Money Saving Tips 91-95

Eat less meat. Meat can be very expensive especially when you compare it to the costs of fruits and vegetables. Change your meals so they include more fruits and veggies and put less emphasis on the meat.

Air seal your home. Homes that have air leaks can cost you lots of money. Be sure to check all your doors and windows before the cold hits and fix any problem areas.

Have surge protection. There’s no doubt that you use your electronics a lot. They are also probably some of the most expensive products you own. Power surges can easily damage your equipment so spend the money for the basic surge protect so you don’t end up paying thousands of dollars to replace your electronics.

Cut down on the amount you spend during your vacations. Instead of taking extravagant trips pack up the car and family  and see some of the nearby sights. Camp out a couple of nights for extra adventure.

Exercise more. Go for a walk and stretch your muscles or any other exercise that is affordable. Not only will you have more money you will also improve your health.