Money Saving Tips 16-20

Sign up for all the free customer reward programs. You may think it’s pointless to sign up for reward programs at a store you don’t shop at often but it will eventually benefit you. Use your Gmail address and collect all the cards then consistently check that account for any extra coupons.

Use the 30 day rule. If you are thinking about making a purchase that is unnecessary wait 30 days and then ask yourself if you really want to buy it. Chances are the urge will have passed and you’ll have saved yourself lots of money.

Call your credit card company and ask them to reduce your interest rate. Every year people lose hundreds of dollars just paying the interest off their card. Take your card and call the number on the back tell them you want a reduction on your interest rate. If you don’t get through to them the first time ask to speak to a supervisor and tell them that if they won’t work with you that you will take your business elsewhere.

Clean out your closet. Go through your dressers and closet. Look for anything that you don’t wear or don’t want anymore. Then you can have a yard sale or donate it for a tax reduction. This way you will get rid of clutter and get some extra cash.

Drink more water. Not only does drinking water have health benefits it can also have financial benefits as well. Drinking water is good for your skin and digestion. It will also fill you up so if you enjoy a cup of water before your meal you’re less likely to eat as much.

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