Money Saving Tips 26-30

Hide your credit cards. Take your credit cards out of your wallet and keep it in a secure place. Keeping plastic in your wallet just makes it easier to use especially when you’re at a store being tempted by all the merchandise. If you use your card for emergencies then keep a small amount of cash on you. Don’t keep your credit cards on you unless you can avoid the temptation of using them.

Buy staples in bulk. We all have things we use regularly cleaning supplies or hygienic supplies. Instead of making trips every couple weeks buy them in bulk and you will cut down on your spending.

Avoid spending money to “de-stress”. Many of us use shopping as a way to feel better this is a terrible habit. Not only do you buy things you don’t need you spend way to much money. Instead take some quiet time. Go for a walk, exercise or even meditate.

Do a maintenance check on your appliances. Take the time to check your appliances. Check all hoses and vents to make sure there is no blockage. Also clean off any dust. This will save you money on your energy bill and you won’t have pay to replace your appliances as often.

Remove your credit card number from online. Now and days the internet is an easy and convenient way to shop but it can also be a death sentence if you don’t manage your money well. Delete your credit card information this way when your browsing stores online even if you are tempted to shop you can’t. The harder you make it to shop with your plastic the less likely you’ll want to.