Money Saving Tips 36-40

For standard purchases: clothes, sports equipment, movies etc. Buy used items. Instead of buying full retail price check out thrift stores, used sports stores or even used video game stores. Lots of the time you will find what you are looking for and it will be in good shape and much cheaper then buying it new.

Do holiday shopping after the holidays. Lots of people do this already. Most times stores will have lots of product left over so take advantage. Buy Easter kits after Easter, Halloween or Christmas decorations two days after. By doing this you will stock up for next year and definitely hit some good sales.

Re-evaluate the stuff you do have. Go through each room in the house and look at each item ask yourself if you still want it or if you need it. Chances are you’ll come across items you didn’t know you had or forgot you had. By doing this you can get rid of clutter and have extra stuff to put towards a yard sale for next year.

Prepare meals at home. Get a beginners cookbook and pick out all the recipes you like then from your list pick one to cook that night. Not only do you save money from avoiding take out and convenience foods but you get some culinary skills and get to experience new recipes.

Search for reliable and fuel efficient cars. Take a look at your lifestyle just how much do you use you car? How much do you spend on gas? Chances are you spend a lot. Instead of buying a car for status or because it’s cool check out the mileage. Good mileage means less money spend on gas and more money in your wallet.