Money Saving Tips 76-80

Use simple razors to shave. Instead of spending money on the expensive blades  or electric shavers that stop working in a few years buy the cheaper razors. Especially if you don’t shave that often.

Find out about your job benefits. It may seem crazy but many people don’t even know the benefits to their jobs. Spend time with an HR person. You may find out about entertainment perks or retirement funds or savings accounts.

Encourage your friends to do more affordable activities. Instead of going to an expensive restaurant or movie try to get them interested in a game of ball at your local park.

Read more. Reading is good for the mind and it’s cheap. You can get all the books you want at the library then get cozy and read them without spending a dime.

Take a different route home. This is especially important if there are temptations near by. Maybe it’s a fast food joint or a store where you spend money you don’t need too. Instead take a different route home so you can avoid the temptation.