Top 10 Extreme Sports That You Can Try In Australia

Ask any true-blue fan of adrenalin-pumping extreme sports what’s their favorite destination for the next big thrill, and you’ll get just one answer – Australia. Extreme sports and Australia – somehow these two have gotten fused together. With good reason too, we might add. Have you tried out these 10?
1. Kayaking

Just the two of you in a delicate looking tapered kayak, surviving due to the strength of your arms and your navigational skills. The deep sea is below, large waves beat your kayak and the myriad huge marine creatures wait to eat you. Sounds thrilling? It is, and dangerous too! Head to Hitchinbrook Island, or to St. Kilda, Melbourne. Shark, anyone?

2. Bungee Jumping

Get to Minjin, Cairns this summer and try your hand at bungee jumping. Challenge the limits of your mind. Test your fear to the fullest. Leap off from a height of 50 meters into a teeming rainforest. Feel the ground hurtling towards you. Swing over the rainforests at a 100 kilometer speed. No safety net, no one to hold you – just pure adrenalin.

3. Skydiving

Not an experienced skydiver? No problem. Best of all, there are any number of skydiving drop zones where you can tandem skydive, strapped to a tandem master. Invest some time into the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) course and you can skydive without any help for the rest of your life. Check out skydiving hotspots at Wollongong, Sydney and St. Kilda, Melbourne and also in Perth and Brisbane.

4. Rock Climbing

Lead rock climbing at its best at Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, and at Morialta National Park, Adelaide. Face huge rock formations with deadly drops. You rely on your lead rope and the harness at your waist to keep you from falling. You have to use every inch of strength in your arms, legs and even fingers to climb vertically up a rock face.

5. V8 Car Racing

Drive a 450 HP V8 Race Car for 6 laps at Drive Eastern Creek, Sydney. A V8 instructor will ride with you. The V8 race car you’ll be riding has all the features of a top-of-the-line V8 Supercar, including the Carrera Cup slicks, 6-pot brakes, racing gearbox and Bilstein suspension. Experience the g-forces and the crazy excitement of V8 performance racing at 200 KPH!

6. Caving

How would you like to lower yourself into the depths of an underground cave? You’ll be climbing, stretching and scampering through narrow spaces as though you were a mole. The Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains are a spectacular labyrinth of deep caverns full of stalactites and stalagmites.

7. White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting is action-packed. Think about making your way down rapids graded from the toughest 1 to the easiest 6 just with the power of your arms. Of course, you’ll have your team with you – everyone’s rowing has to be synched if you are to make the rapids alive. Enjoy the amazing scenery around the King River, Melbourne, as you plow down rapids at incredible speeds.

8. Off-Road 4-Wheel Driving

Here’s a totally unique off-road motor sport experience at Alberton, Gold Coast. Experience the raw and brutal V8 power on open, off-roads. Your professional driver will take your four-liter Lexus V8 engine powered buggy through awesome jumps and serious sideways action. The action is fast paced, and you can upgrade to the unbelievably action-packed Off-Road V8 Race Buggies Extreme Drive course!

9. Outdoor Trapezing

If you want to know what a trapeze performer feels, head to Homebush, Sydney. Get into your safety harness, and swing from a high trapeze. Learn to perform a number of tricks, as per your skill. Feel the utter freedom of throwing yourself off your trapeze as you fly to another one. Safety belts and nets are present – still, it’s only you and the fresh air at that height when you swing.

10. Wake Boarding

Murray River, South Australia and Hawkesbury River, Sydney are two ultimate wake boarder’s paradises. Rip across the river on your wakeboard from behind a Ski Nautique boat that’s built for wakeboarding. You can perform countless tricks on the water, feeling the rush as the rope goes taut. Jump the wakes and go as high as you want and soon you’ll feel you’re flying over the river!

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Why Shouldn’t You Go on Dates and How This Get’s You a Girlfriend

I will be very blunt here…dates should be an exclusive privilege to girls that actually deserve it. Their worth is established by a number of things:

1. She is having sex with you
2. The sex is good
3. You have feelings for her
4. She’s interested in you, not your money/friends/influence etc

When a girl ticks all of these points you can take her out on dates as she now deserves it.

Ok, so let’s see why you shouldn’t take them on dates and what to do instead.

Well first most important reason would be that fact that EVERYONE else takes her on dates. How are you any different from all the other douche bags that are buying her dinner/drinks/whatever?

Exactly, you’re not different.

I’ve met many girls who kept going on dates because the guy was paying for her dinner, she went out with this other guy because he was always buying her drinks. I’m sure you have at least one female friend that exploits a guy. Don’t be him, show her that you’re different, show her that from the start.

Make your intentions obvious from the start and never let her take advantage of you. Yes women can take advantage of men and the saddest part is most of these men don’t even realize it!

The other reason would be money…why should you spend 50 pounds (here in the UK) on a dinner date when you won’t even know if she’s going to have sex with you? We all know that taking her out, paying for dinner, doesn’t necessarily result in sex…it all bows down to how you make her feel.

So then I ask you. Why should you buy dinner only to rely on your own skills on making her feel good, when you could do the same in any other activity?

You might ask, well girls want to go on dates, how do we get around that? It’s very simple, you don’t go on dates – you GET together!

Call her up/text her/send her an email and tell her you want to get together. She might think it’s a date or whatever she wants to think but, you don’t care, you know exactly what’s going to happen. When you ask her to “get together” and not really asking her out on a date, it also increase her positive response rate for 2 very important reasons: it’s different and she’s not obligated to do anything since it’s not a date.

In these circumstances, there’s no pressure, if there’s no pressure she’s more likely to feel good and if she feels good you’ve got her in the bag!

So what sort of activities fall into get togethers?

In a post I wrote last week, called How to Be a Player When You’ve Got No Money  there was a section on how to deal with dating when you don’t have any money.
Well even if you are the richest guy in the world you should still be doing things like that.
So what are we talking about here:

Take her out for a walk in the park – to this day this is one of my favorite activities. You walk around the park, talk, make her feel good, even grab an ice cream/coffee from the closest shop (don’t pay for her). There’s absolutely no pressure on this activity and that instantly loosens her up.

Rent bikes and go cycling together.

Do sports together.

Take her to free events – yes it’s full of them around your location. Do a Google search and find out. Not only will you be cost free on this but you will be doing something she’s probably never done before.

These are things like art galleries, amateur theatre, live bands etc. She will enjoy this more than you can imagine.

(Side note: Always end whatever is that you’re doing before she does. If you end it while she’s feeling good, she had a good time. If you let it drag on until she ends it (when she’s no longer feeling good) she’ll have a bitter taste in her mouth and it’s all downhill from there…)

Make her part of your world – This is another one of my favorites. This is actually how you can make a girl fall in love with you. It’s a simple process that many of us men do without realizing but here are the details.

After you do a couple of the activities above it’s probably a good time to have sex with her. It should work, usually works if you kept her feeling good. With that sorted it’s time to make her part of your world.

This is so good, I’m getting exited writing about it. Bear in mind you never took her on a date yet, also make sure you take her to your place when you have sex.

Now that you’ve finished (sex) you can either throw her out of your house or, let her stay the night.

What I usually do is give her a pair of my boxers and a T-shirt and get her into the living room. I’ve got some wine and a nice shaggy white carpet we can sit on. I put a movie in, let’s say Breakfast at Tiffany’s and we sit there talking and watching.

You tell me, what girl doesn’t want to sit on a white shaggy carpet drinking wine while watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

I’ve got some cool roommates too (all girls), so they sometimes hang with us.

What I’m doing here, is making her part of my world. These are things she does with me that she will never ever have the chance to do with anyone else.

If she stays the night, even better, she’ll be part of my world in the morning. I wake up and, because I eat “healthy” – I cook eggs and bacon. Guess what? She get’s the same; she’s literally experiencing part of my life.
Girls die for stuff like this and this is the sort of things that make her fall in love with you.

It gets even better, if I’ve got stuff to do and she’s got the day off, I take her with me. I nicely ask her to come with me to the car parts store to buy a new bulb for my car, we have a nice drive, talk etc we get the bulb have a coffee somewhere and then I take her home.

And do you know the good part? I’ve never been on a date with this girl.

But do you know the best part? Next time I want to see her, I just asked her if she wants to come to my place and because she had such a nice time…she WANTS to!

Ok, so maybe I took this whole thing a bit too far but you must get the idea. Dates are bad and, I’ve just proved that NOT going on a date with a girl will actually make her fall in love with you.

So next time you get this girl’s number, don’t ask her on a date, tell her you want to “GET TOGHETER” and do any of the activities mentioned above.

This is the sort of mentality I discuss on my blog and in the free eBook I give out. If you want to increase your success with women visit – a place where the “dating” mindset is thrown out the window in favor of more direct (and fruitful) methods of meeting and seducing women.

This was a guest post by Alex Matlock, an expert in “dating” and woman psychology.

Surf’s Up: 6 Gnarly Must-Try Surf Spots

If you’re ready for warm weather, it’s time to show off your moves and escape to one of the world’s best surfing spots. Many of them not only offer killer waves, but also have plenty of entertainment to keep you busy when you’re not in the water.

It’s time to pack your suitcase, throw in your boardshorts and shades – and get moving. Here are our top picks for surfing destinations, whether your budget is large or small:

#1: Mavericks, CA – If you’re really looking for a challenge, escape to Mavericks, CA where you’ll find waves that rise to as high as 25 meters. Those who surf here should plan to bring a jet ski and a tow-in expert with them because mastering this wave would make you part of an elite circle.

How do I get there? Fly into Half Moon Bay Airport (HAF) and take a Jet Ski or boat to the wave. But, talk to the experts before attempting because the last thing you want to do is approach it at the wrong angle.

#2: Surfrider Beach – Malibu, CA – For something a little more laid back, check out Surfrider Beach that’s long been known as a premier surfing beach. Perfect swells are created by Malibu Point, so grab your long board and head out for the day.

How do I get there? Fly into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) or Long Beach Airport (LGB) and hop on the Pacific Coast Highway.

#3: Watergate Bay – Cornwall, England – How’s this for somewhere you didn’t expect? Try out Watergate Bay for surfing with a little English charm. The beach is much less crowded and features waves between 1 and 10 feet high. And, when you’re finished with your time in the sun, check out the local bistro on the beach that serves fresh seafood and steak.

How do I get there? Fly into Newquay Airport (NQY) and take a taxi to the beach.

#4: Tamarindo Beach – Tamarindo, Costa Rica – Situated amongst some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful scenery, this beach stretches one third of a mile and is perfect for beginners and experts alike. Waves reach heights of up to 10 feet and as you’re waiting for the next one, you’re sure to hear parakeets and monkeys in the background.

How do I get there? Fly into Tamarindo Airport (TNO) and take a taxi to the beach.

#5: Hanalei Bay, HI – This horseshoe shaped bay offers ideal conditions for those who love to surf. The bay is the largest on Kauai and is known for its overhead tubes, consistently great waves, and stunning waterfalls in the background.

How do I get there? Fly into Princeville Airport (HPV) and take a taxi. The drive is short – just three miles away.

#6: Surfer’s Point – Barbados – Located on the southeast coast of Barbados, Surfer’s Point is known amongst the locals as one of the best spots to catch a wave. It’s great for beginners and intermediates – and is also popular for those who want to windsurf, kite surf, and boogie board.

How do I get there? Fly into Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI) and take a taxi to the beach.

Next time you’re planning a vacation filled with surf and sun, consider the beaches above. They’ll make for an exciting, adventurous vacation.

About the Author:
Cindy Prosser modeled swimwear in a past life… but now that she’s a part-time freelance writer and full-time mom she has embraced a new passion: helping you look great in board shorts for men from Bare Necessities. Like Bare Necessities on Facebook for HUGE sales and be sure to get the Bare Necessities coupon!

Top 10 Gifts for Beer Lovers

Ever wonder what to get your beer loving friend or family member? I’m talking about the one who drools every time an episode of Cheers hits the rerun circuit. This list will guide you through the challenge of finding that not-so-normal gift that’ll stand out from the rest.

Beer Gift Baskets

The first thing any lover of beer will appreciate is, of course, more beer. But how can you show them you truly care about their happiness? Try one of the amazing beer gift baskets from There’s something for everyone—from the American Classic Bud, to the Guinness Greatness. My favorite is the MicroBrew Master Gift Basket (thanks mom).

Beer Making Kits

Beer sounds perfect, but maybe you’ve gone the gift basket route before. Try stepping the adventure up a notch and give the gift that keeps on giving: a home brewing kit. The price range is affordable, comparable to a gift basket, but your beer lover can make all the beer they want. Try the chocolate maple porter or the chestnut brown ale. These kits can be found for under $60.

Beer Tasting Tool Kit

Your beer lover has the passion, but perhaps not the knowledge he desires; such is the path of the beer connoisseur. Why not provide opportunity and instruction in identifying the subtle tastes of their favorite draught? Smoky, tart, sharp or skunky smack; with the right kit, you can discern and evaluate everything from name brands to micro brews. I recommend this kit; comes with all you need to expand your education, and to do so with friends.

Personalized Beer Holster

What do you get for that rugged man who enjoys his robust beer at the end of the day; a personalized beer holster, of course. These rugged leather holsters are crafted to fit a 12-ounce bottle and include three initials of your choice, stamped into the center of the holster. It also has an adjustable nylon strap, which extends 25” for additional support.

The Beer Pager
You’re watching the game and a commercial break hits. You use this opportunity to grab another snack. When you sit back down, you notice you’ve misplaced your beer! No worries, just click the button now attached to your keychain and your beer pager starts burping and flashing its lights, signaling its whereabouts. This gift is perfect for the man who understands the economy of movement. It uses 4 AAA batteries (not included).

Beer Savers

One of my all-time favorite gifts is also the simplest. Durable, molded beer bottle caps that stretch over the mouth of your favorite brew, so you can save it for another time. The Beer Savers come in a set of 6, multi-colored caps, and they fit any standard beer bottle top. Once you try these I can guarantee you’ll end up buying more.


Want to take the party up a notch? Then bring out the Bongzilla 6 Tube Beer Bong. Fun, yummy and completely insane; this beer bong stands on a six foot, adjustable pole, with six tubes with on/off valves at each mouthpiece. Ready, set, chug!

The Remote Controlled Rolling Beverage Cooler

It doesn’t matter where the party is—in the kitchen, on the patio or in the living room; your guests will get their refreshments on time. 22 pounds of drinks and ice can be directed, up to 40 feet from the remote. Simple controls send the container out to serve and return to you for refills. Water-resistant, insulated vinyl and a sturdy zipper lid keep the drinks cold for hours. Very cool, very tech.

Russian Roulette Beer Bong

Give a gift that’s guaranteed be the center of the party. The Urban Trend Russian Roulette Beer Bong uses the game of chance and the love for beer, slapping beer pong to the sidelines. Two liters of beer are placed in the top barrel. The roulette gets spun and the beer bottle handle (one of five) gets pulled. Nothing happened? Then pass it on. If you don’t mind not remembering the party tonight, this game is highly recommended.

The Beer Belly
Last, I want to give you a gift for your wallet. Does your beer lover get pissed when they have to fork over fifty bucks or more just to sloshed at a ball game? Well stop paying concession prices and get him a beer belly. Feels like real flesh under your shirt and it holds up to 80 ounces of beer.

Greg Bucskin writes about pop culture and gadgets on behalf of home to XFINITY TV.

Top 5 Most Expensive Sports to Play

The best thing about sports is that almost anyone who has talent and desire to play can participate in them. However, anyone who has played a sport professionally knows that spending money to make your game better is very important. You will have to spend on training, expensive sports gear, club memberships and so much more to stay at the top of your game if you wish to be a professional player. Here are the top 5 most expensive sports to play.
This has to be the most expensive sport out there. The horses that take part in these races cost thousands of dollars, plus a lot more than just the cost is spent on their maintenance and training. You have to arrange for stables, maintenance facilities and a good caretaker for your horse as well so that he/she stays in top shape for racing. It also requires a lot of time for a person to bond with the horse and become good a horse racer.
No matter which racing circuit you join, you have to own a top sports car. The price of the car is the main cost in this sport which should be a few million dollars easily. Thankfully maintenance costs a few thousand dollars from time to time and then you have to pay the pit crew as well. If you are an amazing driver then you can even get sponsorships to cover all costs.
Anyone who has played golf will tell you that the game is not as easy as it might seem to a bystander. It takes a lot of training to get good at the game and you need to own the finest gold clubs that cost thousands of dollars. Plus, you need to be a member of a golf club to be able to play there regularly. Golf club memberships are not just difficult to get but are also extremely expensive. And all this is just for playing golf at a leisurely level.
Figure skating is not just about expensive skating gear; it requires a lot of training. And for a beginner it easily costs more than $10,000 a year to obtain training from a good institute or trainer. As you move ahead trainings start to cost you more and you need an ice rink to practice that is not available everywhere.
Same as golf, tennis is a game that is expensive to play. The tennis equipment needs to be top notch because you don?t want the racket breaking between a game. Training is necessary to play the game well. To play the game leisurely is easy because it can be played on any court. To play the game professionally you will need to hire trainers to improve your game.

Allan loves golf and enjoys writing about it. When he is not blogging, Allan advices people on golf clubs and golf equipment.

4 Martial Arts That Kick Ass

In my world at least, being able to defend yourself when the moment arises with skills learnt from painting houses and waxing cars is somewhat a romantic notion. To simply bob and weave, while delivering viper fast counter attacks to a would-be ruffian is fantasy. The reality is far more likely to involve cowering, crying and an adoption of the foetal position. That is why the martial arts hold such a fascination, here’s five that really kick ass and I should consider learning…

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is actually the national sport of Thailand and can get pretty rough. Especially when you consider that its primary contact points included elbows and knees. This is stuff that’s really going to sting. Key to being a successful practitioner of the art is having rock solid shin bones. See Kickboxer for details, Jean-Claude shins a tree into submission. Ouch. Muay Thai is considered the most deadly form of kickboxing and is often a base component of any Mixed Martial Art competitor. If you do take this up at some point you’re going to receive a roundhouse kick to the noggin and when the shin connects it’s going to feel like you’ve been clouted with a crow bar.


Few see this as a martial art, but that isn’t fair. Boxing is old school, referenced by the ancient Greeks among others. If you’re a good boxer, when it comes to one on one combat you’re likely to be fine and dandy. The skill set of being fast and accurate with your Oliver Twist’s is likely to end any conflict before it’s begun. Hard and on target, just like Ali said, float like a butterfly sting like a breeze-block in the mush.

Jeet Kune Do

As it was founded by Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do isn’t just an effective martial art it’s also super cool. The literal meaning of Jeet Kune Do is Way of the Intercepting Fist and is essentially a hybrid style of fighting combining the most effective methods of punching, kicking, grappling and trapping. Across these four skills the requirement is to use minimal movement to maximum effect and while being quicker than a cheetah on roller skates. There’s a whole lot out there on this style in terms of the philosophy behind it, however that is largely by-the-by when it comes to deciding on the style’s merits as a destroyer of assailants. It destroys assailants, fact.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

This is a great discipline for the less than stacked stature. It relies entirely on grapples, chokes and limb locks all of which are based on technique rather than strength. The form is a derivative of Japanese judo. Its popularity increased massively during the early 90s and the first five years of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Royce Gracie was successful in the first four tournaments and drew the fifth utilising a style that was almost entirely Jiu-Jitsu. He overcame opponents significantly bigger than he was and altered the sport forever.

Right, I’m feeling enthused. If anyone asks for me I’ll be lifting some weights and doing some stretches in the garage…

Gordon Fletcher when not ordering from the back pages of martial arts magazines researches and writes on gifts for men at Find Me A Gift, the online novelty retailer.

A Personal Contract

Here’s a sneak peak at “A Personal Contract,” the newest Hitman Absolution trailer:

Hitman Absolution is the most ambitious game in the series yet. Featuring a living and breathing world, every moment can become a story. The Original Assassin must rely on his highly honed skills and instinct as he takes on his most dangerous and personal contract to date.

“A Personal Contract” was created entirely with IO Interactive’s new proprietary Glacier 2™ technology. Having just killed his ICA handler Diana Burnwood, the Original Assassin accepts her dying wish and takes on a very personal contract. This leads Agent 47 to the Rosewood Orphanage in Chicago, where he finds himself in the midst of a brutal raid by a gang of vicious criminals all after the same person.

Hitman Absolution is set to release later this year on PC, PS3 and XBOX 360 platforms.

Fast Food Hype among the People and Related Health Concerns

The latest food trends among the people are inclining towards the take up of fast food such as the burgers and sandwiches and are leaving behind all the other necessary food items. Fast food, which is now available right around the corner of almost every street, is most popular among the people as it is very convenient and is cheaper than other cuisines.

In this article, all the food items that are rich in calories, fat, sodium and have high cholesterol amounts are discusses as the fast food items. These items may be quick to eat, and are available at the arms reach, but are causing much pain for the health.

Fast Food Types In Different Cuisines:

The people should avoid all the food items that are causing health problems such as high blood pressure, obesity, and / or heart diseases. Almost every cuisine has some sort of food choices that are considered in the category of fast foods and are harmful for the health of a person, especially if not utilized otherwise. People should avoid such food items from their diets, especially if they suffer from high cholesterol or have fat accumulations in their bodies.

Here are some of the most famed fast food types, which are served to people all over the globe:

  • Burger Fast Food Items:

Burgers are the most famous fast food items, as they are prepared in a jiffy, and are rich in cholesterol and fats. The eminent international fast food chains are of McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s and In and Out Burger.

  • Soups and Sandwich Shops:

People in the east are big fans of soups and the likes. Sandwiches are also among their favorite fast food selections. These things may not be very rich in cholesterol, as the burgers, but are still high in the carb quantities. Most renowned shops that provide these items are: Au Bon Pain, Panera Bread, and Subway.

  • Italian and Pizzerias:

The most famed Italian food items are largely available at these restaurants Dominos, Papa Johns, Sbarro, and Pizza Hut.

  • Mexican, and Chinese Cuisines:

Taco Bell, Chipotle, and Qdoba are Mexican and Panda Express are some of the people’s favorites available in United States.

Health Influences of Fast Food:

Fast food items are fulfilling and are exuberant in their tastes, but as they are rich in sodium, saturated fat, Trans fat, and cholesterol, they directly influence the health. These food items lack the basic nutrients which are required by the body, including vitamins, and minerals. Too much eating of these times for a longer period will become a great health hazard.

The Changing Trends of Fast Food Chains:

As more and more people are getting health conscious, the fast food restaurants are also taking a step to become more health friendly. Many of the restaurants are changing their menus and are avoiding the serving of Tran’s fat rich items, while increasing the menu items for fruits and vegetables.

You can also change the way you take up food and try to get the items that are rich with nutrients. A healthier choice of cookery will help you live long and in the pink of health.

About the Author:
Aileen Simon, a professional writer of health and fitness blogs, works with Infinity Age (IA), a nationwide network of Doctors and Health experts. IA provides a scope for those who want to enhance performance and elongate youthfulness with the help of hormonal treatments including HRT, HGH Human Growth Hormone, and testosterone therapy for low testosterone levels.
IA offers state of the art services to both men and women so that they can restore their hormonal imbalances and embark on a long-lasting, productive life.

Manly Dog Breeds

Dogs are the epitome of the manly pet. That is, of course, if you get yourself the right breed of dog. You can feel the respect seep out of the room when your friends walk into your den and are greeted by two toy poodles in their custom embroidered dog beds. Don’t let this happen to you.
The German Shepard is a dog that has seen use in war, police work and countless other incredible areas of dog use. They need to be well trained but they are loving and devoted dogs that have one of the most recognizable loos of any breed on the planet.
The Pit-bull is and often overlooked breed that has gotten a bad reputation. I am disgusted by those that train their dogs to fight. These dogs are some of the most loving and friendly dogs in the world if you treat and raise them right. A lot of people think they are aggressive but they have less bites per year than golden retrievers, Dalmatians and pretty much every small dog on the planet. They just have a very powerful set of jaws so you hear more about the bites that do happen, no matter how rare they are. Blame the owner, not the dog.
The mastiff is a gigantic dog. These animals don’t fit in the biggest of dog beds so expect to have to make certain adjustments for their size, but nothing quite widens eyes and attracts questions and respect like a dog that weighs more than the average high school kid.
The manliest dog breed on the planet has no pedigree and has no papers. The mutt is the manliest dog and the one you should get. You are rescuing a dog from a possibly tragic fate and gaining a familiar at the same time that will stay by you right until the end and love you as their master. Lay out the dog beds and welcome some dogs into your home that will truly appreciate the place to live and the loving friendship you will provide.