Midrange Home Theater Gear

When I was a kid, there was no better source of entertainment for me than the movie theater. And honestly, this is still the case. Movies have been a lifelong passion of mine, thanks in large part I’m sure to the fact that both my mother and father took me to the cinema on such a regular basis. In my opinion, watching a film in the theaters as opposed to watching the DVD or Blu-Ray at home is a vastly different experience. At home, you don’t get the communal atmosphere that the hoard of fellow cinemagoers provides, nor you do have the wildly overpriced concessions. However, tech companies are doing whatever it is they can to simulate the theater experience at home. There’s not much they can do about acquiring an audience, but what they do do is they produce home theater equipment that, depending on the product, can provide a picture and a sound remarkably similar to that provided by the multiplex. Is this gear costly? Yes, it certainly can be. But there are products on the market that won’t completely break the bank and will still give your home theater the movie theater feel.

The Television

Of course, the first thing to consider is the television, the item that actually screens the movie. You want to go big here. Obviously you can’t totally rival the size of the gargantuan silver screen at your local multiplex, but you should definitely think big. Investing in a 3D television is not a bad idea these days either, given the amount of films that are being shot in the third dimension these days. The LG 55LX6500 55 inch 3D 1080p 240 Hz LED plus LCD HDTV is the recommended model. The makers of this model have improved it from the last one, thanks to the addition of the 3D technology, internet capabilities and a higher contrast ratio. This TV will provide a crisp, clear picture on a large enough screen. At $1527.99, it’s a real bargain.

The Receiver

In order to simplify the wiring and enhance the sound, any good home theater setup is going to need a solid receiver. The Onkyo HT-RC160 7.2-Channel A/V Surround Home Theater Receiver is the product to go with here. It’s a remarkable reliable brand, and when you look at consumer reviews, it receives the most glowing by far. Plus, having a Surround Sound 7.2 system will give you room to grow. At $499.95, it may be a little on the higher end, but it’s not as pricey as a lot of other, inferior models.

The Blu-Ray Device

Now, what do you play the movie in? DVD players, while still good, are becoming increasingly obsolete. Blu-Ray is where it’s at now. The average cost of a Blu-Ray player is floating around $130 these days. You should consider getting one that does more than a standard player however. The PlayStation 3 Slim 160 GB Edition runs at $299.99, and is one marvelous device. Not only is it a premiere video game console for graphics, but unlike Xbox 360, it will play Blu-Rays. At most locations, you will also typically receive a select video game and movie with the purchase of this model.

The Speakers

Finally, you need to consider speakers. If you thought that, say, “Iron Man” was made to be heard in anything other than surround sound, you’re dead wrong. For your speaker setup, you’re going to want two back-side speakers and two front-side speakers. At $199.99 a piece, the Polk Audio Monitor 70 3-way floor-standing speaker provides astonishing sound quality for its price. You’re also going to need a center speaker. The Polk Audio CS20 Center Channel Speaker is as big as it is high quality, and runs at $169.99. Last but not least, you need a subwoofer. Once again, Polk has the best midrange one available, called the Polk Audio PSW 10 10-inch monitor series powered subwoofer. This one only runs $79.99 as well.

These products will help you setup the ultimate home theater that will impress your friends, and will do so without completely obliterating your bank account. If you want to simulate the movie going experience to the fullest, you’re going to have to invite a couple hundred people and cook up a lot of unhealthy, salty foods. These devices won’t help with that, but they are a good start to be sure.

Zack Mandell is a movie enthusiast and owner of www.movieroomreviews.com and writer of movie reviews. He writes extensively about the movie industry for sites such as Gossip Center, Yahoo, NowPublic, and Helium.