Money Saving Tips 41-45

Instead of buying gifts offer a service. For example your brother and wife are new parents. Instead of buying them a present offer to babysit for a night. Or if you know pet owners offer to take care of their pet while they are on vacation. There are many other ideas you can use but guaranteed people would appreciate the gift of your time then “stuff”.

Volunteer. Instead of spending money joining clubs or classes volunteer your time. This way you can give back to the community and make friends at the same time.

Go generic. It may surprise you how many families really have trouble straying away from brand names but when they do the savings are huge. Instead of buying designer clothes or even name brand groceries buy the generics. Just because it’s generic it doesn’t mean it poor quality.

Switch to term life insurance. By switching to term insurance you can use the different and get yourself out of debt and start saving money. The universal policies are much more expensive and unnecessary.

Avoid shopping for entertainment. There is nothing worse then going shopping and buying everything that you don’t need on impulse. Find other ways to entertain yourself. Take the dog for a walk, play basketball, or visit a friend.