3 Fashion Tips from the Stars

Celebrities in every shape and form, be it a musician, a movie star or a reality television star, inspires fashion and creates fashion trends all around the globe. The stars are who we look up to for fashion advice most of the time, and they dictate- pretty much- what ends up in our closets and dressers. But, if you know anything about fashion, pop culture and trends in general, then you know that fashion is a fickle beast, and what is popular now may not be popular tomorrow. But, then again, if you know anything about fashion, pop culture and trends in general, then you also know that what was hip and fashionable, become stale and unhip, and then eventually becomes hip and fashionable again. This is the circle of life when it comes to fashion. But, yes, just as fortune tellers look to the stars for answers to life’s questions, so do we when it comes to what we should be wearing to look cool, hip and “with it.” Here are some of the fashion trends that are cool right now, but as I warned before, do not blame the messenger if these clothing items are not fashionable by the time you read this.


Fashion tip #1. White pants are “in”

That’s right! Celebrities from coast to coast have been seen sporting tight, white pants during the warm Summer months, which are breaking heat records across the country. Bright colored clothing, no matter what article it is, is in all across the board. The only downside is that they will get dirty pretty quickly, but as long as you stay clean, you will look fresh and clean all Summer long. Of course, as the saying goes, you will have to ditch the white pants when Labor Day comes around- so enjoy it while it lasts!


Fashion tip #2. Denim, Denim, Denim

Denim is another hot trend staying strong during the hot months of Summer. Especially prevalent and hip right now are denim vests. Everyone from Kelly Osbourne to Avril Lavigne and Emma Stone have been snapped by the paparazzi wearing denim vests. Sometimes you have to sacrifice for fashion, as some denim vests can be quite clunky and heavy, but if you are willing to shop around for the right one, you may find a lightweight one that will be perfect for the Summer season, and beyond. Denim shirts, worn as over shirts, as well as long sleeved denim jackets are also in style right now. So, you just can not go wrong with denim at the moment.


Fashion tip #3. The small, tangerine dress

It seems now a days, that the red carpet has at least one- if not multiple- people walking around in small tangerine dresses. Among the celebrities that have been spotted wearing the new Summer color are Jennifer Aniston, her Friend’s co-star Courtney Cox, Keira Knightley and Adele, among many others.


Jessica is a freelance fashion writer. She has a pair of cool Ray Bans and that’s all she needs.

3 tips for avoiding the common cold

As the name implies, the common cold is one of the most common illnesses that a person comes down with. In fact, there are many people that come down with the common cold numerous times per year. There are no steadfast cures for the common cold, but there are various steps that a person can take to limit their chances of coming down with the common cold. But, then again, there are no guarantees in life, and the same goes for the common cold. Anyone with a grandmother has already heard numerous ways to get rid of the common cold. In many ways, the common cold has become a part of the fabric of reality, in that it is something that is universal to everybody. Everyone has had the common cold at one time or another, and everyone knows different ways to supposedly get rid of the common cold, or at the very least to limit the symptoms that come along with the common cold. The most common symptoms are things like congestion, an itchy throat, a fever, sweating, night chills, watery eyes and just a general feeling of being under the weather. Like it was mentioned before, there are numerous ways to treat the common cold, and here are a few of the best:


How to avoid the common cold tip #1. Stay clean

Most people that come down with the common cold acquired it from someone else who had the common cold. This acquisition from person to person typically takes place because somewhere along the way the germs were exchanged. There are many ways to exchange germs, but the most common comes with the touching of hands, or the touching of something of which a person touched their hand to. So, the best way to avoid the common cold is to wash and sanitize your hands frequently. This will kill many of the germs that spread the common cold.


How to avoid the common cold tip #2. Get some sleep

The immune system takes a beating when a person does not get as much rest as they should. So, by getting enough sleep (7-8 hours a night, preferably) you can avoid the common cold very effectively. There is not enough that can be said about getting enough sleep.


How to avoid the common cold tip #3. Eat right

A healthy diet is the key to a healthy living, so of course it will also help avoid the common cold. The right diet can boost the immune system, which will then strengthen it against the symptoms that come with the common cold. Eat right, stay healthy, and you probably will not get sick very often.


Trudy is a freelance writer for many web sites, blogs and print publications. He is a former medical student and mostly writes about medicine and health. The most common question that his readers ask is: what is the difference between critical illness cover and life insurance?

Important Tips Which Will Help in Buying Wedding Jewelry

Wedding night is the amazing night of anyone’s life. You can say it’s like a dream comes true. Everyone wants to enjoy each and every moment of marriage. The happiness of bride and groom cannot be explained in words. Their facial expression says everything. They both want that this day must be special and to make it special all things are considered from decoration to dressing. The most attractive part which gives a glow to the bridegroom is jewelry. Jewelry is very delicate part on the marriage occasion. For the bride it becomes really important to choose the jewelry those suites on her and must be look different and unique from everyone. Bridal is the angel of the marriage day and she is center of attraction. Every person looks at her. The bride should look like that everyone sees her and the eyes must be stopped there especially in case of groom. Every girl want that looks on her marriage must be attractive and eye catching. Girls are very conscious about dressing and jewelry as it is the most important day of their life.

 Some tips are there which must be kept in mind while buying jewelry for bride:-

  1. Wedding jewelry must be matched with the wedding dress.
  2. All the accessories must be included in jewelry like necklace, bracelets, earrings and other important jewelry.
  3. Determine your budget before buying the jewelry because after going to the shop it will not be convenient to check your budget there.
  4. The next thing that must be kept in mind is that which kind of jewelry you want to wear? it can be of pearls, diamonds, stones of different kinds, or pure gold. These all depends upon choice.
  5. The most important thing is that buy jewelry after buying wedding dress so that you can have different views on jewelry.
  6. Keep care of market price also. Buy jewelry as early as possible according to wedding dress and the design must be looked evergreen design.
  7. Traditional designs are in fashion and gives rich look to bridal wear. You can see their designs.
  8. If you want to take an overview of market then you can search about jewelries online also. You will get various designs over there and it will help you in selecting the right one for you.

The wedding jewelry keeps importance for bride as feelings are attached with it. After buying wedding jewelry it must be kept with proper care. At the time of marriage it is difficult to say that the expensive things are safe. You cannot predict anyone.

 There are Some Tips which will help you to keep your Jewelry Safely:-

  1. Before marriage you can keep your jewelry in bank lockers.
  2. You can give responsibility of your jewelry to the most trustful person.
  3. You can collect the jewelry before two days of marriage as it is easy way to keep jewelry at shop only and you can have the receipt of payment so that in any case of misunderstanding you can show your receipt of buying jewelry.


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Paying for College Creatively


Paying for College Creatively

It’s very rare for a person to have the liquid cash flow required to fund a college education. It’s far more common for aspiring students to have to come up with creative ways to pay for their college degree. If you are heading off to college this fall and stressing out about how you’ll pay for it, we’ve got some ideas for you. Here are five ways that you can make it to graduation without going broke:

1. Community College

Community, or junior, college can be the answer that many students are looking for. Rather than paying $20,000 to $40,000 a year for four years at a more prestigious school, consider getting your first two years of classes out of the way at a more affordable community college. A community college will allow you to get all of your general ed classes out of the way for a fraction of the cost. Once you’ve earned your two-year degree, you can transfer to a four-year university to complete your bachelor’s.

2. Fast-Track Your Degree

Many colleges today offer accelerated degree programs. Some universities allow you to earn a bachelor’s degree in three years, and some universities allow you to earn your bachelor’s and master’s at the same time. If you can find a program that suits your career goals, you can save one or two years of tuition by taking the fast track.

3. Cheap Schools

There are various colleges and universities throughout the country where you can get a discounted, or even free, tuition. If you are in the top 25 percent of your class, there are colleges that want you and will pay your way. Alternatively, there are schools that will lock in your freshman tuition rate for the rest of your time at the school. Finding these colleges can save you big when it comes to funding your education.

4. Work-Study

If you are interested in gaining valuable experience while you’re in college, consider a work-study program. You won’t get paid for the work that you do, but working just 10 to 15 hours per week can net you a hefty discount on your college tuition. Almost every school offers some type of work-study program and will have information for you in the financial aid office.

5. Scholarships

Are you a vegan? Do you have a special talent? Are you of a certain ethnicity? There is a college scholarship out there for almost everyone; you just have to search for it. Start looking through the financial aid office at the college of your choice. Most colleges offer scholarships specific to their school, and the financial aid office can point you in the right direction of more scholarship opportunities. Books of available scholarships can be found in your local library or you can search online. No matter what you do, don’t give up. There are thousands of scholarships out there that go unused every year simply because students didn’t apply for them.

Paying for college can be a hardship for many people. If you are considering skipping college because you can’t afford it, don’t give up just yet. There are creative ways to fund your college education if you just look for them.

Lyndsey Freeman is a full-time writer for higher ed blogs and journals nationwide with a focus on business education opportunities. Several schools offer online MBA degrees, including Howard University and Georgetown University.

Are Your Clothes Situation-Appropriate?

Whether you live in a big city, the suburbs, a small town or out in the country, chances are you see poorly dressed people every day. These lost souls stomp around in public looking like they shun the very concept of mirrors. Five dollar shoes, dirty sweatpants and tacky t-shirts are just the beginning of the problem. This guide is by no means definitive and was not written by a high end fashion designer—but it should give you something to consider if you’re afraid that you might be “one of them.”

If your place of employment has a strict dress code then this isn’t something you need to worry about, but many office and labor jobs are shying away from that practice. Where do you work? Consider carefully. Unless you’re an attorney for Whitesnake or Saxon it’s probably a safe bet that wearing a denim jacket to work at the law firm is a bad idea. Similarly, wearing a double breasted suit to the construction site might both raise some eyebrows and hamper your ability to work. Just think about it logically—if you work in a casual environment, don’t dress up like you’re going to the opera. Make sure your clothes fit well, are stain free and have been recently washed. Who’s the most uptight person in your office? If your choice in clothing causes them to break out in hives, consider dialing it down a notch. If it only causes the office prude to wrinkle their nose a little bit then you’re doing it right. Use some common sense and look at the people around you and you’re sure to be taken seriously by your employer and coworkers. If you work for Whitesnake or Saxon, though—go crazy!

If you’re attending a friend’s wedding, don’t think about their style or standards. Think about their parents’ style and standards, because chances are that they’re the ones shelling out the money for that magical day. If you wear a short sleeve shirt, make sure it’s nicely pressed, clean and wrinkle-free. Only wear a tie with long sleeve shirts. If you wear jeans make sure that they’re free of holes and stains. No matter what your hairline looks like it’s best to abandon your baseball cap at home. Just keep thinking “Will the bride or groom’s parents be ashamed to look at me in the wedding photos?” If the answer is no, then chances are you’re doing just fine. In the event of a theme wedding, all of these rules are rendered null and void. Go big or go home.

If you’re planning a nice evening with the Baroque orchestra or a string quartet, go ahead with the suit and tie. Otherwise, prepare to look casual and fun-loving while avoiding the time tested “what is that guy even doing here?” look. A t-shirt, jeans and sneakers are the way to go in most cases. Unless you’re at a heavy metal show there’s no reason to ever wear a shirt that bears the name of the band you’re going to see. Flannel, plaid and casual button-up shirts are just fine, but avoid dress shirts and suit jackets unless you’re a dedicated part of the mod scene. Then please, go right ahead. If you can pull off a good leather jacket then any show is the right show to wear it to. Avoid wearing any jewelry you’re not okay with losing—things can get pretty rowdy at any concert that’s worth remembering.

Are you going out for drinks with a girlfriend, wife or other potential partner? Dress in a way that makes them comfortable. If you ask them for advice they will be happy to give it to you. If you’re going out for drinks with friends, keep some of what was mentioned in the previous section in mind. Getting that “what are you doing here, buddy?” look is always unpleasant and that’s a fact. Keep this general rule in mind—you might see your ex at any bar or club you go to. If you look good enough to make that specific person miss you then you’re doing it the right way. Have fun, but don’t embarrass yourself—don’t let your clothes be your source of embarrassment, at the very least.

It should be apparent after reading this that common sense is your best friend. Some clothes are more comfortable than others, but the cost/benefit equation just doesn’t work out with some clothes in some situations. Remember that you’re going out in public and other people have to see you. Set a good example and the rest of the poorly-dressed world might soon follow in your footsteps.

Adam Farwell is an online publisher for BlueCotton.com, where you can design your own T shirt. He blogs about design, fashion, marketing and branding for small businesses.

How the Invention of Batteries Changed the World

On the face of it, batteries may not seem like a world-changer but, in actuality, few inventions have had such a massive bearing on the way we live our lives. Batteries are not a glamorous item by any stretch of the imagination but there is no ignoring just how instrumental they are in our day to day lives and we would struggle to function without them in a modern society.

It is so easy to buy batteries online and in shops now that it is often easy to forget just how revolutionary their invention was and the sizeable role that they play on a daily basis. Batteries will be found in more or less every home, place of business and institution and this is testament to just how fundamental batteries have become to the functioning of society.

A Brief History of Batteries…

Allesandro Volta crafted the first electrochemical cell in 1792 and this was the precursor to modern batteries as we know them. Even Volta himself couldn’t have been aware that his experiment using pieces of cardboard soaking in salt water would go on to produce a product that changed the way in which people lived their lives. Almost every invention since Volta’s discovery will have come about because of the discovery that he made – and the subsequent birth of electricity and electrical science.


Since Volta’s ‘Eureka’ moment, the inventive process has pretty much been non-stop on the back of the emergence of electricity as a viable tool. Prior to the discovery of the first “battery power” as it were, electricity was much more difficult to harness and utilise but Volta’s discovery put a change to all this and allowed for a whole new world of inventions. Just some of the inventions that wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the discovery and invention of batteries and electrical science include:

The iPhone:

It isn’t just the iPhone that would cease to exist, of course, if the battery hadn’t been invented. Mobile phone batteries are all based upon the concept of Volta’s first discovery and, without this, there would be no Angry Birds or iTunes!



Although food connoisseurs may not agree, the microwave has revolutionised the food that we eat and this is another invention that couldn’t have come into being without the electro science discoveries of Volta and his contemporaries.


The Internet:

Without computers, there would be no internet and without Volta and his discovery of batteries, there would be no computers. It is clear that the discovery of batteries has completely changed the world in which we live and it is important to remember this the next time you buy batteries.


For more information and to buy batteries, visit www.budgetbatteries.co.uk.

Find the Right Bowling Shirt for Your Personality

When it comes to fashion, you’d have to be living under a rock not to be aware of just how stylish men’s bowling shirts are in the arena of style! It isn’t as simple as just heading online and buying bowling shirts, however, you need to put a bit of time into it and consider the right type of bowling clothing for your particular personality…
…there is, of course, only one real way of accomplishing this objective – looking at bowling legends committed to celluloid and establishing which personality is most suited to you! There are some absolutely astounding bowling clothes captured in the movies and television and you’re sure to find a reflection of your personality in one of our excellent examples!
So, which of the descriptions best matches your personality and bowling style?

The Unhinged Bowler:
If you like to live on the wild side and have a little of the devil in you, then you may well want to take your style / bowling shirts tips from the inimitable Jesus from the seminal bowling movie, The Big Lebowski. Whilst his mental state is questionable, his style is beyond question and if you think you find yourself in this category, some of the men’s bowling shirts below may be the perfect fit (pun semi-intended):







The Lothario:
Charlie Sheen, in his role as Charlie Parker in Two and a Half Men, has almost single handed rejuvenated the image of bowling shirts and thrust them into the limelight for all the right reasons (and some wrong ways, no doubt)! There are very few scenes within Two and a Half Men where Sheen isn’t seen wearing a bowling shirt of some description and if you fancy yourself as a bit of a womaniser / lothario, you won’t go far wrong taking tips from renowned lady’s man, Sheen. If you want a shirt to replicate this Hollywood icon, some of the attire below will tick the right boxes:







The Maverick:
If there has been a funnier incarnation of a bowler ever seen on the silver screen, then I am yet to witness him. I, of course, am talking about Ernie McCracken from the Farrelly Brother’s movie, Kingpin! A style guru, lady-killer and a bit of underhanded fellow, truth be told, Ernie McCracken definitely helped improve the stylishness of bowling clothing in my eyes and I haven’t been able to look at men’s bowling shirts in the same way since first witnessing Bill Murray in the impressive number below:
You’d be hard-pressed not to be bowled over (pun fully intended) by the shirt sported by Big Ern’ in the picture above. If you want to paint yourself with the ‘Maverick’ brush, there is plenty of bowling shirts for men that will set you in the right direction – such as some of these pictured below:







So, there you have it – which of our bowling characters above best fits your own style personality? To be honest though, you really can’t go wrong with a bowling shirt, so just buy whichever one you want!
All images of bowling shirts used courtesy of www.bowlingconcepts.com.

Do women live longer than men?

We have all heard it before: women live longer than men. Some may wonder if this is true, and yes, it is very true. In fact, it is true all around the world- not just in the United States of America. Here are some statistics from around the world, in regards to health expectancy of women and men from various countries:


?    The United States of America: Men live to 75.6 years of age, women live to 80.8 years of age on average.

?    Japan: Men live to 79 years of age, women live to 86.1 years of age on average.

?    Singapore: Men live to 70 years of age, women live to 83 years of age on average.

?    Mexico: Men live to 73.7 years of age, women  live to 78.6 years of age on average.

?    Ethiopia: Men live to 51.7 years of age, women live to 54.3 years of age on average.


So, obviously, as you can see, women live longer than men in pretty much every single country in the world no matter the hardships and difficulties contained within the country and culture of that country. The average life expectancy has a very large range, in which Japan has the highest, and many African countries have the lowest (in which the average life expectancy is in the late 30’s and early 40’s.) In the end, women just statistically live longer than males. Overall, women live about 4 years longer than the average male. There are many of reasons why this is, and here are some of them.


Why women live longer than men

One of the main reasons women live longer than men has to do with cardiovascular disease. The roles and habits common among men, more so than women, in every country contributes to a higher rate of cardiovascular disease in men (i.e. heart attacks, high blood pressure, stroke, etc.) Physically speaking, women tend to develop these heart problems much later in life than men do, and as these heart problems are among the most common reasons for death in all people, it only makes sense that women would live longer than men. One reason for this has to do with the fact that women tend to be more iron-deficient than men, which is one of the things that creates heart problems in the first place. It was once thought that estrogen actually played a role in the delay in heart problems, but doctors have found that it is not the case.


Another reason may have to do with the fact the women have two X chromosomes, while men have an X and a Y chromosome. So, the longevity in life for women can have to do with something as deep as DNA.


Reggie is a freelance writer for many sites, including ones about health insurance and life insurance, like http://www.kanetix.com/life-insurance.

5 Best software choices for your Macintosh computer.

Any Mac user cannot imagine his or her life without a hundred applications he or she is using to make life easier and more interesting. In fact, applications today play the same role that toys used to play in our childhood – they are bright, interesting and sometimes even useful and time-saving. Well, someone loves time-eating ones, that’s not a problem at all.

But in fact, applications are really made only on these two purposes – for entertainment and for doing some tasks. The entertainment is a very wide range of activities, which is moreover understood by every user in his or her own way. That’s why we’ll deal with entertainments a bit later, and today our talk is going to be about useful applications – like antiviruses, cleaners, optimizers and other things. Here I’ll post those applications that, in my humble opinion, help to make my life easier and better, and I’ll be happy to hear everyone’s opinion on this topic.

The first and foremost thing, which I install onto my Mac after installing the system and all software, is AppFresh. It is a very simple, but yet quite a useful tool to keep all the applications on your Mac up-to-date. I think that a lot of people here are eager app users – like me (well, I am not a maniac, but still I want my Mac to have all the necessary tools for being in a proper condition and for maximum usability), for example. And sometimes it’s a real problem to upgrade all the tools I have on my Mac. Here AppFresh comes at hand – it performs everything quickly and effectively.

The second one is Azureus – I suppose it’s one of the most flexible and usable torrent clients. As many of us, I download many items from the web and I like torrent trackers very much – because the moderation and evaluation of what you’re downloading is present. Azureus is the best torrent client I’ve ever used – seriously.

The third program that is absolutely necessary to me is Skype. I think you’ll start spitting at me right now, but believe me – I still cannot find a good alternative to Skype – so that you call wherever you want to one you have Internet connection at hand. A horribly lagging, but absolutely necessary program – because not everyone has Macs to use FaceTime and you cannot find a good Internet channel everywhere.

The fourth one is VLC. This is a player that is made for humans – and it means it eats anything you give to him and supports any kinds of codecs you can imagine. A very good tool to attach it to all types of video files and forget about the compatibility – you open everything with the same single program.

The final instrument is MacKeeper. This is an all-in-one decision for all the things I used to install earlier – like cleaners, defragmenting tools, antivirus and other stuff. A very convenient and powerful tool – probably the best all-in-one decision I have ever met. Contains a built-in antivirus and about 15 other handy features that eliminate a lot of Mac headaches.

Hope you liked my small gentlemen’s set, next time we are going to discuss the same thing for Windows users.


Author Bio – This article is provided by Tamika Clifford who is a technology blogger and enthusiast. She is interested in promotion and popularization of technology development particularly in fields of software development for personal computers and devices including all Macintosh products. To learn more about Tamika’s activities follow this link

How to Configure DNS

A stand alone server running Windows Server 2003 is actually a DNS server for your network. Here I am going to teach you how to configure DNS for your server. In the first step, you will assign this server a static IP address. DNS servers cannot use dynamically assigned IP addresses ,because a sudden change of the IP address could cause contact with the DNS server to be interrupted.

• Configure TCP/IP

First click Start and highlight Control Panel, then highlight Network Connections, and then click Local Area Connection. Next, click Properties, then click Internet Protocol, then Properties. Now click the General tab, then click Use the following IP address, provide the correct IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway address in the appropriate boxes. Click Advanced, and then click the DNS tab. Click Append primary and connection specific DNS suffixes. Click the Append parent suffixes of the primary DNS suffix check box. Click Register this connection’s addresses in the DNS check box. Finally, Click OK three times.
NOTE: DNS servers running Windows Server 2003 must point to themselves for DNS. If this server needs to resolve names from its Internet service provider, then you must configure a forwarder.
NOTE: If you receive a warning from the DNS Caching Resolver service, click OK to dismiss the warning. The caching resolver is trying to contact the DNS server, but you have not finished configuring the server.

• Install Microsoft DNS Server

First click Start and highlight Control Panel, then click Add or Remove Programs. Next click Add or Remove Windows Components. Under the Components list select Networking Services (don’t clear the check box though). Now click Details. Select the Domain Name System check box, and then click OK. Now click Next and when you are prompted to insert the Windows Server 2003 CD-ROM into the computer’s CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, do so. When you see the Completing the Windows Components Wizard page, click Finish once the Setup is complete. Finally, click Close to close the Add or Remove Programs window.

• Configure the DNS Server

In order to configure DNS using the DNS snap-in in Microsoft Management Console, follow these steps: Click Start and highlight Programs, then highlight Administrative Tools and click DNS. Right-click Forward lookup zones, and then click New Zone. After the New zone Wizard starts click Next.
When you are prompted for a zone type accept the default name for the new zone file, click Next
NOTE: If you are an experienced DNS administrator then you may want to create a reverse lookup zone, and are encouraged to explore this branch of the wizard. A DNS server can resolve two basic requests: a forward lookup and a reverse lookup. A forward lookup is more common. A forward lookup resolves a host name to an IP address with an “A” or Host Resource record. A reverse lookup resolves an IP address to a host name with a PTR or Pointer Resource record. If you have your reverse DNS zones configured, you can automatically create associated reverse records when you create your original forward record.

• Configuring DNS Behind a Firewall –

The following exceptions may cause conflicts to occur between your firewall and the DNS during configuration:
Proxy and Network Address Translation devices may restrict access to ports. DNS uses UDP port 53 and TCP port 53. The DNS Service Management console also uses RCP. RCP uses port 135.