Me and the iPod Touch

Ipod touch

Picture of myself holding the iPod Touch that I won from the Big Bald Blog’s contest. I am also wearing the t shirt he sent me from Big Pappa Worldwide. It’s hard to see but I am visiting The Big Bald Blog on the iPod. Thanks again for an awesome contest.





6 responses to “Me and the iPod Touch”

  1. BigPappa Avatar

    ALRIGHT!!! Ha ha ha… Another satisfied member of the BIG BALD BLOG!

    Enjoy Brother!

  2. Turnip Avatar

    Hmm, I suspect you shaved your head just to win some crazy contest… Had I known an iPod was involved, I would have done the same. Congratulations!

  3. Dave Avatar

    No, I always shave my head. I have been shaving it since I was fourteen. lol I’m just Big and Bald.

  4. joanjoyce Avatar

    wonder how it looks on me LoL! 😛 Congrats again Dave 😀

  5. Beth Avatar

    Isn’t that thing the bomb. Or do I just get overly excited about gadgets. Read my post on how to jailbreak it and you’ll get more use out of it. Plus I suggest a cheap pair of headphones- those earbuds killed my ears after a day.

  6. Karen Avatar

    Lookin’ hot in that Pappa gear big boy, and the IPOD makes you EVEN SEXIER.