Men – Save Cash With These Cheap Date Tips That Aren’t Lame

Guys we all know that our ladies love to head out and do things. While they may enjoy hanging out just like you do, they do not want to do it all the time. Come on now, they aren’t crazy, they just want to have fun. And we want to show them a good time so that they are happy and continue to like us and want to touch us.

Money, however, does not grow on trees. Here are a few of my favorite date ideas that will keep you and your lady happy, and the magnetic strip on your credit card lasting a little bit longer.

Go For A Walk

This may seem very vague, but it’s supposed to be. Walking around is a great time to chat it up with your lady, hold hands and flirt. Every lady has a different capacity for how active they like to be, but you can vary it up depending on what both of you like. You can head into the woods/mountains for a legitimate hike or keep it simple by heading to the local park. You can walk around the botanical gardens or bring a frisbee or a simple game to break it up and have some fun. Also, it will cost a few bucks but check out some local culture by hitting up a museum or something similar. Even if it’s not your favorite, if it makes them happy it will make you happy for sure.

Go Out For Lunch

Going out for lunch is the best thing ever. You can typically get the same food as dinner, only for 60% of the price. Especially when the weather is nice, pick a nice place where you can sit out on a patio and take your time. This isn’t a 15 minute quick hit, but a nice lunch out. Maybe you’ve already taken the advice from the first tip and you took a walk in the local park to build up an appetite before strolling into town for some lunch. You score high on the date points, but this date probably costs you about $25-$30.

Plan Ahead Of Time

A lot of ladies like to have a plan. They like impulse type decisions, don’t get me wrong, but they also enjoy knowing exactly what they’re getting into this weekend so they can get ready. You can take advantage of this by doing some prior research to save some cash. If you pay at the door, you pay at the door, there is no turning back now. However, if you get online and pay attention to all the discount websites out there with daily deals, etc. you can really score a great date for less. And they don’t need to know that you saved, just tell them you’re heading to some event and not that you paid half price. Or, if they are as frugal as you, tell them and it will turn them on to the idea even more!

Dinner and a Movie – At Home

No, No. Not some standard boring affair but a special occasion dinner and a movie take you take all into your own hands. This is especially good if she’s had a busy day and doesn’t really have time to help out. You can look like the extra hero when she comes home and you already have everything ready to go, the prep working being done in the kitchen and the movie on the counter top. You don’t have to go over the top with candles or anything, but make a nice meal, sit at the table, don’t rush, enjoy, watch a movie and maybe see where that goes…

Use Birthdays/Holidays For Big Ones

If you have a bigger idea like a weekend getaway, a vacation or some expensive concert music extravaganza that you have to spend some good money on, make it a gift. That’s not cheap at all, it’s an awesome gift and should be treated as such. It’s something to look forward to and the experience will be valued more than whatever you planned to get them. You’ll feel good about cheaping out a little less because you’ve saved money on some other gift you were going to buy instead. It’s a win-win situation, and definitely something I highly recommend for the big ones.

About the Author

Cooper Elling is passionate about health, fitness & blogging. When he’s not having fun he writes about Sono Bello, saving cash, footbags and a myriad of other topics.