and racism. He should continue to do so on film.

Swamp Thing/Alec Holland
Swamp Thing has gone through several incarnations- most notably a run by the legendary Alan Moore. Moore elevated Swamp Thing from a near-campy veggie mass to a character of excellently-readable complexity. Whatever incarnation though, the story’s remained pretty much the same- brilliant scientist Alec Holland is the victim of an explosion set by an evil rival. Near death and soaked in powerful, mutating chemicals he stumbles into the nearby swamp. Rather than dying of explosion, chemical-toxicity and drowning Holland becomes a man-plant hybrid elemental with the power of nature at his beck and call. Like Wonder Woman he’s not camera shy but, also like Wonder Woman, until he’s getting into dust-ups with CG villains and diving clear of expensive explosions popped by big-studio effects guys, the Swamp Thing might as well remain exclusively ink-bound.

Aquaman/Arthur Curry
First off, as a member of the Justice League (think DC’s Avengers) Aquaman is prime tie-in movie material. Secondly, he has a good deal in common with his fellow Aquanaut, Swamp Thing. Both were dosed with volatile chemicals to become what they are, both had acrimonious relationships with fellow supes and both have gone through a number of comic-arc reboots. Likewise, they share comparable complexity. His super-submarine speed, telepathic ability and super-strength are oft-employed to fight alongside good-guy staples like Superman. Trespass on his turf, though, and even good guys aren’t safe from the business end of his fists and fins, minus the fins. And if complexity and subaqueous kung-fu sequences don’t make for a sweet movie, I don’t know what would. That is- unless it’s turned over to whoever was responsible for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Fingers crossed.