Sexy Sunday 28

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey was born in Huntington New York in 1970. As a result from her mixed background Mariah encountered racial discrimination while growing up. Mariah came from a poverty stricken home and her mom was forced to work many jobs to make ends meet. It was also her mom who noticed her daughter had talent. School wasn’t overly important to Mariah she was more interested in writing music and dreaming about becoming a star. Before she became a star she worked as a hair sweeper in a salon, a coat check girl, and a waitress. In 87 Mariah spent hours working in a studio and creating demo tapes. A friend convinced Mariah to become a backup singer for Brenda K. Starr and it was at this time Tommy Mottola discovered how talented she really was. By 1993 Carey released 3 albums and in that year she married Tommy Mottola. The two were critisized due to their 20 year age difference. Once she gained more success Mariah donated her time and money for an organization aimed at helping inner-city youth who often didn’t get the chance to experience the arts. By 94 she had released two more albums and was continuing on the path to success. By 97 Mariah’s career was gaining momentum however her marriage to Tommy was starting to fizzle and the two divorced in 98. Mariah also dabbled in acting with a small role in the film Glitter, and The Bachelor. During the filming of Glitter Mariah suffered what her publicists called a physical and emotional breakdown and was hospitalized for a short period of time. Mariah was eventually payed by Virgin Records to walk away which added more insult to injury. After a few years off staying on the downlow Mariah released the Emancipation of Mimi. In 2008 she released her 11th album E=MC2 and much to everyones surprise she married Nick Cannon.

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