Man Up: 5 Skills Every Man Should Have

Manliness is an acquired skill. Being a man is more than being born with a Y chromosomeit’s utilizing your time to educate yourself on the fundamentals of masculinity. Every male must burgeon from a boy to a fully-functional man throughout life. Among the critical array of skills every man should possess, here are five of the manliest.

Know How to Fix a Vehicle

The automobile is a complex machine with a complicated anatomy that takes years to master. The more repairs you can make yourself when fixing your automobile, the respectable your manliness. If you have a motorcycle, you should know how standard Honda motorcycle parts function and what to do with them. For all but the toughest repairs, mechanics should be used for convenience, not out of necessity. With that being said, don’t jeopardize your life and the lives of others by attempting to fix your car without the proper experience just for the sake of manliness. In addition to repairs, knowing how to replace a flat tire and jump start a car are essential skills for roadside emergencies.

Know How to Dress to Impress

It isn’t necessary to dress at the height of fashion everyday, but when you show up at a job interview or cocktail party, a man should know to formally dress in imposing attire. Every man’s wardrobe must contain a tailored suit, ironed dress shirt, vest and an assortment of ties. While we’re at it, add know how to tie a tie to this list.

If you can’t color coordinate, it’s never a bad idea to resort to the classic and timeless black suit, black shoes and white dress shirt.

Know How to Fire a Handgun

Learning how to fire a weapon is the easy part. It’s adhering to the rules and taking proper precautions that truly entitles a man to earn his firearm privileges. Know how to wield it with respect, care and safety. Always treat the firearm as if it were loaded and be mindful of the deadly weapon it is. Before you go shooting, ensure that the sight is aligned. Properly grip the weapon, assume the correct stance and place your finger on the trigger only when you are prepared to fire.

Know How to Cook

Cooking is not your spouse’s responsibility. Never leave her to toil away in the kitchen preparing your meal when you acquire two more than capable hands. A man must know how to cook, and cook well. The culinary arts are indeed an artit entails everything from proper cutting techniques, judicious use of seasonings and cooking that Porterhouse steak to an ideal medium rare.

Know How to Shine Your Shoes

Gather a tin of wax-based polish, horsehair buffing brush, polishing cloth and welt brush. Purchasing a shone shining kit will also do for beginners. Lay down a tarp or old towel for your work area. Begin by removing any surface dirt by using a damp cloth to wipe the exterior of your shoes. Rub down the welt strip with a damp welt brush. With a polishing cloth (an old T-shirt or sock will do), scrub in a liberal amount of polish with tight, circular motions. To achieve a spit-shine of sorts, lightly wet the polishing cloth beforehand. Allow a dry time of about ten minutes. The longest, most vigorous step is buffing your shoes. Use the horsehair buffing brush or soft cloth, and buff those shoes to a lustrous shine until your face peers back at you.


Woody Rivera

Woody is a writer who is fluent in Spanish and English and just picked up Rosetta Stone’s beginner French edition.