Night Out Game Plan

Recently, a lot of fellow bro’s have asked me about bar and club game and if I’ve got any pointers worth sharing. It’s only natural that I would write an article about it. To try to mix them all in, because club and bar game can be completely different, I want to focus on the actual night itself rather than the location.

Considering that the weekend is already here this should give you some good pointers before you go out.

I’m assuming that all bros know how to approach women so this article is about the logistics and different things worth considering when going out to get laid. The following are my conclusions based on my experiences that have worked on a consistent basis.

When to get there?

I like to get there fairly early because girls seem much more receptive at this time, plus they haven’t been approached by guys yet. I start with the hottest girls first and work my way down if things don’t go my way. If I see gorgeous women walking in, I try to be the first guy that approaches them.

I can’t stress how big of an advantage, going out early is. Not many guys do it and that’s usually because their either too nervous or getting drunk at home prior to coming to the place. I do have to admit that I am very lazy and I would rather go out later but if I want increase my chances of getting laid, going out early needs to be done.

Let’s look at it this way at 10PM the venue is usually 65% girls, most of them un-approached, yet. At 1AM, there’s going to be 35% girls and most of them have been approached at least 5 times. Plus if you meet a girl early you’ll have a good couple of hours to game her.

How do you work it?

As soon as I get a girl interested in me, I try to make sure she’s cool (no birthday party, staying with sister, lives with mom etc) and if she is, I work her the entire night. As long as things are going smooth I don’t do any more approaches. Many guys don’t do this but, think about it… if at 10:20 I show up, get her interested at 10:30, I work her all night chilling with her friends etc, by the time it’s 2AM she’s going to go home with me.

If you want to get laid that night you need to forget about your “approach many many girls” attitude. Usually results will come if you create a decent connection with one girl rather than no connection with many. If approaching early is your problem (either not tipsy enough or anxious), work on your approaching techniques but once you get a connection STOP APPROACHING that night.

Getting a bunch of numbers will do you no good if you don’t create some sort of decent connection with a girl. Sure, you can get a lot of numbers but what’s the point if you’re not going to get any lays?

Anyway, if after 10 or so minutes things aren’t looking up, I instantly drop her and move on. No point in wasting hours if things aren’t going to work in your favor. There are plenty of women in the venue and wasting your time on one is utterly useless.

When I do get a girl that is interested, I use the time that I have with her to build a strong emotional connection. I make friends with her friends, introduce her to my friends, drink together, dance, move to another venue together etc. Even if I don’t get a lay that first night, I get a super solid phone number that will probably result in a first date lay however, this tactic usually gets the girl home with you that night.

The biggest problem that you’ll encounter is the logistics. Let’s say she’s interested, she’s down for whatever but if you can’t sort out the details the night ends there. Big cities are a massive advantage because there’s a lot of transportation available but if you’ve got rides or she has rides things become more difficult.

It’s a good idea to work out some sort of afterhours thing like eating somewhere. Bring her friends and let her deal with them, you don’t want to get into a battle with any cockblock. After her friends are comfortable with you outside the club environment you’ll usually hear something like – “well he can come back with us…” Alternatively, if you’re packing money for a cab or got a ride sorted give it a shot and ask her to come over to yours. If it’s not happening now, at least you got a super solid number that will probably result in a first date lay anyway.

Later in the night

If I don’t have any sort of interested prospect by 12:30 – 1AM (assuming it’s closing at 2AM), things start to get a lot worse. I call this “desperate hour”. Mostly because you see a lot of desperate guys running around but, there are other downsides here too.

  • Most gorgeous girls looking for a dude already found him which takes them out of the equation
  • A lot of ladies have already gone home but seems like more guys have shown up
  •  Most girls have already been approached 5+ times this night and are sick of it
  • The available girls are now either ugly or very drunk

Many guys are now drunk enough and started approaching – creating even more competition

Desperate hour sucks big time. Once in a million years you’ll find some hottie that somehow got missed, most of the time you’re left with all the average looking girls and alcohol filled divas.

During this time rejection will reach an all time high and will get even higher the closer 2AM nears. But there’s an upside, the girls that you hook up with now, will be easier and easier. Look at it this way, at 11PM 60% of the girls would have talked to you but they would have only been mildly interested now it’s more like 10% but that 10% is very drunk and probably desperate.

This time is also when you get quick 20-30 min pulls but it’s usually a hit and miss. You can even go on the street at this hour and it’s going to be even more hit and miss but you can find girls that are ready to party right there and then. I knew a guy who came out at 1AM and just sat in the street until he hooked up with one and went home. Now that seems way too dodgy for me but hey it doesn’t require any game and it can get you laid.

Make out in the venue?

Of course you do. I’ve got guys telling me that you should never make out in venues, why? I get her interested and then start making out as an emotional thing…we just act like we’re in love for the whole night. I honestly believe this helps your game a lot, especially if you’re a good kisser and you’re the only guy she’s making out with.
Location location location…

Venues play a very important part on how your night goes. As far as bars vs clubs go my personal favorites are bars because I can hold a decent conversation with a girl and that helps me create an emotional connection that will get me laid. Clubs can give you a hard time with this one but if you’re a smoker you can always go outside for a decent chat.

Anyway, fancy night clubs have the hottest girls and are probably the most popular. I also found that cheaper dive and college bars will make it a lot easier on your game. The only downside is that girls in cheaper places are less attractive; you’ll definitely find a few very good hotties in the place, not nearly as many as in fancy night clubs.

The more expensive and posh the venue the more attractive the girls but it also gets harder and harder on your game. Girls will go to shittier places together or by themselves but you’ll rarely find a hot girl in a nice club that’s not surrounded by at least 4 people including guys.

Another one of my favorites is upscale lounges for your professionals and women in the 25-32 range. These places can be a goldmine because many women here seem to be very attractive, professional, free-thinking and more experienced and usually opened to one night stands. The only downside, if you don’t screen them properly you’re bound to hit some women that want to be wined and dined and that’s usually not on my agenda.

If you want me to detail specific location game plans or any other topics hit me up.

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