Making Jewelry Last Forever

Jewelries are accessories that are not a piece of joke. One piece could cost a lot of money depending on the quality and material used for it. That’s why there might have been a saying that “diamonds are forever.” It may have only meant that the person who was given the diamond should take care of it forever because it took the giver his or her whole life just to pay for it.

That’s why it is important that a person given jewelry should always learn to take care of the jewelry. Try to make ways to prolong its life, beauty and value. If possible the life of that jewelry should be longer than yours. This is because the jewelry you have could be a valuable heirloom. Instead of just giving away your jewelry in the future when it just looks like a toy, learn to take care of it.

Here are some guidelines to take care of your jewelry and make your great great great grand children still be able to use it. You might never know that the price of gas has gone too high in the future and a liter will cost an arm and a leg. When you protect your jewelry, the amount it can be sold could still be high enough to buy gas.

Treat your jewelry as if they were fighting kids. Separate them from one another; they should be stored in separate compartments of the jewelry box. If your jewelry box has no compartments, you may want to put them in a small plastic bag.

This is because if diamond, gold and gemstone jewelry can damage one another if not properly stored. As much as possible prevent them form touching one another. Remember they despise one another. Remember to wipe your jewelry with soft cloth to remove oils and dirt before storing it.

Peals whether natural or cultured need to be given special attention. This is because these pearls are very soft. Their like the sissy of the jewelry stones. Remove the body oils and salts by cleaning them before storing them. To keep pearls from harm, there are special leather chamois pouches.

Wearing your jewelry everyday will cause wear and tear. So have it examined by a professional jeweler at least once a year. The professional jeweler can resize those rings that have become too loose from those fat fingers. They can also repair the necklace clasps, ring shanks and prongs.

When you have a high quality diamond at hand, cleaning it becomes intimidating. The best way to clean it is using a mild soap and water solution with your hand and a soft brush. An alternate solution is a part of mild detergent and house ammonia and three parts water.

The method mentioned above is used for tanzanite, diamonds, topaz, ruby, garnet, sapphire, aquamarine, tourmaline and amethyst. Other gemstone that mustn’t be cleaned with the method above and only soft cloth includes: lapis lazuli, amber, turquoise, coral, opal, jade, and emerald.

Always remember that the value of your jewelry in the future greatly depends on how much you take care of it properly. It might have cost you a billion dollars now but 20 years from now, I can buy it from you for only 20 bucks.

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