Money Saving Tips 21-25

Diligently turn off the lights when you leave the house. How many times have you left the house with the lights on to run errands for a couple hours, or even just gardening in the yard. Sometimes we forget or are in a rush and don’t turn off the lights. However by taking a little extra time and effort you can save money on your electrical bill.

Look through your books, music and DVDs and swap the ones you don’t want. PaperBackSwap  allows you to trade your music, books and DVDs online. The benefit of this is you can get rid of stuff you don’t want and get an entire new collection mailed to your house.

Use yard sales to your advantage. Sometimes you can actually find useful stuff at yard sales. Another benefit is if your patiently and polite you can usually negotiate a lower price.

Buy appliances because they are reliable not because they are the cheapest in the store. You may have to shell out a little extra money then you may like but if you think about the benefits long term it is well worth it. For example buy a front end loader washer. They use less water and soap which cuts down on your energy bill and grocery bill. Spending a couple hundred dollars extra will pay off in a few months.

Regularly clean your car’s air filter. Cleaning your air filter can save you up to 7% on gas mileage which can save you over $100 for everything 10, 000 miles in an average vehicle.





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