Money Saving Tips 31-35

Use your grocery store flyer to plan your meals. Look at your stores weekly flyer and plan your meals on the products that are on sale. Using those ingredients plus the ones you have on hand are sure to save you money.

Challenge yourself into making stuff at home. Many people may think that making bread at home is hard and time consuming but after awhile you will see that it is actually quite easy and much more affordable then going to the grocery store. Besides who wouldn’t want to enjoy a healthy fresh loaf of bread.

Talk about dreams with loved ones. If you all share your aspirations and work together towards one big goal chances are your dreams will come true much faster.

Cancel those unused memberships. So you have a gym pass or a country club membership but you hardly use it then you should strongly consider getting rid of it. You can save hundreds of dollars a year and if you come to the decision you really want it back then you can always reapply.

Wash your hands. Sounds simple right? You may be wondering how washing your hands can save you money. If you think about it you may realize that it’s not as far fetched as it seems by washing your hands thoroughly you are getting rid of germs which in the long run could mean less medical bills, medication costs and lost time at work.