10 Of The Most Famous Islands For A Summer Vacation

Islands usually offer the best vacation experiences that many people look forward to having. Most of the beaches in the world offer a wide array of opportunities for fun and adventure but these are just a number out of the thousands that have the sandy serene beaches. Locating a summer vacation with kids (the Danish term is sommerferie med børn) spot is not so hard when one considers the following list of the world’s most beautiful and scenic islands.


  • Seychelles: It’s hard to overlook what beauty nature has to offer. The sandy beautiful beaches give a tourist the very connection they need of the body and soul. There are extremely amazing undersea exploration adventures. Rare bird species and extra huge tortoises with the warm equatorial climate make a perfect match for a holiday.


  • Maldives: Located in the Indian Ocean, these are some of the world’s most exotic islands. The coral reefs, the white sandy beaches, the suspended hotel rooms make all these so dreamy. A vacation on the Maldives will definitely get even the less optimistic people to open up to life.


  • Bora Bora: This is simply heaven on earth. There is no other place that soothes the heart, soul and mind like the hatched houses of the Bora Bora located in the middle of the Pacific. Surrounded by mountains and painted with a splash of palm trees, it is simply the best place to be.


  • Santorini: A spectacular island in the Aegean region that offers the best beaches for honeymoon goers. With a rich history that reeks in this Greek island going all the way back to the Neolithic times.


  • Cayman Islands: there are a lot of things that a person can enjoy when on the Cayman Islands. This is probably one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. There are all type of adventure activities that one can indulge themselves in during their summer vacation like scuba diving, hiking, swimming and having a good time.


  • French Polynesia: the breathtaking view of the island tempts everyone to return. There is more than the sand on this island and one can definitely find it in the locals. Sugar-sandy beaches top the cream.


  • Tiamon Island Pahang: breathtakingly beautiful, that is what Pulau Tioman Island is. There are long miles of sandy explicitly beautiful beaches that make all who daydream get their wishes, because this is simply heavenly. The most hospitable people combined with the warm weather and the explicitly beautiful hotel rooms make the trip worth every coin spent.


  • Virgin Islands: the best hideaways of the 21st century. For those who love to have a ball every other day during their vacation, this is the exact spot that they should be running to. Sunbathing, scuba diving and all other fun things are done here.


  • Fiji: Of the hundreds of islands that make up Fiji, there is possibly nothing that this island doesn’t have. Long beaches, beautiful scenic landscapes, explicit hotels and hospitable people are here to welcome all tourists.


  • Mauritius: Mauritius is loved most because of its warm weather throughout the year. The beaches which are nothing but beautiful are all very welcoming. Sunbathing and romantic vacations are top on the list here.

Why It Is Important To Test Drive Before Purchasing A New Car

It is not rare to see people who are buying new cars hitting the tires and doing nothing much other than that. Buying a car is more than seeing it on the adverts with all the very tantalizing features and then buying it. A person will need to have a feel of how the car handles, how comfy the seats are, the space available, the braking and a lot of other features.


When a person sits behind the driver’s seat, they get to have the true feel of the car when driven. Many people love a car that has good torque but it is not rare to find a car that handles its torque in a not too excellent manner. The acceleration, the taking of corners at speed, the differential can best be explained or experienced by the individual driver rather than the sales person. The grunt given by the engine should be the one that one expects if not more. For this reason taking the car for a 30 minute drive will enable one get the real feel of the car under numerous road conditions.


The comfort of a car is something people look forward to. A new car can be a bit tricky because there will be every likelihood that a person is having it for the first time. This will mean that the height of the driver’s seat could be different from what a person is used to. The getting in and out of the driver’s seat can be a challenge for some people especially the tall guys. Before test driving, a person should test how adjustable the seats are, this gives a person the best position a car can accord the driver when driving.


The adjusting of the steering wheel also plays a big part in the comfort of a driver when driving and this can only be known if a test drive is taken. The steering wheel helps one have the confidence of manoeuvring or driving at whatever speed one wishes to.  An adjustable wheel which suits the driver’s needs is one of the critical factors that a person should look at and observe when test driving. Some vehicles have memory steering wheels, mirrors, seats and the other interior dynamics just so that the driver has their preferred features preset.


Many people can drive any type of car; provided they know how to drive, but the difference comes on how comfortably one is able to drive a car. There are cars that serve to prove to truly mess up some people’s driving experiences. This can be said of the cars that have those blind spots that make the lives of drivers miserable especially when making tight manoeuvres or when parking.


It is important to test drive Ford (ford prøvetur as Danes say it), a car for around thirty minutes and on the roads or a road that is similar to that which the driver will be using frequently. Testing the daylight running lights, the rear view visibility, the ease at which one operates the navigation charts and the other dynamics gives the driver the true worth of the vehicle when test driving it. A variety of test drive options you can find here.


Top Reasons to Purchase Maintenance-Free Windows

Buying products that advertise maintenance free solutions look attractive and are more expensive than the ones that need proper and timely maintenance work and care, but a good solid investment in maintenance free equipment or hardware, such as windows, can be a smart thing to do because they usually pay up in a few years and build up on profit later on.


There are many reasons why maintenance free windows should be installed at the time of building your dream house, or even when the time comes when you’re thinking about renovating and want to replace the old windows. One of the top 5 reasons to purchase maintenance free windows is just that; they are maintenance free and good quality windows bought from genuine and well known dealers can really live up to their names and give you the satisfaction of no maintenance on installation of these windows.


Another reason for buying and installing maintenance free windows is that these are built in an eco friendly way, using green materials that do not harm the environment around us. They are also built so as to provide minimum energy losses from inside the house, so that no matter if your house is being cooled during summers or the heater is on in winters, these maintenance free windows will provide you with the minimum possible thermal loss, and that will help you save up on the bills.


Double glazed aluminium windows that are rust free, flake and rot free are considered as top maintenance free windows because they don’t need repainting and only require an occasional wipe with clean water and soap. Timber windows that come with a lifetime guarantee and are rot and fungi free are also good maintenance free windows.


When it is advertised that the windows are maintenance free, it doesn’t really mean that they would not require a general clean up now and again. It just means that they are more durable then the standards window systems and are made of such designs that are easy to handle and clean. These window systems should have passed some sort of standard test like the British or Europeans Standards, and should also come with a lifetime or twenty year guarantee.


Different companies provide different craftsmanship on their windows system and the quality pricing, and installation techniques all vary considerably from one another. Before installing or replacing windows it is always good to have a little knowledge of what you want to buy if only to make the provider understand fully what it is you are looking for. Another very good reason to replace or freshly install maintenance free windows is that you are getting two benefits at the price of one, even if that price is a little steeper than the standard alternative. If you include the costs of future maintenance into the original cost of maintenance free windows, you will realize that the difference is hardly there, and it actually pays to have maintenance free windows (or as Swedes call them “underhållsfria fönster“) in the long run, because what you will eventually spend on the repairs and renovation, you can freely save or spend on something else.  More tips on how to save money on this you can find here.


Tips On How To Obtain Free Accountant Software System For Use In Your Business Venture

Accountancy is an important component of the day-to-day lives of people as well as business organizations. As noted during a recent workshop organised for London accountants. Through accounting, an individual or business concern can maintain a record of its financial transactions. If you are a professional, it only signifies that you are generating income. Your income will be used to finance all of your expenditures like food, water, electricity, and numerous others. If you keep an eye on these things, it can already be called accounting.

In businesses, monetary matters can get complicated and it can become hard for one person to handle the job. This is where the accounting software systems comes in. They assist the accountants in London in conducting the work of preparing accounts promptly, and efficiently. Accounting programs on the whole tend to be pricey. On the other hand, there are free accounting software applications. It is possible to acquire these complimentary software systems if you take the time to carry out a search on-line.

Do not anticipate a lot from free accounting software. Because it’s free, it can’t provide the same capabilities and functions as those of premier accounting software packages. The majority of free software tend to be simple as well as uncomplicated to figure out and run. However, they can mainly handle the accounting needs of house owners and smallish businesses. The software program focuses primarily on easy accounting operations. By simply taking advantage of the free software applications, you are able to very much perform the fundamental accounting tasks that paid software programs accomplish.

The issue now is whether you need to acquire free accounting computer software or not. It is simply a download away but before anything else, there are a few elements that you simply should look for in accounting software. The following are straightforward recommendations as to what you’ll want to watch out for in any free accounting software package.

Large firms that wish to publicize products and marketing campaigns are now providing the public with free accounting software. You need to surf the net carefully to ensure that you can immediately gain from it.

You could get a whole lot of free items on the net but you should be warned about ripoffs. There’re dishonest websites which tell people they offer free accounting software package that are downloadable. The internet site will ask you to furnish private details in their signing up forms then ask for the number of your bank card. Legit websites which offer free accounting programs shouldn’t ask for any sort of personal information.

When you are surfing the internet, you should try and look for trial versions. By taking advantage of trial copies, you’ll be able to assess if selected programs fulfills all of your accountant needs. After trying the demo package, you will be able to now determine whether you will sign up to the software or not. Testing out demo options won’t require any type of commitment. In the event you do not like the software system, discard it and then search for a different demo release.

When you implement the recommendations outlined above, you could enjoy a totally free accountants software program that you can use personally and even for your home business. A number of manufacturers offer various features which are added to your existing accounting software. When in doubt, you should get the advice of an accountant for small business.

By taking the time to surf online, you may identify user-friendly, impressive, and useful accountancy software package. Most absolutely free software programs can be acquired with out any complications. If you want to be efficient, make the most of these free programs. Test them now and undertake all your accountancy job efficiently.

Every small business needs to have a reliable accountancy firm that can assist with all the accounts, income tax and commercial specific tasks that will occur from time to time. If you are in need of an accounting firm to help with income tax services or other small business related matters, just visit Alexander ene site and look at the full business support services being offered. The group can be depended on to deliver excellent accounting and income tax services that will leave you really happy with your choice. For more details about the professional services which they’re able to provide in their position as accountants in north London, contact the company. Visit their website where you’ll obtain the necessary contact info. 336a Regents Park road, London N3 2LN.

My Dog Puchki (John) who changed my Life Forever

Year 1992

“My darling John was an adorable gift I could have ever imagined my parents would gift me on my 12th birthday. Gosh, I’ll cherish those moments as I was enjoying a well planned “leisure time”, I know! But the surprise was waiting for me in evening and I surely loved them. I was all alone that day and was anticipating for the evening to arrive.”

Dog who change Life Year 2012

“When I gifted my son a pet dog this year, never did I realized that he would be so delighted seeing a bundle of joy at his closet.” He hugged me tight and just said “Thanks Dad, I always wanted one”. I felt being the happiest dad on the earth and said “Let’s go son, we have more surprises waiting for you as your friends and mama will join us together to celebrate your birthday. I felt nostalgic about how I found John years back on my birthday and all other tragedies that changed my life forever. But meanwhile we celebrated our son’s birthday without losing my faith on destiny. For few months now everything is suddenly crossing my mind and I miss them all my “Mom, dad and John”.

Year 1992 was when my parents died and left behind John for my own safety and someone to call family behind. They met with a rare car accident on my birthday as I was waiting for their arrival but they never returned back from New York. I felt bad as it was 10 at night and my leisure time suddenly started haunting me back. I called my grandparents from New Delhi and as they arrived, police came with my birthday gift as I never saw my parents after the accident because of my age. It was an exotic Mexican breed, which was found in their car with a name plate john.

Back then I didn’t realized what I had lost as the only happiness that I felt was being a master of my best buddy John, the dog. We were great together as my love for my dog was as tender as our age. It was a big dog then and I was a little boy of 12 and I loved my Puchki (the john) very much. We used to eat together, sleep together, study together, holidaying together and were together in all our fun loaded activities. My friends used to adore our friendship as they loved Puchki heartedly but not intensely than I did.

I stayed with my grandparents but my dog fulfilled my need of parents in my life. I sometimes wondered how it can take care of all my belongings and requirements so well. I was sure my parent’s spirit guided John to take care of me as a mother. I turned 18 and John remained the centre of my life as I couldn’t imagine doing a thing without his beautiful paws in my hands. John was my life and I simply adored being with him, seeing him play and making me happy when I felt sad. But when I turned 20 I found the shock of my life as John was found dead in our backyard. I couldn’t hold my tears and busted into the feeling that sunk my soul deep down somewhere.  I was no longer the same as I have been since I lost my parents. I wish I could stop him to leave me behind with so many memories still lightning in my heart. Feeling lonely and depressed was all I was I had but anyhow there wasn’t any choice left. I became ruthless and emotionless as life wasn’t the same it used to be and it certainly doesn’t ends against destiny.

Those were the horrifying tragedies of my life and miss the best part of it and want to forget the reality as the dream world is still the same for me.

Year 2012

I wish I could change my destiny but I’ll make sure my son remains in the same world I was years back. I wish he feels the same comfort I felt with Puchki and they learn the realities of life together. God bless Puchki wherever you are and mind it, you’ll have to kiss me and ran away lovingly in next birth as surely I will be your Puchki then.

Author Bio:

Saurav sharma is a dog lover who loves to share interesting dogs related stuffs on the web. He is very enthusiastic to acquire and share knowledge about dog food, dog accessories etc.

Awesome things to Say to Your Girlfriend

Women are an enigma to men simply because they can turn from nice to naughty, calm to moody, caring to un-caring and careful to carefree in a split second. One minute you find everything is smooth-sailing and the next minute, you’re getting dagger looks for God-knows-what.


You have no clue what triggered the sudden mood change. It could be that you used the wrong tone of voice, you had that inflection as you were talking about something that is important to her; or that you unknowingly rolled your eyes just as she was saying something or perhaps it was what you said or didn’t say.


Whatever it is, you’d best be on your toes when talking to your girlfriend if you do not want to get on her bad side.


Awesome Things to Say to Your Girlfriend


Knowing that women can change their moods with a snap of a finger, you should know a few awesome things to say to your girlfriend to get her in the right or positive mood. You have to mean what you say though and not just say it to shut her up or to avoid her getting angry at you.


One of the most powerful things that you can say to your girlfriend, after “I love you” of course, is “Sorry.”


It doesn’t matter if you were in the right, the point is that your girlfriend was hurt over your argument or disagreement – or worse, something you did – and the best way to make her feel better is to apologize for your insensitivity.


Bear in mind that saying sorry over and over again for the same thing will not cut it for you in the long run. There will come a point when she will get tired of hearing your apologies for the same thing so you’d best not do whatever it is again after you’ve apologized for it.


“You’re beautiful” is also a very powerful statement. Women, no matter their age, size and shape; want to feel that their boyfriends appreciate their looks.


Women put effort into their looks so the last thing they want is to feel that their efforts went to waste simply because you failed to acknowledge just how beautiful they looked at a particular time.


“Thank you.” Two simple words that that your girlfriend will truly appreciate. Whether you are thanking her for cooking for you, taking care of you when you were sick or simply writing you a note to wish you a great day, reciprocating by appreciating her efforts will go a long way.


You should also throw in “I’m the luckiest boyfriend in the world” on occasion for good measure.


These may seem like simple things to say but they will create a great impact on your girlfriend and make a positive impact on your relationship as well.


What Not to Say to Your Girlfriend


Just as there are awesome things to say to your girlfriend, there are also a few things that you shouldn’t say to your girlfriend. Topping the list is “You look fat in that, Honey.”


So maybe it’s true that she’s gained a little weight but that doesn’t mean that you have to point it out to her. That her friends’ job, not yours.


“We will have to re-schedule our dinner date” or something along this line is also a big no-no. She may have already spent the day prepping up for your date and cancelling on her at the last minute will send you to the dog house pronto.


Lastly, asking what the occasion is when you see the table in a special set-up or when she tells you of her special dinner plans will also put you in the dog house – that is, if you forgot it was her birthday or your anniversary.

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Get an MPEG4Box

Although it is one of the most basic digital TV receivers available, the MPEG4Box is a very popular set top box in the market. The set box is designed to receive digital TV signals from a broadcasting station, transmitted in mpeg4 format and display the images on your TV screen. Although there are several reasons why you should get an mpeg4box, ten of the reasons top the list.

Digital broadcasting allows for viewing of high definition images alongside high quality sound. The fact that your analog TV set is not capable of receiving digital signals makes it very necessary that you invest in an mpeg4box in order to be able to receive high quality digital signals.

Of all TV set boxes, the mpeg4box is one of the smallest and most effective. Its size makes it easy to handle and manage, especially when you need to clean around the TV compartment. Its small size also means that it occupies very little space. More importantly, it is highly dependable and durable as well.

The fact that an mpeg4box automatically searches for channels is a top reason for you to invest in one. It is a fact that digital broadcasting enables you to have access to multiple channels that you could not access through your analog TV set. The automatic search saves a lot of time you would spend manually searching for a preferred channel.

Having a device that provides you with an electronic TV guide is certainly a top reason to buy the same. That is what the mpeg4box offers you. The electronic TV guide allows you to get programming information at any time, thereby saving you from the burden of guessing what will be aired at a particular time.

An advanced mpeg4box has enhanced features including USB ports, a good reason to buy one because while enhanced features make it possible to record videos from your TV set, the USB port makes it possible for you to play videos from flash disks and other devices.

Portable devices are certainly very popular across the globe and the mpeg4box is one such device. The fact that you can carry it easily when travelling on holiday or simply out of home or office is a top reason why you need to buy one.

Playing games on any equipment is a very good way to relax and refresh your mind. The mpeg4box is available with built-in games that you can easily play on your TV screen. This is certainly a top reason for you to invest in one.

A top reason why you need to buy an mpeg4box is that when digital broadcasting is fully implemented worldwide, analog transmission will be switched off, meaning that your analog TV set will no longer be able to receive any TV signals. Buying an mpeg4box will therefore keep you up to date.

Buying an mpeg4box is very cost effective. Instead of buying a new digital TV set that is very expensive, you simply buy an mpeg4box that otherwise retails at very affordable price.

The simple reason that an mpeg4box is capable of transforming your TV viewing experience is a top reason for you to buy one. You can easily connect other entertainment devices on an mpeg4box and transform your home into a theater.

We can say that from the cable TV disadvantages (the Danish term is kabel tv ulemper) is that usually the cable tv provider does`t offer you mpeg4box with your TV package. You can read about TV with boxer TV (in Danish tv med boxer tv) after you follow the link.

Understanding Cost Per Click Advertising

Cost per click advertising is often abbreviated as simply CPC, or CPC advertising. All three of these terms mean the same thing. Cost per click is a newer term that is used by companies to describe a method of herding customers towards websites, starting with where those customers typically like to go online, and ending up at the websites the marketers wish to direct the customers to. Some companies even offer tutorials to their clients for how to conduct cost per click advertising campaigns, such as Click Booth 101 and other similar programs. Because cost per click advertising is cost effective, it has become a popular choice for solopreneurs and small businesses to drive customer traffic towards their websites and online stores. Here, gain a better understanding of cost per click advertising and decide if CPC is the right strategy for achieving your business goals.

How CPC Advertising Works

Cost per click advertising is simple in premise, if slightly more complicated in execution. Most businesses start by identifying who their ideal customer is. Next, they identify where their target customer base most frequently can be found online. Large social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and others are popular places to conduct cost per click advertising campaigns, and many of these platforms have built-in mechanisms to set up CPC campaigns to fit any budget. For more specialized cost per click campaigns, it may be necessary to identify where a group of target customers congregate, such as on a website that attracts a high volume of accounting students or professionals, and set up a cost per click campaign by advertising on that website to drive traffic back to your own website or online store. These types of campaigns often deliver a higher result in customers per dollar because they are so targeted towards a group of people who are more likely to become your customer. If you see phrases like “sponsored link”, “sponsored ad” or other similar terms in the margins of your internet browser, then understand that what you are looking at is an example of CPC advertising at work in real time.

Setting Your CPC Campaign Budget

There are a number of major internet search engines that have become very popular for their cost flexibility when conducting cost per click campaigns. Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Facebook and MySpace are all examples of major online portals that offer micro-campaign capability where you can set your budget by click, by day, by month, or other targeted means to control your advertising costs. This means that advertising is no longer out of reach for even the smallest business or newest solopreneur. You can monitor your costs as you monitor your results, adjusting your advertising strategy as you see what works and what doesn’t work well to reach your target customers. Best of all, most of these campaigns allow you to cancel at any time, or within a few days’ time, so if you discover that a campaign isn’t working well, you don’t have to spend money you won’t see a return on.


About the author:

Sally Marensky is an internet entrepreneur who has been on both sides of the fence when it comes to internet marketing. As a customer, she is a savvy shopper who knows how to target her customers online. As a consultant, she advises solopreneurs and business owners for how to build a profitable online presence.

How to Save Money – Practical Tips

Many people are under the assumption that putting money into the bank or into a little box under their mattress isn’t an investment. They’re wrong. Investing doesn’t just have to be about putting money into some type of stock market or investment fund to get a return on the money. Even the small amount of interest in a personal bank account could be considered a return on your investment. Putting money aside is just the same as putting money into the markets. You’re still putting money into a different location to be accessed at a later date. Even if you are an active investor, saving money should still be part of your monthly investment expenses as it’s just as important as actively putting money into the stock market. But how do you save money effectively? Below you’ll find tips and tricks to find money to put aside each month.

There is no real secret to saving money every month. There are many different ways to find the money in your budget to save, but the most important aspect to everyone’s saving plan should be the same. Saving money every month should be considered an expense, not an option. Just like your phone bill and electric bill that you have to pay on the first of every month, saving money should be no different. In fact, it should be one of the first things you pay every month. Instead of going through the entire month blowing off a few dollars here and there on coffee and a new shirt, put the money away as soon as you can and forget that it even exists. Many people make the mistake in thinking that if they have any money left over every month, that’s the money they save. Wrong. Saving money is an expense and should be treated as such. Thinking of your savings investment as an optional thing will result in you having a lot less money come time for retirement or whenever you need the large sum of cash stashed away.

“Alright, I’ve made the commitment to save a certain amount every month. How do I make that happen?” Saying and doing are obviously two very different things and it takes a certain level of commitment to trim your

Frivolous Spending

Budget in such a way that you’ll have savings left to put away each month. The first suggestion that should be given to anybody looking to save money is to dedicate a long afternoon, or maybe even a long weekend, to sitting down and seriously analyzing your budget. People have a lot of “fat” in their monthly expenses that can be eliminated right away, and some people just need to figure out how to spend smarter. The fat in your budget is your Starbucks bill, or your “let’s go out to lunch twice a week” bill. By cutting back on these things you’ll find huge sums of money left over each month.

If extraneous expenses like coffee or McDonalds are what are holding you back, you’re in good shape. I like to use a rule of halves. Next month analyze how much you spend each month on each “extra” thing that’s in your lifestyle and cut that cost in half. Say you currently spend $100 a month on lunch every month with your co-workers. If you cut that monthly budget in half, say down to $50 or $60 and cut down on the number of times you go out by half, you’ll see huge savings at the end of every month that you can allocate into your savings expense.

If your saving problems are much greater than spending on extra things and you’ve already cut down significantly on your extras to the point where you still don’t have any money to save each month, here are a few things you can try to find extra pennies in the budget each month. Remember, saving is a must and not an optional expense. Thinking of it just like your mortgage or phone bill is a good way to visualize your savings account. If it doesn’t get paid, there are consequences.

More Serious Help

If all of the above things don’t help you cut down on your monthly spending, it may be time to consider a few more drastic measures. Some people really struggle to save and that’s not OK. It takes a strong will and even more savvy to find money to save each month to put away for retirement. So if you’re in a deep financial hole and can’t get out of it, here are some even more serious things you can try to get extra cash each month.

As said, for those in more serious financial trouble, consider a few of these tips. Many of us have ceiling fans in our homes that never get put to good use. If you live in a hot part of the world, consider increasing your air conditioning temperature up one degree, say to 78 Fahrenheit instead of 77, and in the winter months, drop it down one degree cooler than normal. To compensate in the summer, turn on your ceiling fans as they use far less energy to cool a house than an air conditioning unit. In the winter, wear an extra layer of clothing. This extra degree on your thermostat can mean big savings in the long term. That extra $20 a month in the summer is a good start towards a savings plan.

In addition to the air conditioning tip, another big money saver is groceries. Most of us ignore the 2 for 1 sales at grocery stores when we shouldn’t By taking advantage of weekend sales and special deals with coupons (you can find them online for your favorite grocery store in less than a minute or two) you stand to save hundreds of dollars a year.

Eliminate Your Credit Cards: Credit cards sitting in your purse or wallet are just asking to be spent. If at all possible, get rid of them ASAP. Credit card companies know that the majority of their customers are unable to pay their bills back on time and are in some type of financial hurt. If you can find a way to get rid of any and all credit cards you have, you’ll be all the better. By not being able to spend money you don’t have, you won’t be facing into another bill at the end of every month and those nice shoes you saw at the mall or that cool TV you saw on your way home from work will just have to wait until Christmas time when you can afford it.

What’s the problem with credit cards? It shouldn’t be rocket science how credit cards work, but for those unfamiliar with the tricks credit card companies employ, here we go. If you buy something with your credit card you will receive a bill at the end of the month with how much you owe your credit card company. You can either pay the bill in full or pay a partial payment on the card to knock some amount off of the balance. The problem lies in the latter situation. By paying off the minimum balance every month, you’re probably paying your credit card company something on the scale or 25-50% interest. This interest on your monthly payments means that by the time you actually pay off your credit card debts, you’ve shelled out almost two or three times as much as the actual cost of the item. Recent laws have been passed that prevent credit card companies from overcharging or hiding these sky high interest rates on their bills. Because many people are unaware of what the 23.9% APR means on their bill, government agencies have forced companies to calculate how much a consumer will pay in the long run if they choose to just do minimum payments.

Think Wisely: It may not seem like much of a tip, but convincing yourself that you have the willpower to save monthly is a big part of actually doing it. If you can mentally condition yourself into thinking that you’re capable of being a power-save, which you are, you will find that every time you’re about to buy a bar of chocolate or coke at the petrol station you will have the ability to just say no. Thinking like someone that saves is more important than you think.


Shop All At Once: We already mentioned a tip for the grocery store, but if the coupons just aren’t cutting it, try this tip. The average consumer makes 3 trips to the grocery store every month. Most families have one “big shopping” trip they make in the middle of each month and on the tail ends of that, they make 2 additional trips to pick up things like milk and perishable products. If you plan it just right, you can get away with one grocery trip a month. This one grocery trip will enable you to not only buy in bulk, but also save on gas. Most of us don’t like near a grocery store, so that 30 minute drive time is not only a waste of fuel, but also a waste of time.

Compute Less: It may be surprising to find out that almost 75% of people in the United States own a computer in their household. In the top income brackets of the country, people can have up to 3 or 4 computers in one home. If your electric bill is high every month, try moving one desktop or laptop computer to the central room of the house. This will encourage people to not use separate computers but instead use the one computer that’s shared between everybody.

Share a Car: The average US household has 2 cars. If at all possible, try sharing a car. Two cars are just unnecessary and most of us only drive for about an hour every day. Try and figure out times that are convenient for both parties and save yourself some gas money. Insurance and gas can cost thousands every year, and that’s a huge chunk of change that could be put into your savings.

Remember, your financial future is at stake and if you don’t take serious action now, you’ll hurt down the line. It’s never too early to start saving and if you don’t have a lot of cash to put in your savings, there’s nothing wrong with starting with $20 each month until you get back on your feet.

Five Ways to Create the Perfect Bachelor Pad On a Budget

bachelor pad

A bachelor pad is a kind of stepping stone from the frat pad to the conventional home with the backyard, trees, dog, and 2.5 children. It’s your way of expressing your creativity and embracing the bachelor lifestyle. You might want to skip the beer bong and kegs and start establishing your own personal style. Here are five ways you can accomplish that goal and create a stylish bachelor pad on a budget:

Make the Most of Outdoor Space

Even if you don’t have a lot of outdoor space, you can still make the most of what you have. Citronella candles and tiki torches are stylish and practical lighting choices. Not only do they provide some extra light, but they repel bugs too. Throw in some seating options such as bean bag chairs, a small table, and a few conventional chairs and you have a perfect place to entertain.

Gotta Have Hot Tubs and Spas

There really is no age limit on hot tubs and spas. Plus, most bachelor pads have at least one of these amenities. Make sure you have the space first. A spa or hot tub isn’t going to be appealing if you can only get one person at a time onto your balcony to use it. Make sure you have plenty of towels. Throw in a little mood lighting and you’re all set.

Make the Bedroom the Center of Your Bachelor Pad

It’s not just because that’s where the “magic” happens. If you think about it, you probably spend a lot of your time there. Add some chairs and a small table to create a comfortable seating area. This can be a good place for you to relax and unwind at the end of the day. You should have some sort of color scheme going on. The mix-matched style was fine in the dorm, but not here. Popular bachelor favorites include basic dark patterns and stripes. You can find a decent and affordable selection at stores like Target and Walmart or online through eBay or Amazon.

Think Moderation When It Comes to Entertainment

A huge 60 inch TV taking up half of the wall may be impressive, but it also tends to scream “I value my possessions more than anything else.” The same is true with your stereo or sound system. Keep it simple and make sure any wires are hidden. Only pick a few “toys” that you want in your apartment. If you’re going to go with a pool table, you don’t really need a large gaming center with Playstation, Xbox, and two other gaming platforms all set up and ready for you to get to the next level. The goal is to make your bachelor pad a transition time–not to make sure you stay a bachelor forever.

Get Organized

A messy apartment isn’t all that appealing to your guests, especially those you want to stay overnight. Put storage space such as shelves and cabinets where you need it most, which is usually the bedroom. Aside from actual closet space, you can add storage space by using boxes and drawers under your bed or adding shelves and baskets to your closet. You want to make sure everything is kept clean. Even if you don’t use the kitchen that much, you’re not going to score you any points when your date finds leftover pizza stuck to the counter while reaching for a wine glass.

A bachelor pad is really your first chance to establish your own style. You want a place that is attractive for select visitors, but still expresses your personality. Keep the entertainment selections to a minimum, make use of storage space to eliminate clutter, make the bedroom a place to sleep and relax, and pick a basic theme or color scheme and go with it. Now you have the perfect bachelor pad. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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