Money Saving Tips 86-90

Don’t overspend on hygiene products. For most people inexpensive hygiene products do the trick. Buy whatever toothpaste is the cheapest or whatever soap is on sale. Also shower regularly to keep yourself clean.

Strategically use coupons. Check expiration dates collect the coupons for as long as you can . As a bonus use the coupons in comparison to the store flyer that week to see how you can get bigger discounts on things already on sale.

Make your own beer or wine. If you enjoy drinking occasionally this is a great way to enjoy it at a cheap price. It’s also a great activity to do with friends you can buy the equipment and get them to buy the juice.

Set up an automatic debt repayment plan for school loans. You can get a rate reduction if you sign up for a debt repayment plan. This is a great way to save some money well bring down your debt.

Cancel cable or satellite channels you don’t use. Many people are paying for premium packages yet they only watch half of their channels. Get rid of the channels you don’t need to start saving some money.