Use Your T-shirt to Manipulate Communication

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You’re out on the town, trying to meet people, but small talk kills you. People ask so many questions. If only there was a way to convey information about yourself without having to say the same old thing. Well, here are a few clothing options that will answer those nagging small talk inquiries for you.

Sports Paraphernalia

By wearing team colors, you tell people you like a certain sport and a specific team in that sport. You may even have a shirt representing a certain player. Now instead of “So, do you like sports?” you can delve into a much more interesting conversation about why your player got shafted in the draft or how all of the steroid rumors are obviously a conspiracy to taint his name.


Sarcastic T shirts say a lot about you. 1.) You are smarter than everyone. 2.) You have an awesome sense of humor. 3.) Depending on the shirt, it may reveal hobbies or interests. Whether it is a pop culture pun, drinking ditty, or thinly veiled insult of society in general, your shirt will represent you well. It can express your love of video gaming, reading, or a certain movie, anything you like. You will at least scare away people who don’t like your “attitude” and maybe incite a snide comment or something from a random passerby. Also, People will laugh at your shirt and give you the credit for its cleverness.

Band Shirts

By wearing the name or even faces of those you look up to, you are telling the world that they are your hero. People will suddenly realize what an awesome band they are and spend tons of money to see them. Then the band will go mainstream, get lots of hits, and become a bunch of jerks. Or you can impress girls with your extensive knowledge of a band that they’ve never heard of. You could be responsible for the resurging interest of the Beatles. At the very least, you cut down the conversation about your musical tastes to just focus on the interesting (to you) parts.


If you only are out and about to raise awareness for a certain organization, then wearing a representative t-shirt can really speed things up to the point where you get to your spiel. If they don’t ask about the shirt, you can always skip it in to conversation and then say “Oh wow, I’m even wearing their shirt today, cool.” And then segue into the heart of the matter. You may bore the other person, but you get to talk about something dear to your heart and your shirt just made the matter more readily available.

These are just a few strategies you can use to steer the conversation in the direction that you want, or away entirely. By being deliberate about your wardrobe, you can tailor any situation to your desires and eliminate pesky small talk once and for all.

How to be a Man

I’m tired of watching TV and not being able to remember a single sitcom where a man is considered a role model or respected. Maybe it’s the constant fighting next door, the wife screaming at the husband while he sits on the porch, head hung low like a kicked dog. Maybe it’s because my own father and grandfather were real men and knew how to live and teach by example.

So for any man who gives a damn, I have a few things to say about who you should be and how you should live. I’m not telling you what to do as a person, but as a member of the male race. So pull your balls out of your wife’s purse, shove them in your pants and read on.

True Attributes of Manhood

Lets’ get something straight, the real qualities of a man don’t come from external sources. I don’t care what kind of truck you’ve got; I can steal it, slash it, smash it and light it on fire. Real men don’t need children’s toys to prove our worth. They have an internal foundation that can’t be stolen and live by principle and example. An arrogant dick will still be an arrogant dick with or without the truck.

Know Who You Are and Stand In Your Place

This is the foundation of each and every man who can truly call himself one. A man knows his own mind and the principles he lives by. He is not a tyrant, but he is willing and able to defend himself, his loved ones and those who stand in need. At the same time, a man knows his bounds and doesn’t cross lines into another’s stewardship (man OR woman). Real men are strong and are not afraid of opposition. In fact, they thrive in such an environment.

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

Be clear and exact in your conversations. A man’s word is his bond, so keep your word! This is the deepest measure of your character. If you know you can’t keep your promise, don’t give it. Be the man who can be taken for face value and be counted on under all circumstances. At the same time, a man can keep a confidence; which specifically means keeping your damn mouth shut. Only say what has to be said. If you don’t know the facts, you don’t know anything.

Don’t Make Excuses

Men don’t hide behind ego or machismo, so stop making excuses for living like dogs and bottom dwellers. Have some respect for yourself and your family and get off your ass and do your duty! Provide for you family if you have one. Carve a life for yourself by using the muscle and mind you were given. Men don’t ask for handouts when work can be done and we don’t live on daddy’s money either.

Stay Focused

Men know the meaning of priority. It’s the difference between the important things in life and a whim. Guys who sit in their mother’s basement playing World of Warcraft all day long, are not men. No matter how many Horde they kill. Men have a purpose. Use your mind and do something worthwhile.

Family is the center of a man’s life, especially his children. He knows they’re a gift from God and instructs them in the ways of principle and respect. They are taught to honor their parents and especially to give respect to their mother, who their father holds most dear. A man also holds the virtue of a woman precious, just ask any dad who has a five year old daughter.

A Man Constantly Learns and Grows

We are not infallible, all powerful or all knowing. Men can, however, constantly learn and grow, developing useful skills to benefit those around them, especially his family. That means reading, carefully studying examples of his associates and applying new knowledge while in motion. A man is not afraid to make mistakes, he simply apologizes, takes responsibility for them and moves on. At the same time, a real man understands that everyone is in flux and has patience for those who also take responsibility for themselves and their choices.

In summary, a man lives life on purpose, with purpose—choosing for himself and accepting full responsibility and the consequences of his actions. A man does all he can to be a role model, to gain the respect of others through being a proper example—specifically his own children.


Stephanie Caldwell is from Salt Lake City and writes for She is a runner, reader, and writer.

Before Sunrise/ Before Sunset

Simplicity is beauty as we hear often. And there are two movies that would fit perfectly with that adage: Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. Both of the movies is about the special relationship of a man and a woman who are complete strangers but got along very well and somehow fell in love with each other. It is not love at first sight, because that is not always true, but the development of attraction by looking at each other’s insights and thoughts about everything.

Before Sunrise is a 1995 movie starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, except for minor characters they are the only ones you would see on screen. The movie revolves around how their characters: Jessie and Celine spent the night together in Vienna. It all started with a train ride, the two main characters are aboard a train heading for Vienna, and they struck up a conversation after overhearing a German couple arguing. The two strangers then decided to go to Vienna for the night and roam the city. The movie is mostly composed of conversations between the two about almost everything under the sun, and about their take on life in general, and their personal experiences. While roaming the city and picking on each other’s minds Jessie and Celine developed an attraction and eventually made love before they part, before sunrise. They promised to see each other after six months and headed their own ways.

After nine years, the follow up movie Before Sunset came. The movie also happens nine years after the parting of the two main protagonists. What’s remarkable about this movie is that the story unfolds in real time. Jessie is now a successful writer who visits Paris to launch his book which is about his encounter with Celine. Celine who now lives in Paris is working for an environmental agency. Like the first movie, Before Sunset also revolves around Jessie and Celine, their views in life, what happened since the last time they’ve seen each other, and their quasi-relationship. They didn’t get to meet on their agreed rendezvous which is six months after they parted in the first movie. They both took their own directions and lived each life separately. The good thing is that after nine years you can still sense that there’s still going on between the two of them.

The real beauty in the two films, or both halves of one film in my opinion, is that they didn’t bank on massive special effects or mind boggling twists, it is simplicity in its finest working to create a genius work of art.

Jeff is a content builder of and he loves to watch movies online.

Good Reasons To Discover Internet Dating Solutions

Nowadays, there are several kinds of dating services in existence on line. True indeed, online dating web sites have created a style that is shaping the way people find their new match. What’s more, you’ll find the high breed social media websites that are neither full blown dating sites or straight cut social networking services. Whatever your standards and expectations you can find dating sites to cater for your needs. It doesn’t matter what your ethnicity, religion, hobbies, interests, body facets are, you will be always able to find your match using the programming system that is used by these dating web sites.

Below are some of the major considerations to focus on when looking into the effectiveness of your average online dating service

First of all, you should consider the size of the particular dating community. This is not always an exclusive indicator of a quality site as quantity doesn’t always equate to quality. However you should look at the profile bank. Ask yourself how many profiles can you access? Are the available options enough for you? The typical dating web site have forums, discussion boards, free online dating email notifications and chat alerts. It is always best to join a community that features members who share similar interests and are actively taking part within those interests.

Next to look at is the geographical locations of the users. It is important that your target’s location is actually possible for you to meet up. Your desired effect is to date someone and then allow the growth of a romantic relationship. Having said that, if you can make long-distance relationship work, then you could search from wider geographical areas.

The interests of your chosen dating community should also matter. It’s always recommended to add your interests in your profile. These shall be the main tools in matching you with another person. It is usually advisable to choose people who share your interests.

On-line dating site are becoming commercially orientated to the extreme. Consequently there’s a tendency for the dating websites to try and tempt you with all sorts of promises. These sites will tell people that they’re the best and that they have numerous features that anyone will be undoubtedly happy to enjoy. As the user, it is your absolute right to being picky when it comes to the services which you would be signing up with. You would want to be sure that this is a dating site that suits your particular interest.

It is essential that your chosen internet dating service give you wide selection of prospective users to meet. It is also important that you choose a dating web site with a fair size of users honestly looking for a date, romance and relationship. This is because you do not want to spend your valuable time interacting with time wasters. You cant ever be assured that a profile you are reviewing bears all the truthful details that will help you to make a right decision. However a bit more time spent carefully dissecting those details might be very beneficial in the long term.

Daniel knows about men seeking women. He has been a dating specialist as well as writer for many years. Much his olpinions and tips on online dating sites are available at twosugars where he is the resident consultant on all things dating. Stop by Daniel Sponsor’s site and you’ll discover a very good illustration of personals.

Women are Attracted to Healthy Egos, Not Egocentricity

In most societies, it’s the man with strong ego who catches women’s attention. Other more meek guys may have just as many accomplishments, but if they don’t project confidence, women pass them over for the big ego men. Self confidence and a healthy ego in a man signals to women that he’s in charge of his life. He’s not afraid to pursue what he wants and he won’t be pushed around.

The confident man seems like he has it all, or if he doesn’t have it all quite yet, he has the ambition, the determination and the skills to take control and make it happen. Many women are hoping and looking for a man to build a life with or just go out and have fun with who will be a capable decision maker and active partner in decisions great and small. A man with a healthy ego looks like a man who will be there when she needs a helping hand or bit of advice. It’s funny though considering The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines ‘ego’ as ‘the conscious thinking self’ – so women then in effect like guys who actively think about themselves! It’s crazy, shouldn’t they it be those that are thinking about others that are attractive?!

Women don’t like egocentric men, however. An egocentric man may at first seem competent and often even more assertive than even the man with the healthy ego. Egocentricity can make a man seem larger than life. He’s likely to brag about his daring adventures, his big deals, or his new car. He’ll rush in and sweep a woman off her feet, but she’ll soon grow annoyed and disillusioned with the egocentric man.

Egocentricity can be a very selfish trait. If a man is always talking about himself and his accomplishments, he probably has no time to listen to woman talk about herself. Worse yet, he may constantly belittle her accomplishments in comparison to his. Astute women read this as insecurity, and few things are as disappointing to women as insecure men. If every conversation is all about him, women will eventually flee.

Too much ego can lead to over-controlling behavior, which women often fear. Women of today have much more autonomy than in previous eras. They want to be consulted in decisions and be treated like partners in relationships, not like subordinates. A woman dealing with an egocentric man may feel that her needs are constantly ignored or secondary to his, and will feel resentful and under-appreciated. While the egocentric man feels that he’s simply taking charge, to others this behavior is selfish and out of control.

The huge difference between the guy with the healthy ego and the guy full of egocentricity is that the man with the healthy ego doesn’t have to have the spotlight of attention on him at every moment to feel valuable. A man with a healthy ego can afford to be generous with compliments. He’s not threatened by other people’s accomplishments. Women appreciate a man who is secure enough to give them attention and approval. Egocentricity neediness is especially unattractive to women with healthy egos of their own. Women are attracted to men who value themselves. They’re not attracted to men whose egos are so large that there’s no space for anyone else in their regard.

5 Most Significant Tablet Mysteries

In the vast and rapidly growing world of technology and being spoiled by it, almost every population is going crazy trying to decide which computer to go for, wishing new features and ever so being amazed by them. Here are the five most significant mysteries related to tablet computers of the year 2012. Read on, get excited and have fun.

Did anyone say a mini iPad?

The word is out that this September Apple might release a smaller iPad called the iPad mini which would be a tablet with a length of 7 inches.  I keep on wishing I had an iPad but a smaller one whenever I am in bed and a question popping up in my head, or when I am walking and a sudden query shows up, which usually is lame and meaningless but makes me all jumpy to get the answers right there and then.

But there are mixed ideas and prophecies attached to this information. With another prediction in the way, that Apple is likely to release iPhone 5, it is not very probable that it would launch a modification of the iPad as well as the advanced iPhone.

Microsoft surface

Microsoft is said to be playing all Apple. Its new tablet with a touch and type option is to be coming soon. Microsoft has perfectly prepared its way but has not yet announced the price. This, therefore, makes to the top tablet mysteries of the year 2012.  Microsoft Surface is expected to be a very promising tablet, that might have the nerve to stand up against the classical and contemporary Apple tablets. Let’s just wait and see.

Barnes and Nobles

Barnes and Nobles too are keeping the world excited as their announcement is not even there but highly prophesied about and expected by most prophets.  Barnes and Nobles is likely to announce some new exciting screen technologies. No one really knows what is going to be introduced but everybody sis sure it is going to be amazing as always. Again, let’s wait and see.

How the Samsung reacts

The big assessment is that Samsung is doing exceptionally great with its smart phones like galaxy etc but has not made a mark in manufacturing tablet computers. So let’s see what Samsung’s reaction is to such comments by experts in the industry.

Asus Padfone

Did you get annoyed because we were supposed to  talk about tablets only? Well, guess what! Asus Padfone is a notebook, cum phone cum tablet… am I losing it? Asus has reached the limit and its new Padfone seems very promising. Imagine what you would feel if you discovered a phone lying right under a net book! Or was it a tablet? Once again, let’s wait and see. ..Our jaws drop.

September and October 2012 would be the high time and we would see all the prophecies come true (hopefully). So fasten your seat belts and be prepared to make the hardest, most frustrating and highly rewarding decisions of your shopping experience! Good luck!


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How to Get Rid of a Urinary Tract Infection.

The discomfort and inconvenience of a urinary tract infection have been experienced by most persons during their lifetime.
Men and women show and experience different signs and symptoms.
Age also plays a role in the identification of this infection.
The person may have burning while urinating, an urge to pass urine often or might have to make a dash for the toilet to prevent wetting self.
In females the infection may be accompanied by itching due to a concurrent vaginal Infection. The urine will be cloudy.
Pregnant females are prone to UTIs because of the weight of the womb pressing against the bladder causing a shortening of the urethra. In addition the anus where the offending germ lives is in close proximity.
Men may have this problem because of an enlarged prostate or a sexually transmitted infection.
In young children a UTI may present as loss of appetite, diarrhea, fever and crying. In the newborn this will be identified by a low body temperature and jaundice.
Older folks will experience lethargy, senility and confusion, fever and incontinence.


  • This is a serious medical problem and should be assessed by a medical practitioner.
  • At least 10 to 15 glasses of water taken daily will help to dilute the germs.
  • Drink at least 2 glasses Cranberry, Sorrel or Coconut water daily
  • Menopausal women should use Estrogen cream vaginally
  • Infants should be breast-fed as the breast milk contains antioxidant properties.
  • If the doctor prescribes Antibiotics, it is imperative that fluid intake be increased since the majority of these drugs that treat UTIs are sulphur-based. They need to be flushed from the system to prevent crystallization in the kidneys.
  • Avoid tight underwear and pants, wear panties with cotton crotch
  • Wash and dry underwear with heat for example the sun, a hot iron or dryer.
  • Avoid using perfumes on vagina.
  • Wipe from front to back after defecating to prevent wiping the germs into the urinary passage or vagina.
  • Ascertain allergy to latex rubber or spermicides.
  • Practice good personal hygiene by having a daily shower, changing underwear daily and washing the private parts after sex.
  • Have 1 faithful sex partner.
  • Sex partner should be treated to prevent getting back the infection.
  • Avoid anal sex.
  • Avoid douching except recommended by a doctor.
  • Have a balanced diet daily with an adequate helping of fruit and vegetables at each meal.
  • Adequate sleep and rest.
  • Potassium Citrate mixture can be purchased at the drug store. Take 30 mls in a glass of water daily.
  • Females on hormonal contraceptives experience a loss of Zinc and should replace this important antioxidant to prevent them becoming prone to infections.
  • For long-term health benefits take a multivitamin/multimineral daily and additional antioxidants such as Vitamins ACE and Selenium.
  • Encourage older folks to drink fluids often throughout the day.

Lilly is free lancer content builder she writes an articles for health related sites and magazines. She writes on women issues, gynecomastia, Mens health issues etc.

You can be a Private Investigator like the ones you see on TV

Real life investigation as a job is a world different from how they depict it on TV. Experts say it’s usually boring, often spending a day doing nothing but surveillance or watching the activities of the subject under close watch. However, all that can be changed. You can be a private investigator like the ones you see on TV, dealing with crimes and private investigations plus the adventure. Here’s how to do it:


Earn a Law or Criminology Degree


Doing private investigation as a career involves professionalizing in the field. There is the need to be familiar with deductive reasoning, surveillance, forensics, research, interrogation, police psychiatry, marksmanship, and self defence, to name a few. So that means earning a degree either in law or criminology so you can be a private investigator like the ones you see on TV. They all are professionals and licensed, like Magnum PI, Jake and the Fat Man, Dan Tanna in Vegas, Steve Mcgarrett in Hawaii 5-0, and so on. And make sure to pass the board examinations, too.


Start as a Police Rookie


After graduating in Law or Criminology, start making a name as law enforcer by joining the local police force. Once you become an inspector or investigator and gain the reputation as one, you can start doing it in private practice. This way, you start building up your clientele and also gain connections with the local police force. Key connections with the local police force help in solving crimes, just like what they do on TV or in movies. Then you can be a private investigator like the ones you see on TV.




Let people know where to get expert help for crimes and private investigations. Put your service on signages, billboards, and in major dailies. Distribute business cards and advertise online. Connect with lawyers, crime labs, coroners, and funeral service people who may know of folks who need services about crime and private investigations. And as you give satisfactory service, your clients will help you promote through word-of-mouth.


Build Connections with Street People


Crime and private investigations need information that may have leaked out to the grass roots. Some news travel fast in the streets and folks who make their living out there are apt to know something relevant about a case. So it pays to have public relations with street people—vendors, bums, gasoline station personnel, cab drivers, out-of-school-youth, the jobless, etc. That’s how they do it on TV and that’s how you can be a private investigator like the ones you see on TV.


Read Mystery and Detective Books


Aside from your formal education on law or criminology, it will help to read mystery and detective books for exercising analytical skills and broadening the imagination. Most mystery and detective fiction writers do their stories with a lot of research, and that can help stir up interest and inspiration in various fields of specialized investigation, like toxicology and chemistry.


With added insights into other possible ways of crime perpetration, as the twists in mystery books provide, the imagination can be open to new possibilities. Such open-mindedness and rich imagination can sometimes be helpful in crime and private investigations. Then you get better perspective than the competitor. And then you can be a private investigator like the ones you see on TV.

5 Sensual Fragrances For Men

Some fragrances are of the ‘love/hate’ variety, a personal choice, liked by some but pungent to others. Women have a very keen nose and know exactly what they want when it comes to the scent of their dream man. Men (usually) find something THEY like and stick with it, not aware it’s either not suited to them or is too musky or too sweet. After much research, I narrowed it down to these five brands – the best potion out there to attract a lady from ten paces away.

ck IN2UCK IN2U For Him – Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein launched this fragrance in 2007, aimed at the younger generation. It’s a sweet aromatic fragrance with lemon and tomato leaf top notes. Cacao pod makes up the single middle note, followed by vetiver, cedar and white musk bass notes. This was one of the popular fragrances liked by women, and although aimed at the younger market, there was a fair share of twenty-somethings loving this scent on a man.

1 Million – Paco Rabanne
This fragrance also received great feedback from the ladies. There is a range of 1 Million for both sexes, but it’s the male scent that outsells the female version due to its effeminate quality – some women even claim to wear it over the female version. That doesn’t necessarily mean this is girly perfume for men – if women have stated they think it makes a man smell very sexy then it must be good, right? Blood orange, grapefruit, mint, cinnamon, rose and light leather make up the top notes, whilst white wood, patchouli and amber make up the heart and bass notes, a concoction sure to make a girl swoon.

PradaAmber Pour Homme Intense – Prada
Prada’s latest fragrance to leave their house is a more intense version of their first male fragrance. This is a warmer and more velvety offering, its woody scents combined with hot and spicy middle notes resembling a gingerbread man taking a stroll through a forest (that’s my thought, anyway). Tying the whole fragrance together, Patchouli and white vanilla add heat, whilst bergamot and the spicy hot resin of myrrh rise above all in a rich aroma sure to melt the heart of any lady.


212 men212 Men – Caroline Herrera
This fragrance is extremely versatile and can be worn by all ages. It’s warm base notes and spices make this a sophisticated and masculine fragrance. The bass notes are a mix of labdanum, sandalwood, musk, guaiac wood, vetiver and incense. Middle notes are a concoction of ginger, green pepper, gardenia, violet and sage. The top notes are a fresh mix of spices, petit grain, lavender, grapefruit and bergamot, finishing this sensual fragrance off with a hint of sweetness. If you want a girl to think you’re on the up and up, this will make them weak at the knees.

hugo-boss-baldessariniBaldessarini – Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss’ slogan for this fragrance is, “Separates the men from the boys.” Baldessarini is a sensual concoction of metal, which blends fresh, spicy compositions into an exotic fragrance. The first notes to hit your senses are of oranges, mandarins and mint leaf. At the heart, patchouli flower, cumin and cloves inject spicy notes, whilst the warmth comes from sandalwood, spruce, patchouli leaves, tobacco, ambergris and musk bass notes. Be a man and give this a go – the girls will come running!

I hope these five fragrances inspire experimentation in your quest for the perfect potion. My number one was Calvin Klein’s aftershave CK IN2U as it came up the most as a favourite among the ladies, and it’s also relatively cheap. Go and woo the ladies and find that scent that works for you AND the girls.

10 Must-Have Men’s Jewelry Items

Men’s jewelry is no longer just about the plain wedding band and silver tone watch. Guys these days are looking to the runways and fashion magazines and getting bolder with both their perennial and occasional wear accessories. Here are the top ten men’s jewelry items that are currently making the rounds.

Stackable bracelets

Ever since rapper Kanye West wore piles of slim bracelets on his arms, guys everywhere have been trying out the stacking bracelet men’s jewelry trend. The best bracelets for stacking are those with slimmer widths, not larger sized cuffs. Many men mix and match colors for a more unique and eye-catching look.

Rose gold watches

Once called Russian gold thanks to its popularity in 19th century Russia, rose gold has experienced a big resurgence in both women’s and men’s jewelry over the past couple of years. Real rose gold is pure gold alloyed with copper to achieve a reddish hue, but many rose gold men’s jewelry items are made with rose gold plating or simply have a rose gold tone. Rose gold watches in particular have been popular with guys who want a somewhat vintage or unusual look to their timepieces.

Statement rings

Men’s fingers aren’t just reserved for wedding bands anymore. Guys are taking the opportunity to express a little personality with rings that make a definite statement. Oversized rings and rings with particularly intricate or bold designs have been especially popular, as have rings with brightly colored stone accents.

Vintage or vintage-inspired cuff links

A subtle yet intriguing finishing touch to any outfit, cuff links are now being worn both in the boardroom and at the bar. The popularity of shows like Mad Men have made vintage masculine style all the rage, especially when it comes to paying close attention to small details. Interesting antique or vintage-appearing cuff links are definitely a sought after men’s jewelry item.

Leather bracelets

For those wanting to branch out with their men’s jewelry items but unsure of where to begin, leather bracelets are a great way to dip one’s toe into the fashion pool. Generally inexpensive yet hard to go wrong with, leather bracelets for men have an easy rugged masculinity that makes them suitable for nearly any wardrobe.

Pendant necklaces

From classic dog tags to inventive contemporary designs, pendant necklaces are gracing the necks of men everywhere. Some of the most popular materials for men’s pendants include titanium, tungsten and stainless steel, though these men’s jewelry items can be found in virtually any fabrication.

Double rings. Offering what is often considered to be a tough guy look, double rings can either slide over two fingers or be worn on one finger, extending over other digits. These rings are frequently seen in yellow gold tone styles or with intricate engraved designs. These men’s jewelry items are definitely best excluded from work wardrobes.

Watch re-issues

As recent trends in timepieces have shown, classic watches are truly timeless. Some higher end designers of men’s timepieces have been re-issuing classic styles, much to the delight of men everywhere. Chronograph watches are proving to be particularly popular with this men’s jewelry trend.

Lariat necklaces

Plain men’s chain necklaces are being supplanted by lariat necklaces. Lariat necklaces use an open ended closure that threads on end through another. This becomes a detail at the front of the necklace in lieu of a traditional clasp, and adds an interesting and subtle design accent to men’s jewelry. These necklaces can either be a plain chain or finished with a pendant.

Men’s jewelry in bold colors

 All men’s jewelry items are displaying one major trend: bright and bold colors as contrast accents or throughout the entire piece. Bold color accents can especially be seen men’s jewelry items that have carbon fiber inlay and semi-precious gemstones. Men’s jewelry can also be color-treated to achieve eye-catching colors, something that is seen most often in contemporary materials.

Tanya is senior content builder for justmensrings, for writing she choose the Men’s Fashionable Bracelet for men’s jewelry / fashion trends.