Waste Time and Make Money With Moola

moola logoMoola is a fun and easy way to make money online. Sponsors give you a small amount of money to compete with and you challenge other members through simple games to climb a prize ladder. The Games are HiLo, Gold Rush and Ro-Sham-Bo-Fu. They are very easy to play.

Games in Moola

Moola also has a search and win section, whre you do an internet search and you are given a chance to spin the moola wheel allowing to win more money. You can spin the Wheel up to 4 times per day and possibly win $36000.

Moola Wheel

Moola also has a paid booster zone where you sign up to various programs or buystuff online and you get a return on the purchase.

moola booster

So all in all Moola is a Time waster, but you can play some addicting easy games and have the chance to win some moola. Search and win or you can use their online mall and get a up to 50% back. For More Information Click Here.

If you are interested in trying Moola Check it out by Clicking Here.





5 responses to “Waste Time and Make Money With Moola”

  1. web tools Avatar

    Hi Dave,

    Looks like a sure shot time and, also money waster.

    Let me stumble it.

  2. Dave Avatar

    At least it don’t waste your own money.

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    Great site – payout to paypal 3x week. Do free offers and get paid cash. Offers are usually a survey or request for information and you get paid for completing them!

  4. HONIMOI Avatar

    i have 148 invites just email me cindy-solis@hotmail.com

  5. Flipstrt Avatar

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