Money Saving Tips 6-10

Take a long look at your collections. Most people have something in their house they collect. Look around do you really need all those model cars or comics or whatever it is you may collect. Does it consistently bring you joy or is it more of a habit now. Look at items and get rid of duplicates or the items you no longer use. You can bring it some extra cash by getting rid of them. You can also save money in the long run and have more space.

Buy video games with replay value. Don’t just run out and buy the newest game out there just because you feel like. Instead focus on buying games that will give you playing time. Look for puzzle games or even long quest games. Then play that game until you master it. Once you do then consider looking for a new game.

Make big batches of food to store in the freezer. Maybe you don’t have to work for a few days so use that time to your advantage. Prepare big batches of chilli, stew, casseroles etc. Then not only will you have dinner for that night you can freeze what you aren’t going to eat and on a day when your family is more pressed for time you can heat the food up in the oven.

Install LED lights. When you first switch it’s going to be a little expensive but LED not only save money on your bill they last longer then regular light bulbs. Place LED lights in suitable areas since they are dimmer. Then use incandescent lights in areas where you read or do puzzles until the LEDs get better.

Install a programmable thermostat. This will regulate the temperature in your house by the schedule you set. You can make sure the heat comes on at night when everyone is home or you notice its chillier outside and you can set it so it turns off when the house is empty. This can easily cut an energy bill 10-20%.