My Dog Puchki (John) who changed my Life Forever

Year 1992

“My darling John was an adorable gift I could have ever imagined my parents would gift me on my 12th birthday. Gosh, I’ll cherish those moments as I was enjoying a well planned “leisure time”, I know! But the surprise was waiting for me in evening and I surely loved them. I was all alone that day and was anticipating for the evening to arrive.”

Dog who change Life Year 2012

“When I gifted my son a pet dog this year, never did I realized that he would be so delighted seeing a bundle of joy at his closet.” He hugged me tight and just said “Thanks Dad, I always wanted one”. I felt being the happiest dad on the earth and said “Let’s go son, we have more surprises waiting for you as your friends and mama will join us together to celebrate your birthday. I felt nostalgic about how I found John years back on my birthday and all other tragedies that changed my life forever. But meanwhile we celebrated our son’s birthday without losing my faith on destiny. For few months now everything is suddenly crossing my mind and I miss them all my “Mom, dad and John”.

Year 1992 was when my parents died and left behind John for my own safety and someone to call family behind. They met with a rare car accident on my birthday as I was waiting for their arrival but they never returned back from New York. I felt bad as it was 10 at night and my leisure time suddenly started haunting me back. I called my grandparents from New Delhi and as they arrived, police came with my birthday gift as I never saw my parents after the accident because of my age. It was an exotic Mexican breed, which was found in their car with a name plate john.

Back then I didn’t realized what I had lost as the only happiness that I felt was being a master of my best buddy John, the dog. We were great together as my love for my dog was as tender as our age. It was a big dog then and I was a little boy of 12 and I loved my Puchki (the john) very much. We used to eat together, sleep together, study together, holidaying together and were together in all our fun loaded activities. My friends used to adore our friendship as they loved Puchki heartedly but not intensely than I did.

I stayed with my grandparents but my dog fulfilled my need of parents in my life. I sometimes wondered how it can take care of all my belongings and requirements so well. I was sure my parent’s spirit guided John to take care of me as a mother. I turned 18 and John remained the centre of my life as I couldn’t imagine doing a thing without his beautiful paws in my hands. John was my life and I simply adored being with him, seeing him play and making me happy when I felt sad. But when I turned 20 I found the shock of my life as John was found dead in our backyard. I couldn’t hold my tears and busted into the feeling that sunk my soul deep down somewhere.  I was no longer the same as I have been since I lost my parents. I wish I could stop him to leave me behind with so many memories still lightning in my heart. Feeling lonely and depressed was all I was I had but anyhow there wasn’t any choice left. I became ruthless and emotionless as life wasn’t the same it used to be and it certainly doesn’t ends against destiny.

Those were the horrifying tragedies of my life and miss the best part of it and want to forget the reality as the dream world is still the same for me.

Year 2012

I wish I could change my destiny but I’ll make sure my son remains in the same world I was years back. I wish he feels the same comfort I felt with Puchki and they learn the realities of life together. God bless Puchki wherever you are and mind it, you’ll have to kiss me and ran away lovingly in next birth as surely I will be your Puchki then.

Author Bio:

Saurav sharma is a dog lover who loves to share interesting dogs related stuffs on the web. He is very enthusiastic to acquire and share knowledge about dog food, dog accessories etc.