Money Saving Tips 66-70

Cut your own hair. With a good pair of clippers you can cut your own hair. Or if you find that to hard you can go to a hair school. They are supervised by actual hair dresses and it costs much less then a regular salon.

Take another look at your debt. Everyone needs to make a plan to help get themselves out of debt. What you need to do is write down what debts you have and how much. Then you need to decide what order you are going to pay things off in.

Do Basic home and auto maintenance on a regular schedule. Instead of waiting for things to break down make a schedule of things that you can do some work on. By taking an hour or two out a month you can keep things from breaking down and spot problems before they get worse.

Look at your cell phone bill and get rid of services you don’t need or use. Maybe you pay for 500 text messages but only need 100 or maybe you don’t need web access. Call your cell phone company and ask them to eliminate those services to start saving some money.





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  1. cami Avatar

    These are all great tips. I do several of these things myself, along with setting aside some money for savings every month.