Money Saving Tips 11-15

Invite your friends over instead of going out. It’s not hard to spend a lot of money when you go out to a restaurant or club. To save money invite them over to your house and have a potluck or cookout. You can play games and have a few drinks. If everyone brings a dish you can cut down on costs drastically and it won’t be long until people reciprocate and invite you to their house also.

Don’t spend tons of money entertaining your kids. This is especially true for younger children. It doesn’t take a lot to entertain young children and most won’t remember the earlier years. Create simple games like taking rubber balls and having them try to throw them into a plastic bin. Play dolls or soldiers. What your children want most is the time you spend with them.

Switch bank accounts. Your hard earned money shouldn’t be going to maintenance and service fees. Talk to your bank and see if they can switch you to an account with little or no fees or if necessary change banks.

Take the time to turn off your television. By cutting down on the amount you watch television you can save on your bill and not be exposed to all the guilt induced ads about the new products out there. Instead of watching TV go outside, read a book, or visit a friend.

Do price comparisons. Pay attention to the items you buy most frequently keep the receipts and shop for the same items at the other grocery stores around town. Then when you look at the receipts you can see where you can save the most money.





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