Money Saving Tips 71-75

Start carpooling. Is there anyone who lives by you who works at the same company or near your company? If so consider carpooling. By alternating drivers you can cut the wear and tear and gas costs for both drivers.

Buy a crock pot. There isn’t an invention I like more than the crock pot. You can prep your meals in the morning and then simmer them all day until you get home. Then you can come home to a warm meal and cut down on take out costs.

Pack foods for your road trip. Instead of stopping halfway through your trip looking for a place to eat and then wasting a bunch of time there pack food for your trip. This way you can eat on the road or stop at a nice picnic spot.

Consolidate student loans. Depending on where you live interest rates could vary. But if the rates are fairly low consider consolidating your loans into one low rate package. This can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Hit the library. For a very low fee you can get instant access to tons of books, music, and even the internet. Some libraries even have special story telling for kids or movie nights.