Sepultura Rocked Calgary

Holding true to the Sepultura’s name was Saturday nights event at the MacEwan Ballroom here at the UofC in Calgary. With the opening bands Nevermore, Hate, Keep of Kalessin and Neuraxis who primed the fan with true metal mayhem, simply paving the way for Sepultura to tear it up. Shredding songs from their early years all the way to their new album (Kairos) on which we got a sneak peak of it when they played the title track from the album which is to be released in June of this year. Thanks to an awesome crowd Sepultura kept on digging out songs way beyond their set list rocking us into the late hours of the night. Loud and hard was definitely the focus of the evening and it didn’t stop there as Sepultura always amazes me on how hard, fast and loud they play. Truly giving us our monies worth this show is a must see. It really did seem as the night progressed that the bands got louder and louder. Even with every encore Sepultura came out for they increased the volumes  to ear bleeding levels. I believe they were dam near maxed out as they finished off the night with a fan favourite Roots. This alone pumped up the crowed as if the night was just beginning.

3 Ways to Make Your Boat More Badass

Nothing makes a summer day like taking the boat out for a spin on the lake. We start fantasizing about it as soon as the first snow falls. We close our eyes and envision it – one hand on the wheel, a cold beer in the other and girls in bikini’s dancing on the deck to a DJ spinning tunes near the stern. Then we open our eyes to the grim reality of a glorified dinghy that’s still docked in the garage.  Everyone feels bad-ass when they first buy a boat. But then all of the maintenance, cleaning and time spent “working on the damn boat” dulls the thrill. So if it seems your ship has lost its mojo why not think about some improvements to get back a little of the spark. Ok, so we can’t all live in a Jay-Z video, but there are some practical and semi-inexpensive ways to give that bruiser a little more swagger in the water.

Pimp It.

Naming a boat is a proud tradition among seamen. Maybe it’s just because men like to name stuff; cars, boats, anatomy… And while you can’t emblazon a label everything you’ve named, you can give your boat her proper moniker. Vinyl lettering or decals are a cheap and easy way to customize your boat with its name, or any other catch phrase or tag line that motivates you. You can also go the decals route, but it that comes down to a matter of taste.

Everybody laughs at the guy with flames licking up the sides of a 1999 Honda civic. Same principle applies here. For those of us with modest vessels in the water, a little restraint is advised. Sometimes something as simple as vinyl pin-striping can do a lot to make your boat look sportier and less boring. If you like to wear hot pink mesh tank tops, then clearly over-the-top is your thing. But for everybody else, a little bit of decoration goes a long way.

Light it Up

Lighting is great for creating atmosphere and striking up the nocturnal mood. If you’re planning a floating fiesta, a pair of strobes will create the ultimate party-boat. Or induce a seizure. If you want to use your boat to improve your love life; interior LED lights of any color can add a little intensity to a late night soiree. With outside LEDs, or rope lights, from a distance your boat will reflect an appearance of energy and sophistication. Or in other words, it’ll look hot. And, if absolutely nothing else…you’ll be able to see better in the dark.  Since we’re being practical for a second, docking, navigation and stern lights are always good to update.  There are plenty of kits for that ranging in prices to help you get started.

Get Some Speed

Aesthetics are one thing, but let’s cut to the main feature that will take your boat to the next level. Speed. The adrenaline rush that comes from going fast can be a natural aphrodisiac. And head turning speeds are an automatic boost to local water-cred. But, motor upgrades can be expensive and difficult to do by yourself. If you’ve got stock twin 380’s, try moving on up to twin 540‘s for a little extra power. Just remember, consult a professional before you start tinkering. Some motor enhancements may mean other features such as batteries and steering, might need updating as well.

And there you have it. With any of these customizations you can turn your mediocre boat into a high octane, mind-blowing, chick-magnet. Well, at least you can feel like it is. If you’ve fallen out of love with your floating friend, get out there and trick out your ship into something that would make Vin-Diesel proud.

Elise is a writer for Ebuysigns where they feature vinyl boat lettering. Elise has been writing for several years and has been a boat lover since she was a kid.

One that blows your socks off

So it looks like the Century Casino is determined to bring in some top drawer acts.  Some of you know what I am talking about with Buddy Guy on Saturday night.  The show started off with the Boogie Patrol, a diverse blues/rock band with front man “Rotten” Dan  who’s voice is quite surprisingly  deep and raspy.  It was so surprising you would expect to see Joe Cocker or a young Louis Armstrong on stage.  The Boogie Patrol nicely warmed up this packed crowd for Buddy Guy who came out  with style and charisma.  Buddy within minutes was interacting with the crowd with a sense of class and stage presents unbeknown-st to most.    With true to Buddy Guy fashion he mixed and mingled into the crowd playing his guitar and making his way to the bar, where I was told he ordered a Heineken on the rocks to quench his thirst.  This Iconic blues man is a real gift to the music world.  Influencing  musicians like Eric Clapton and Jimmy Hendrix, just to name a few who have been  inspired by him.  The sound Buddy Guy makes with his guitar never stopped, at one point he beat his guitar with a broken guitar string, a drumstick and a handkerchief.  Manipulating sounds with his guitar this way has proven him to be second to none.  So in closing Thank you Buddy Guy,  music thanks you and your fans thank you.  The world thanks you and owes you eminence gratitude for shaping music that fills our lives.

Alberta King of Subs

On the corner of Temple Dr and 52 street Northeast, there is a a small Sub shop called Alberta King of Subs. Contrary to the name, when you walk in side the walls are covered with Maps and swag from Montreal. I was greeted by a very friendly lady. As soon as I walked in the door she was asking how I was and what I would like. I knew that I wanted their famous Montreal Smoked Meat Poutine and The King Cold. This may have been a little too much food for one day. 

The Poutine was huge, more than enough for two people to share.  The fresh cut fries, cheese curds and ample amounts of cubed Montreal smoked meat all covered in gravy made from beef drippings. It is a wonderful unhealthy meal, the BBC voted Poutine as the unhealthiest food on the planet. But it is worth every bit if you can finish the regular Poutine.

The King Cold was a 12 inch cold sub as the name suggests. It is a sub made with Montreal Smoked meat and cheese with lettuce and tomato and a sauce that I didn’t know what it was. The smoked meat was thinly sliced and melted in my mouth. I think the sub would have been a lot better if they used better bread. The bread was kind of dry.

All in all it is still a great place to go check out at very least go try the poutine. Although from past experience the Grilled Hot subs are much better than the Cold Subs.

Alberta King of Subs

10 Signs You Might be a Dictator

Lately, the news has been filled with Middle East uprisings, citizens taking to the streets to overthrow their long-time dictators. Despite holding positions of power for decades, many dictators did not start out that way. Some of them were just normal people before they joined the military and started on their paths to pursuing nationwide domination.

That means anyone can potentially become a dictator, even you. So, how do you know if you are on the road toward totalitarian rule over your home country? There are plenty of warning signs, and we have decided to list them here for your own safety.

1. You liked to torture small animals when you were a child. Yes, using a magnifying glass to burn an ant counts, even if it never worked. In fact, tossing your cat over a balcony, shooting squirrels with your BB gun, and making your friend eat a praying mantis all count, you sick, twisted sadist.

2. You ate all the Corn Pops and never cared if your siblings got any. This one is just wrong, and you know it. Your mom bought that cereal for everyone, and you kept it all for yourself. This probably included threats on your brothers and sisters, and maybe even acts of violence.

3. You like to add titles like “The Magnificent” or “Big Daddy” to your name. Other common pre-dictator titles include “O.G.”, “The Man”, “Queen Bee”, and “Mistress”. You like it when people call you names that imply power and control, and you are well on your way to being a despot.

4. You require your kids to use a “sir sandwich” (i.e. “Sir, Yes Sir!”). Your life is not a remake of Black Hawk Down, and your children are not your recruits, servants, or minions. Now, make them call you something normal like Pops or Mama before someone calls CPS.

5. Your favorite self-help book is 7 Habits of Highly Controlling People. If control is your game, the role of dictator will suit you well. In some cases, you just cannot help yourself. You have obsessive-compulsive disorder and probably some Mommy or Daddy issues, but unless you get the help you need, you may wake up one day with a P90 in one hand and a 300-page manifesto in the other.

6. You think Oprah needs more power to be taken seriously. Dude, if Oprah had anymore power, she would rule the world, and the fact that you know that makes you dangerous. If you often find yourself envious of powerful people, you may soon find a way to supplant them with or without their consent.

7. Your friends refused to play king of the hill with you. For that matter, no one liked playing with you at all. You always had to win and would kick, bite, stab, and punch anyone who got in your way. You once made Billy Wilson wet his pants. There is a word for kids like you: Bully. The word for grownups like you is Tyrant.

8. Your favorite game is Risk. Sure, it is just an innocent game, but it is about global domination and is often played by grown men who take it very seriously. Worst of all, you know how to cheat at risk or even threaten your opponents with real life bodily harm if they do not surrender to your forces. For you, Risk is not just a game; it is life.

9. You often end discussions by quoting Alexander The Great. No one else knows Alexander The Great quotations, and the fact that you do makes you scary. The obsession probably does not stop there. You may even dress up as an ancient Macedonian king for Halloween parties. You need help before it is too late.

10. You are a CEO of a major corporation and love wearing turtlenecks to conventions. Furthermore, you have to control every aspect of your organization down to the last cent. Even low level micro-managers are potential dictators, but you already do it on a global scale. Just like a dictator, people often discuss what would happen to your company if you died and wonder who would succeed you.

It only takes one of these ten signs to start you on the path to tyranny. People are already afraid of you, and you think everyone loves you. But do not despair. There is help for people like you, although it may involve electric shock or talking about your feelings with complete strangers. Never give up hope.


Tavis J. Hampton is a senior staff writer for All Blogs Considered and prefers web hosts that love democracy and freedom like web server company He believes the phrase “let them eat cake” is the root of all obesity.


Six Ways Japan Has Perverted Car Culture

Ever taken a close look at popular Japanese culture? It is loaded with off-color characters, bizarre television game shows, and inappropriate animated movie plot lines that delve into the lighter, darker and seriously oddball sides of Japanese life. This got me wondering – has Japan managed to port over this perverted worldview into its auto industry as well? After a little digging, I was shocked to discover that yes, the Japanese have subtly introduced their pervy tendrils into all sorts of car-shaped pies.

Let’s take a look at six ways that Japan has perverted the auto industry:

1. Tiny Cars = Perfect for Inappropriate Touching. A growing problem in Japan’s subway system is the unwanted groping that women have to deal with from pervy businessmen who are pressed against them during the obscenely overpacked rush hour commute. Ultra-compact “kei” cars from companies like Suzuki and Mazda manage to squeeze as many as five passengers as tightly together as possible so you can take your sexual harassment on the road with you. It certainly doesn’t help when you name one of your kei cars the Daihatsu Naked.

2. Cars That Eat People. Think I’m exaggerating? Think again. This car was originally built by a Japanese mechanic who was obsessed with Universal Studios and their Jaws ride. Universal didn’t want anything to do with him, so he was forced to roam the streets on his own dime, randomly devouring passersby. Sharks with wheels? Perverted.

3. Absolutely Insane Vans. I’m sorry, but building your van in the image of Voltron is not something that the non-perverted brain ever even conceives of, let alone executes. I don’t know what’s scarier – the fact that these vans feature wings so sharp that you could probably use them to dice carrots, or the very real possibility that at least one of these vans is futuristic-looking enough to actually travel through time.

4. Tentacle Scions. I know, I know, technically this car (nicknamed “The Squid”) was built for Scion’s Battle of the Builds by a team of U.S. Navy servicemen. But it’s covered in tentacles, and it actually won the grand prize, which only further illustrates the sheer perversity of Scion’s Japanese corporate masters. Because we all know what those tentacles are really for (NSFW).

5. Men Making Little Trucks Bigger. When you see a normal Toyota Tacoma driving down the road, you probably don’t give it a second thought. However, when you see a Tacoma with a giant lift kit, you think “Wow! Someone is trying to compensate for some inadequacy somewhere…” Then you laugh, ’cause thoughts like that make you the pervert!

6. The Honda Puyo. This concept car is completely covered with soft silicone. Honda says it’s to help protect pedestrians in the event of an accident. This model pinching the side of the car over and over more accurately demonstrates the logic behind Honda’s silicone car technology. I feel dirty even watching this.

About The Author: Jason Lancaster is the editor of, a popular website dedicated to the Toyota Tacoma.

Creek & Paddle

The World’s Best Sea Kayaking Locations

Over the centuries, we’ve devised numerous ways of traversing the world’s waters, be it as a means for travel or simply for the fun of it. Sea kayaking serves both purposes, and unlike some of its contemporary sports (such as windsurfing), very little experience is needed in order to fully enjoy it.

With only an hour or two of safety training, you can be setting out into open waters on your own steam. The only problem to worry about is when and where to explore?

Sea Kayaking with Orcas

orca sea kayaking









Where: Depart from Port McNeill, Canada
When: July to September (for best chance to see orcas)

The idea of getting into the water with killer whales, on paper, sounds pretty terrifying. In reality, they are graceful, curious creatures which really don’t live up to their name – they’re neither whales nor aggressive. The Johnstone Strait is a gorgeous stretch of water to explore and is one of the best places to see these incredible creature up close, and by ‘close’ we mean swimming within a couple of meters of you!


Deserted Islands of Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi Island

Where: East Africa
When: August to January

The astute among you will notice that we’ve snuck this lake into our list of sea kayaking locations. Semantics aside, Lake Malawi (or Nyasa, depending on where you’re from) is pretty much a sea in its own right – it’s the eight largest lake in the world and is reputed to harbour more species of fish than any other body of water on the planet according to UNESCO. If that sounds like a treat to the avid paddler, another bonus comes in the form of its many deserted islands which wouldn’t look out of place in the Caribbean. Our favourite of which is Mumbo, which is completely unpopulated save for the rustic private accommodation which is used as a base for kayaking trips.

The Crystal Waters of Baja, Mexico

Where: The Gulf of California (a.k.a Sea of Cortez)
When: All year

Clear blue seas, blissful weather and cocktails on the beach to round off a day on the water… could it possibly get any better than this? There are around one hundred islands in the gulf which is famed for its copious exotic wildlife and flora, and much of it is recognised by UNESCO as a place of unparalleled beauty. While kayaking and snorkelling you can expect to see countless examples of the amazing marine life here, getting personal with dolphins, exotic fish and more than a few different species of whale.

Traverse the Rugged Highlands

Where: Inverness and beyond
When: Late Summer

Okay, it’s not nearly as tropical as the previous entries and the waters are a tad on the frigid side, but Scotland has a unique charm and we can think of no better way of surveying it than by kayak. It’s also a great place to learn the art of sea kayaking since the waters are relatively calm and the scenery is as rewarding as anywhere else on Earth, with myriad islands and prehistoric formations to explore. The finest whiskey on the planet goes down a treat, too!

The Turquoise Coast of Turkey

Turkish Coast

Where: Southwest Turkey
When: September to November

Turkey’s coastline is an amazing location for both beginner and experienced sea kayakers alike. Heck, it’s just an amazing location – pristine beaches, shallow bays, mountain backdrops and hidden caves come together to make the Turquoise Coast a holiday location par excellence. The great thing about it is that it never feels overly touristy and you’ll often be alone with your thoughts while on the unspoilt sands, and if you didn’t know any better you’d be hard pushed to guess you were in a popular region of the Med. Truly magical stuff.



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Rocky’s Burger

The search for the beef starts, with Rocky’s Burger Bus. Located on the corner of 11st and 46ave SE, this family owned and operated burger joint caters to the busy on the go working man. I decided to try the Rocky’s Special, a single cheese burger and fries with soda for $9.00.  The burger comes loaded with onions and relish and the beef paddy is about an inch thick.  My first bite confirmed that I had found the beef.  The old fashion cut fries where ample and complimented the hand formed beef paddy. The Rocky’s Burger is a good bang for your buck.  Which seems to be a rare find in Calgary today?  I definitely recommend this burger as a must try.  In fact I plan on visiting Rocky’s Burgers again, this time I going for the double burger.

Rocky's Burger Bus

8 Ways Men Use Car Accessories To Get Laid

It’s often said that the only reason a man picks up a guitar is to impress a beautiful woman. The same might be said of anyone thumbing through an aftermarket auto parts catalog. Both the printed page and the Internet are filled with retailers hawking a long list of car and truck accessories that all scream one thing: look at me! It’s not really a stretch, then, to posit that there are a specific number of parts that find themselves playing a key role in the strategy of men everywhere to get women to pay attention to them.

Let’s take a look at 8 ways that men use auto accessories to try to get laid.

1. Giant Snorkles. Sure, you take that Jeep off-road from time to time – pot holes on the way to work count, right? Let’s face it – the majority of SUV’s never leave the asphalt, let alone require the use of an uber-phallic snorkel to keep water out of the engine’s intake. Snorkels might as well come free with a pack of Viagra.

2. Giant Tires. Sensing a theme here? It’s basic male logic: my tires are big, and therefore so is everything else about me. The sad thing is, this statement is often true – it’s just that big bellies aren’t as attractive as one would think to the opposite sex.

3. Neon Underglow Lights. There’s absolutely nothing sexier than a disco, unless it happens to be a secret disco that lives underneath your car / truck / RV, detectable only by its bright neon glow. Just keep telling yourself that, guys.

4. Stereo Systems That Register on the Richter Scale. Feel that deep-thumping bass as it approaches from four blocks away? That’s the mating call of the stereo-obsessed male, a species that figures the best way to a woman’s heart is to render her senseless by using a subwoofer to shake her brain inside her skull like a scrambled egg. Nothing says “I want you” like permanent hearing loss.

5. Lift Kits. Ladies, if his truck features a rope ladder on the passenger side, the correct protocol is to be impressed by how difficult it is to find a parking garage, drive-through or highway overpass that can accommodate his big giant lifted truck. Because inconvenience is impressive, especially in an urban setting.

6. Body Kits. Does his car feature a wing big enough to water ski from? Does the front end scraped over the slightest of bumps? Does he make you get out through the sunroof so that you don’t bang your door into the curb after parking? He’s doing it all for you. And he might have brain damage.

7. Ultra-loud Exhausts. Spiritually linked to bass-loving males, dudes who drive cars that feature ear-splitting after-market exhaust systems can be divided into two categories: those who pilot V8-powered vehicles who see the throaty roar of their engines as some sort of animalistic mating call, and those who for reasons no one understands revel in the tinny, bumblebee-esque note of their fart-can mufflers. Neither is likely to get into anyone’s pants before the night is through.

8. Stickers, Stickers, Stickers. Hey, it works for Dale Jr., right?

About The Author: Jason Lancaster is editor of and, websites for Toyota truck enthusiasts.

Boogie’s Burgers

Well everybody is raving about Boogie’s Burgers on Edmonton Trail.  So off I went to find this quaint little burger joint, during the lunch hour.  Boogie Burger was packed with patrons and the music was turned up loud and the place was hopping.  Surprisingly enough the service was fairly quick and I was served with in twenty minutes.  I ordered the triple burger with onion rings and a coke, with a three dollar tip the cost brought me just over $17.00 for my meal.  The Bun on the burger was large fluffy and wonderful, the meat paddies where so thin the meat had troubles staying together. My question is simple; “where’s the beef?”  The onion rings where quite typical of a dinner or burger joint.  I must admit I liked the atmosphere of this dingy little burger joint, the music and the service.  Simply I was just not impressed with the size of the meat.  In closing, if you’re looking for a trendy little burger joint and your part vegetarian then this is the place for you.

Boogie's Burgers