Money Saving Tips 61-65

If something is broken try to fix it yourself first. Look on the internet or at the library for manuals on how you can try to repair it. If you give it a good attempt you may be able to fix it yourself and save on the costs of hiring a repairman or the cost of replacing the item.

Invest in a deep freezer. After the initial investment a deep freezer is a great bargain. You can buy foods in bulk and pay less at the stores per pound. You can also prepare numerous foods in advance allowing you to prepare some easily.

Check out your city’s parks and recreational bulletin boards. Many parks offer free or affordable events. From picnics, nature hikes or even sporting events. It’s a good way to save money and meet people.

Start your own garden. Gardening is inexpensive. There may be first time costs but after you can save hundreds of dollars. You can grow your own vegetables to pick and eat when you are ready. When the end of the season comes you can pickle and can your vegetables for later use.

Take public transportation. If you live near a transit route or train route take it. This way you don’t need to worry about the costs of parking and you can save money.