How To Identify A good Accountant In London

Assuming you reside in the United kingdom or a non British resident and looking for an accounting firm in London, uk that provide exactly what you, as an individual, or your business enterprise require, then your possible choices are many, nevertheless you most certainly need to find an expert, who’s knowledgeable and has your utmost interest at heart. No matter what you are trying to achieve or require assistance with – completing tax forms, preparing financial statements, looking for help on Value-added tax registration, opening a brand new company, payroll or debtor management, several accountants London will offer their expertise to you and give you a helping hand.

Really good tax return accountants will not only advise on most Accountancy matters or income tax management, but they can help you effectively nurture your company, make the proper management decisions and steer clear of making expensive mistakes. Whether you’ve been running a big company for well over 10 years, or are attempting to plan the set up of your very first small business, you will need guidance from a professional that can assist you on your way to financial success. Before selecting which accountants you would put your trust in, you should surely do some analysis on your own; speak to close friends and family members, talk to your banker or legal representative, contact a number of the professional organisations and get a few tips on the best way to select the most effective accountant which is correct for you and your business venture.

Accounting firms have a truly wide variety of services, which handle financial reporting, financial records control, compliance with the most recent legislation, various Vat solutions, assets planning, payrolls, company tax planning, tax statements as well as mortgages. Several accounting firms make working with small and medium businesses their objective whilst other firms deal only with big firms and corporations; almost all of them, though, will gladly assist individuals to do his or her personal tax planning as well
Whilst picking accounting firms, check qualifications and references and make certain that you acquire an accountancy firm or Tax return accountant that totally comprehends your vision for your company. If you’re making use of accounting computer software to record and process your business transactions, finding an accountancy firm that’s knowledgeable about that same software and can also supply you the help that might you need, is most certainly beneficial.

Operating a business venture these days is a lot more complicated than even a decade ago; you are obligated by law to keep specific records, including PAYE and Vat records, you must submit taxation statements and appoint an accountancy firm to look after your individual and business tax matters. Some of these simple functions could be completed by the company owner or the business employees, but others has to be done only by a competent accountant. Maintaining your company documentation in order needs time and expertise, which is the reason why you would need to entrust it only to a highly competent person or firm; the majority of the accounting firms in London don’t only supply basic accounting and bookkeeping services, but in addition several value-added services that will help you manage a successful business for several years to come.

The author has been involved with a number of Ltd company accountants for several years. To find out more with regards to accountant service, pay a visit to her company internet site where there is a detailed list of expertise on offer. 336A Regents Park Road, London N3 2LN

Parlays: The Get-Rich-Quick Solution?

Does this describe you?

A typical 9-5er stuck in a dead-end job with more expenses than income.

What are your options?

  • Get a second job.
  • Go back to school to earn a degree so you can get a better job.
  • Suck it up and deal – you don’t really need a new car this year.
  • Rob a bank.
  • Win the lottery.

Of those options, the last is perceived by many as the best option.  It is the easiest, least risky option that still yields the results you want – and far more ethical than robbing a bank.

However, you really don’t have much control over whether or not you win.  So basically, you are back to square one.  Unless you…

Bet Parlays

A parlay is a single bet that links together two or more wagers.  To be successful, all the wagers must win.  Parlays generally result in higher payoffs because the chance of success is lower than individual bets; if any bet in the parlay loses, the entire parlay loses.

For those of us who have been around the block a few times, we are hesitant to jump into any get-rich-quick schemes.  So that leaves us with the question:

Real Money Maker or Sucker’s Bet?

If you do it right, parlays are like buying a lottery ticket or playing slot machines – a pretty low-risk gambling option.  You can spend a minimal amount of money, yet stand to win a pretty good sum.

If you do it wrong, parlays are like roulette.  Dropping $5,000 on lucky number 13 has about the same chance of winning as a seven-team parlay.

Of course, there is no sure fire way to win.  And depending on your predisposition to addiction, engaging in any gambling endeavor could be risky.  However, if you are wise about it, parlays can be an innocent way to have fun with the guys, exercise your brain, and earn a few extra bucks.  If you hope to be even a bit successful, you’ll need to know…

How to Bet

At a first glance, some people might see dollar signs at the 80/1 odds.  However, that payout is nearly impossible since it comes with seven correct plays.  On the other hand, making a minimal investment on a two-team parlay with 13/5 odds has a much better chance of earning money.  Try a two-team parlay every few week and you’ll see way more money than your incredibly risky 80/1 odds.

Once you get the hang of parlay, you might take your winnings from your two-team parlay and put it into a three-team parlay at 6/1.  However, you should only go this route on rare occasions; do it on a regular basis and you’ll be right back at the beginning – searching for a second job.  Advance past four teams and you’re asking for trouble – big time!


Jordan Dahlberg runs a site for printable parlay cards.  While he isn’t an avid gambler, Jordan does like to pick up an NFL parlay card every once in awhile.

3d Jewellery Printing is Here is Stay

Revolutionary techniques in 3D jewellery printing are moving in and becoming common practice in the Jewellery industry. Thanks to computer aided design (CAD) what used to take craftsmen ages to perfect can now be accomplished in a matter of hours thanks to the magic of lasers. This technology was developed by a team of physicists and aerospace engineers but it did not take long for people to realize that it could be used for fashion too. The machines can craft jewellery designs that jewellers of the past could only dream of, including very intricate designs hollowed out with structures already inside of them. CAD jewellery does not waste any materials and the end result is practically perfect and completely free of human flaws.

MLAB Machine

The MLAB Machine debuted at the JCK Las Vegas trade fair this fall. Using lasers the $289,000 machine can render a gold plate into dozens of pieces of jewellery using a computer imported design in a matter of hours.  The MLAB Machine was designed by Romanoff International Supply Corporation. Romanoff was founded by Barney and Jessie Romanoff in 1949. Today at age 1999 Jessie is an active contributor to the technology company. Their website features a bendable interlinking chain made by the MLAB machine as well as an incredibly complex brass ring in the shape of flower pollen.


Based in Houston, Texas Kraftwerx is a start-up company that offers customizable 3D designs, including jewellery, from the comfort of your own computer. Truly customizable toys, sculptures, figurines, and signs are also available. If you have every wanted a golden topographic map of Australia, or perhaps a crystalline butterfly, then this is the website for you. Sellers can upload their own 3D designs and the engineers at Kraftwerx will design it for you with CAD technology. You can choose to sell your new product on the website or just have it shipped to you. Design nearly anything you can imagine.


Gemvision was founded in 1990, and today they have headquarters in both Davenport, Iowa as well as at Leeds in the UK. The founder, Jeff High, was frustrated with traditional hand drawn jewellery design techniques. He began to research new methods, integrating his digital camera with graphic design software. Using the Gemvision system customers can actually sit down with jewellers and customize an entire piece of jewellery using stunning 3D rendering technology in real time. The finished result is sent to their engineering experts who use CAD technology to manufacture the new piece in 8 to 10 days.

Nervous System

Nervous System is a company in Massachusetts that uses generative design methods to complete customized jewellery that is based on nature’s design. It was founded by MIT alumni Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg in 2007. Their shop offers 3D jewellery and housewares in the shape of the fundamental structures of algae, coral, ammonite, cell cycles, dendrite, hyphae, lamina, radiolaria, and xlym, as well as one of a kind designs. There is no stronger designer than nature.

Joel Mayer writes about current trends and  fashion  from  Jewellery Melbourne  to dresses in Paris.

Common Accounting Errors That A Lot People Make

Currently there are a number of popular accounting errors that people seem to make and are not aware of. These kinds of errors can not merely cost you money, they can cost you a great deal of your time to boot. At a recent meeting of Ltd company accountants several of these errors were identified and the following are a number of the key ones.

1: Trying to keep the books of account by yourself.
This is an especially huge problem for small business proprietors. It is not unusual to try to control every single part of a business by one’s self. Numerous times people attempt this in an attempt to save money; however in the long run it can bring about difficulties in the accounting, and a good bit of time becoming wasted that could normally be spent on the services or products being marketed. If you’re not an experienced accounting person then use someone who is competent and knowledgeable in accountancy.

2: Inability to reconcile bank accounts with primary records.
It’s vital that the books always tie in with the bank statements. When all of the numbers are adequately tallied, you’ll be able to clearly track where money has gone, exactly what cash is actually due, as well as what expenses are outstanding. This stops monetary errors from becoming ignored.

3: Inability to frequently update the accounts.
It’s very commonplace to just not remember to update the bookkeeping data. Whenever you make a purchase for any sort of business expense, and each time there’s any kind of income or outgoing of funds, you need to document it in your accounting documenting process that you operate.

4: Not actually making use of the correct kind of accountants software.
Accountants software can be really beneficial to correct documentation. Endeavor to find a program which will perform nicely for your type of business, and educate anyone that completes transactions for your business to work with it appropriately. If executed properly, this can help save you a whole lot of energy.

5: Failing to successfully back-up data files.
You must always maintain a back-up log of all the files that is entered into any manner of accounting software. Ask any accountant for small business and he or she will tell you exactly the same thing. This process takes no time whatsoever, and can mean a world of difference should your pc crash. These days you can find all kinds of straightforward and affordable file backup devices out there online.

6: Failing to classify entries into different types.
Make sure you structure your records to have lots of categorizations in order to effectively explain virtually all items. This tends to make sure your documents are easy to follow, straightforward, and constant.

7: Never keeping a different bank account for business.
Despite the fact that you operate an unincorporated business, you need to at all times use a separate bank account to track all of the dealings that go with the business venture. Doing this will make the task of keeping books significantly simpler, and will produce simple to monitor documentation of all revenue and business expenses.

The aforementioned list isn’t exhaustive; nevertheless, they are basic, but essential measures in producing and keeping a good accounting process for just about any business organization.

The author knows about income tax help and is a trained accountant with many years practical knowledge. To discover more with regards to her expertise on starting limited company, pay a visit to her firm web page where there is an extensive listing of expertise on offer. 336A Regents Park Road, London N3 2LN

Don’t Forget Alzheimer’s

It is very harsh and pitiful for us to see the reality of aging. When we reach our golden years in life, we will be experiencing tons and tons of health problems. One of the health problems that aging people most commonly experience aside from arthritis is Alzheimer’s disease. This disease affects 4.5 million Americans that develop on people 65 or older.

Alzheimer’s makes a person have a difficulty living his or her daily life because a person will lose intellectual and social abilities. The healthy brain tissue will degenerate and cause the decline of memory and other mental abilities.

People who are suffering form Alzheimer’s disease will suffer from:

A person who is on the onset of suffering from Alzheimer’s will have period’s of forgetfulness. The person is most likely to forget recent events and directions. It may start out mildly but becomes worse in the long run. They will often misplace things and place it at very unusual places. They will often forget names, mot likely those of family members.

Most of us are very uneasy when it comes to numbers. However, when you    have Alzheimer’s you will even have more time dealing and recognizing numbers.

People who are affected by Alzheimer’s will have a hard time making conversation or find the right words to express their thoughts. Reading and writing will eventually be affected later on.

They will also suffer from disorientation. They will have no sense of time, dates and even places. They may even find themselves lost when they are in familiar settings. Be wary of them when they become disoriented because they might wander away.

A person with Alzheimer’s will have a problem doing regular things that require decision making, planning and judgment. Simple things like cooking will become difficult and may leave the stove open.

When the disease has progressed even more doing the most basic tasks will even take a harder time doing it. I.e., taking a bath or eating will be a very difficult task.

People who  are suffering from Alzheimer’s will have a personality change. So people who live with them or take care of them should learn to take care of them. They will become more stubborn, distrust almost anyone and withdraw socially. This is due to their frustrations really as they feel the uncontrollable change in their memory.

Other symptoms that come along with depression are that they might be depressed and restless. They may also behave with much aggression.

Jenny Richard  is a free lancer writer and content builder of



How to Get Rid of a Cough

Troublesome, irritating and laden with germs which will be expelled in the air unless one remembers to cover the mouth with a tissue or handkerchief.
A cough is a reflex action controlled by the brain. It is meant to protect the airway from the entry of foreign matters.
Some persons suffer from this most of the time especially Asthmatics and those with Chronic Bronchitis.
Irritation of the larynx may be caused by fluid or food particles, smoke, fog, and chemical fumes such as ammonia.
The cough may be dry or productive. The sputum produced may be clear with mucous, frothy, green, yellow or blood-stained.

How to get rid of the cough

  • One good method is using a steam inhalation.
  • Stove
  • Kettle
  • Water
  • Large bath towel
  • Chair
  • Table
  • Basin
  • Vapour rub or Eucalyptus oil
  • Tissue



  1. Put kettle to boil on stove
  2. Place a chair at a table that reaches your chest
  3. Place basin on the table
  4. Place box with tissue on table
  5. When the water is boiling, turn off the stove
  6. Pour boiling water into basin
  8. Add ½ tsp. vapour rub or 3 drops of eucalyptus oil to the water in the basin
  9. Sit on chair
  10. Bend head over the basin
  11. Cover head and basin with large towel
  12. Inhale the steam
  13. Continue inhaling until there is no steam left
  14. Try not to spill the contents of the basin
  15. Close your eyes to prevent stinging sensation.
  16. Conduct this procedure last thing at night, before going to bed.
  17. Use tissue to spit in, for disposal later.
  18. Repeat this nightly until coughing ceases


There are other ways to stop a cough such as:

  • Sucking on a eucalyptus sweet
  • Purchasing an over-the- counter antihistamine to take, for example Claritin, Benadryl / DPH or Histatussin. Instructions should be followed as these medications can cause drowsiness. The coughing may be caused by an allergic response
  • Asthmatics should use their pumps and take their prescription medications.
  • Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily
  • Drink fruit and vegetable juices daily. Fresh orange juice, lemonade and sorrel are loaded with Vitamin C and other antioxidants.
  • Take a multivitamin/multimineral tablet daily.
  • Increase antioxidant intake by taking daily Vitamin E, Selenium, Echinacea, and CQ10 enzyme, Beta-carotene or Pycnogenol.
  • Herbal teas may be used. 1 oz. Bugle Weed, found in Eastern USA, may be boiled in 1 pint of water .Cool and drink frequently in glassful doses.
  • Cut out smoking cigarettes
  • Seek your Doctor’s advice if the cough does not go away, if there is blood in the sputum, wheezing, pain on coughing, breathlessness, exhaustion or there is weight-loss.

Jenny Richards is a free lancer writer and content builder of


Top 4 Reasons You Can’t Live without a Career Counselor


It’s a big world with a lot of people, and individuals are often left feeling like a number in the crowd. There are ways to stand out, though, with the help of the right people. When it comes to your education and future career, don’t try to guess your way to the top. Take the advice of a career counselor, because they can offer you some undoubtedly vital services.

1.) They Will Help Define Your Education Pathway

Are you currently in school and need help determining which classes to take, what major to declare, and any internships you should be looking into? This might be the first time that a career counselor will come in handy, as they can give you invaluable advice as to how to mold and shape your education so that you can use it to your full advantage after you have graduated. Nothing is worse than finishing college and realizing after the fact that you went about it all wrong. A good career counselor will help you avoid this by properly preparing you for your future.

2.) Career Counselors Determine Which Fields You Should Pursue

There are several ways they can do this, but it’s not uncommon for a career counselor to give you a series of tests that will help narrow down your fields of interest and areas in which you’d most likely be incredibly successful, based on your strengths/weaknesses and likes/dislikes.

3.) They Will Help Update and Improve Your Resume

It may just be a piece of paper, but it can make or break your future within a company. A sloppy and unorganized resume all but guarantees that an employer won’t be calling you for an interview. Don’t let this happen to you! Find yourself a qualified career counselor and he/she will help you update, categorize, and clean up your resume so that your potential future employers will put yours on the top of their pile.

Never underestimate the power of a good—and bad—resume. Although there are several different types of formats you can follow, some are better than others for certain fields; and there are most definitely plenty of boo-boos that you can avoid—with the help of a career counselor!

4.) They Have Inside Connections

With your solid education and flawless resume, you’re ready to start applying for jobs! Not so fast, though, because your career counselor can help you even more. They’re often able to get in touch with companies’ human resources departments/hiring staffs to determine how you can best pursue your new career.

Why do you seek out the help of a talented career counselor? They can give you things that you simply cannot get on your own much of the time. Sometimes, getting the right education and pursuing a good job can feel a lot like roaming around in the dark. Let your career counselor shine some light on the right path for you!

Patricia Epps writes for several education and business blogs. Many schools offer counseling degrees, find out more at

PIX/ASA Firewall for Websense integration Configuration – How It’s Done

These are the steps for configuring PIX/ASA Firewall for Websense integration. These instructions are for basic security setups. The first step is to telnet in the security appliance. Enter “enable” and the required password. Configure the terminal or type either: config t.


PIX Version 6 and Older


With these you have to type the following:

url-server (if_name) vendor websense host <IP of Websense server> protocol tcp version 4


filter url http allow

The commands for filtering FTP and HTTP are:

filter https 443 allow

filter ftp 20 allow

filter ftp 21 allow


PIX Version 6.3 and Newer


Instead of the protocol name, you have to use the port number.

url-server (if_name) vendor websense host <IP of Websense server> protocol tcp version 4


To filter FTP and HTTPS traffic, use this command:


filter https 443 allow

filter ftp 20 allow

filter ftp 21 allow


Appliance Version 7 and Newer


The command is the following:


url-server (if_name) vendor websense host <IP of Websense server > protocol tcp version 4 connections 8


filter url 80 allow

If you need to set up the security appliance the command is:

url-server (if_name) vendor websense host <IP of Websense server> protocol tcp version 4


filter url 80 allow


Notes & Warnings


If several firewalls are transmitting WISP requests to a filtering service, every single one has to be set up to relay a similar protocol (UDP or TYCP).


For web servers on DMZ, you must not include your web server from the filter. This is done via the command ‘filter url except…”. If you don’t, access to servers will bog down. This is really due to firewalls. Note that Websense server has no part in affecting servers.


Filtering Exceptions


A Cisco Firewall can be arranged not to go through a particular traffic at Websense. This can be done via the Filter URL command. You can implement an exclude rule for an Internet protocol address for people who won’t get filtered. This is going to bypass incoming traffic. Here is what the command looks like:


filter url except local_IP local_mask foreign_IP foreign_mask allow

The command below will set up a firewall so traffic from the IP address can proceed without filtering.


filter url except allow

The following command gives you access to a particular Internet protocol address (i.e., without a filter.


filter url except allow


The following command will exempt from filtering FTP traffic:

filter ftp 21 except allow


When configuring PIX/ASA firewall for Websense integration, keep in mind that the filter URL except command is going to influence every protocol for the Internet protocol address or network scope. You can prevent a slow response by entering their Internet protocol address as PIX exceptions.


Note that some URLs that rely on Active X controls have lengthy URL strings. The security appliance cannot process it correctly. You can fix this by utilizing TCP rather than UDP. You also have to put in an extra three lines to the setup. It will expand the internal buffer dimensions that manage GET requests. These commands have to be included:


url-block url-mempool <memory-pool-size>

url-block url-size <long-url-size>

url-block block <block-buffer-limit>


To avoid mistakes, only qualified personnel should run these commands as messing them up could bring more trouble than you will want.


Caroline is a free lancer writer of


The custom sticker look more gorgeous

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Your Wedding Day Music

Finding the right musical selections for your wedding day can be a time-consuming and overwhelming task. The options are countless from hiring a DJ to finding a local band or even just selecting your own mix of songs. Music might not seem like a big part of your wedding day, but it will create the mood and liven up the atmosphere. For every major moment of your day, music will be playing in the background to express the emotion that you want to achieve.

Your guests will here music from the moment they enter the ceremony until the last song is palyed at the reception. Since song selection is such a key part of the wedding, it must be considered and taken seriously to ensure that your special day is momentous.

First, you need to determine what you want to hear as you make your way down the aisle.  If the traditional wedding march is not original enough, you could select a meaningful song to play as you go to greet your groom. You could choose your special song that you share with your future husband or you could opt for a love ballad that features powerful lyrics that will add to the emotion of your entrance. An original song will set your wedding apart from the very beginning and show your guests a glimpse into the bond that you share.

Whatever style or mood you want to create, there is a song that will deliver this message. More traditional weddings tend to have orchestras or organists, while contemporary weddings offer fun tunes or unique scenic sounds to set the mood. Whatever style you choose, make sure your selection reflects your personality and that of your future spouse. Choosing the right song can make the moment that you walk down the aisle even more memorable and meaningful.

Even though the song for the ceremony is important, the bulk of your song choices will be for your reception. The play list for this event can be long and extensive, so it is important to work with a DJ or music enthusiast to help you make the most original and thoughtful choices. The music chosen should encourage the guests to dance and have fun. You should take into consideration your musical choices, but also the music preferences of your guests,

It’s important to have all types of music available for the reception. Some songs will be chosen for fun dancing, but other songs will be chosen slow dancing opportunities. You should tell the DJ ahead of time when you want certain songs played and what songs mean the most to you. This will ensure that your play list fulfills your needs and encourages your guests to have an amazing and magical night.

Three song choices stand out above all others for your reception. The first dance that you share with your husband should be hand chosen, to make sure that it evokes the right emotion for your special moment. This song should be powerful and express the love that you share as a couple. The right song will help to create a lasting memory.

Next, the father and daughter song should be selected in advance and convey a message that explains your relationship. Some fathers and daughters select songs that have fun dance routines to surprise the audience and add to the fun of the evening. Whatever song you choose, make sure you will be happy with your selection in the aftermath of the wedding.

The final musical choice is the song that ushers the end of the celebration and uplifts the guest as the wedding night ends. This is normally a faster song that has known choreography or dance moves. Your gusts will leave your wedding uplifted and inspired by your song selections.

Guest Post by Joel Mayer on behalf of   Wedding Band   specialists,  JMD Entertainment.